Udaan: Business & Revenue Model

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Nov 4, 2020 6 min read
Udaan: Business & Revenue Model

Udaan is a Bangalore based B2C market and is owned and operated through Hiveloop. Its founders Amod Malviya, Sujeet Kumar, and Vaibhav Gupta belonged to Flipkart's personnel. Udaan connects the producers and wholesalers with the outlets online. According to reports, the startup has attained soaring heights in simply 26 months with a valuation of $1 Billion.

The aim of Udaan is to reduce the middlemen among the client and the manufacturing unit in order that the client receives the product at exceptional prices. Udaan desires to resolve credit score problems, B2B logistics, income and marketing. The closing aim will be to gain each client and the retailer. Udaan confirmed its individuality through the capital infusion of around $225 million from its present investors โ€” DST Global and Light speed Venture Partners.

Udaanโ€™s Initial Days

Initially, Udaan started out as a logistic platform for small customers and dealers in electronics and apparels. That time they simply targeted logistics for approximately 8-10 months. They gained popularity in India quickly and constructed a large statistics database of customers and dealers in advance and they stepped into the delivery enterprise. Very quickly Udaan is eyeing to develop to be a lending platform for merchants.

Udaan Success Story | B2B Platform | Business Model | Revenue Model | Funding
The content in this post has been approved by the organization it is based on. Traders, retailers and wholesalers are found everywhere. The word marketplace isalso very common. These are the few important words with which Udaan isspecially built. Traders, retailers and wholesalers all are having โ€ฆ

Udaan is attempting to construct a full-stack platform for small and mid-sized firms in an attempt to create a mixture market, logistic services, and lending. Udaan is an enterprise in which producers and wholesalers can promote their merchandise to outlets through an internet platform or cellular app.

Udaan Business Model Breakdown
Udaan Business Model Breakdown

Udaan's Business Model

Trade Kosh, Big Trade, Uni commerce, Tiny Deal are some of Udaan's competitors. The enterprise gained popularity with grit and hard work. Despite inefficiencies in logistics, sales, and different phases, Udaan believed that those kinds of stressful situations are now no longer unusual. However, following the proper method and tech-enabled strategies assist to supply an appropriate output thus fixing the inefficiencies.

Today, the enterprise has its business spread over 500 towns and alternatives up from dealers over 80 towns. It is an excellent platform to develop corporations both small or medium on equal time as you purchase or promote your product. Udaanโ€™s cell app connects almost 150,000 traders, retailers, wholesalers in India.

Udaan determined that financing operating capital has been a prime supply up stores and they intend to offer operating capital at an inexpensive rate. Being a platform for stores and wholesalers, it has additionally started out lending loans to small agencies. It has also obtained a non-banking monetary agency (NBFC) license to offer charge range to SMEs. The B2B E-trade agency has been constantly growing daily. Udaan has raised a complete of $681.3 Million from their 7 investment rounds.

Big Billion Flipkart| The analysis of online platform Flipkartโ€™s Business Model
Every Indian citizen is aware of the e-commerce site called Flipkart. Itโ€™s acompany that grew tremendously over time, worked its way to the top, and gotattention from big names like Walmart. Furthermore, It was a bid of the giantWalmart for 16 billion dollars. In India, the second-largest e-commeโ€ฆ

Udaan's Competitors

Udaan attempts to bring wholesalers, buyers, distributors and producers all under a single umbrella thus bridging the gaps with its B2B market system. Even though there are many more organizations who are also in the same game Udaan still soars above them in terms of its Business and Revenue. Some of Udaan's competitors are Zoom Tail, Big Trade and Trade Kosh.

Zoom Tail

Zoom Tail is one of the biggest competitors of Udaan. Zoom tail started in 2018 and it is also a Bangalore-based enterprise. It became fashioned to offer e-commerce answers to small and medium-sized companies. Its primary purpose is to assist the small stores to discover their market industry, buy inventory, and use diverse different gear to make their businesses bigger. It has continuously been elevating finance for the closing years to expand and enhance its generation and to be one in all the biggest B2B e-trade systems.

Big Trade

Big Trade, which started out in 2017, has grown out to be Indiaโ€™s pinnacle B2B wholesale shopping and selling systems. It attached the small stores with the wholesalers, thereby growing their operational performance and decreasing their costs. It enables producers and vendors to set up a logo for themselves and get a sturdy foothold throughout India. In 2019, the generation department of Walmart, Walmart Labs, obtained Big Trade. The Big Trade tells us that itโ€™s going to be a fierce competitor for the rising Indian startup, Udaan.

Trade Kosh

Like Udaan, Trade Kosh too is an e-trade B2B platform which connects the stores with the producers. It targets to offer stores with merchandise on the wholesale stage and goals to expand its inventory control and dealer control with the help of analytics and records science. However, even after going through such excessive competition, the corporation has been a hit in its success rate. This because it has an aggressive gain which units it apart from its competition.

Udaan Revenue Model

Udaanโ€™s wide variety of sales assets consist of revenue from Logistics offerings. A crucial asset of sales for Udaan is the shipping expenses it collects from the individuals for picking-up items from the premises of the vendor and turning in the same to the buyer. There additionally are prices for amassing any cross back of income from the customers.

Udaan Revenue Model Breakdown
Udaan Revenue Model Breakdown

Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujeet Kumar are the trios who founded Udaan and recently Udaan has joined the Unicorn club of startups which ultimately means that the privately held startup is valued at over $1 Billion, the term consists of a mythical character to indicate the statistical rarity of such ventures.

Udaan provides dealers registered at the platform, garage and warehousing offerings to allow them to ship items quicker to the customers. Sellers are charged a fee for such warehousing offerings. Fees from receivable control offerings consist of prices for amassing bills from customers in coins on behalf of the dealers or prices for accepting bills online on behalf of the vendor.

Udaan Layoff its Workers With Immediate Effect- Way to Survive in Lockdown Period
The lockdown due to COVID-19 has created a big problem for all the start-ups andcompanies. This has led to a situation where companies are now fighting with abig cash crunches and one of the way to survive in this situation is eitherlayoffs or cut down in the salaries of the employees. Udaan is oโ€ฆ

Commercial prices from promoting their product listings at the platform to make sure higher visibility among customers within the platform are also one of Udaanโ€™s techniques. Udaan, through its NBFC arm, extends credit score to traders and investors to assist them to meet their operating capital requirements. Interest profits from such loans is a crucial supply of sales for the platform.

Udaan gives numerous different charge-based offerings to agencies registered on their platform. These consist of offerings like packaging and printing of labels on merchandise, the printing of invoices and returns control offerings .It offers electronics and client items at the market for commercial items, sparkling cease result and vegetables, workplace supply, style accessories, girls and men wear, Food and FMCG. No wonder โ€˜Udaanโ€™ gained the race towards many startups.

Udaan allows agencies to locate customers, suppliers, and merchandise thus joins them to get a pleasant deal. The platform additionally allows steady bills and offers logistics support. The agency additionally gives accounting, order control and fee control answers to traders on their platform.

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