Brahmacharini's Essence: How Women Entrepreneurs Stay Focused and Disciplined to Grow Their Business

Brahmacharini's Essence: How Women Entrepreneurs Stay Focused and Disciplined to Grow Their Business
How Women Stay Focused and Disciplined for Business Growth- Smitha Jacob, Naina Ruhail, Shreya Sharma, Preety Singh

As we continue our Navratri journey, we come to the second form of the goddess, Brahmacharini. In Hindu tradition, Goddess Brahmacharini is the second incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is known for her unwavering dedication and discipline, qualities that deeply resonate with women entrepreneurs navigating unique challenges in the business world.

We asked these visionary women how they have managed to maintain their focus and discipline over the years, nurturing and growing their businesses. Their insights reflect the commitment and determination that define Brahmacharini's essence.

Here are a few stories of women entrepreneurs who have channeled the spirit of Goddess Brahmacharini to achieve success in their entrepreneurial journeys:

Naina Ruhail, Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon

With the unwavering devotion to maintain the quality of our deliverables, I am able to persistently strive to achieve my goals. This devotion and discipline are the cornerstones of my business's growth. This commitment allowed us not only to thrive but also to set a standard for excellence in the beauty industry. And this applies to any venture irrespective of the field, that your dedication to your craft and the discipline to maintain high standards will be your greatest assets. It's not a sprint but a journey, and a consistent commitment to your vision will yield remarkable results over time.

Smitha Jacob, Co-founder, Jolger Activewear, Founder Director, Saggian Ventures

Our brand began with the dream to make a difference to consumers inclined towards a more active lifestyle. We sought to create a distinction among our competitors with the desire to empower people with nothing short of the best and give them more than they were looking for. This enabled us to create a strong foundation on the pillars of passion, intensity, and honesty. This drives us to stay focused on our goals, disciplined in our approach, and driven in weaving cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Shreedha Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, The Ayurveda Co.

Staying disciplined and focused on business, especially with ambitious growth targets, requires effective time management. I've realized that time is our most valuable resource, and I make the most of it by meticulously calendaring my day. This approach ensures that every moment is optimized for productivity and growth.

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Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, CITTA

I find inspiration in the qualities of Brahmacharini to steer CITTA towards unwavering devotion and discipline. Just as Brahmacharini's devotion led her on the righteous path, our commitment to crafting safe, premium products for babies remains our guiding light. Our values are deeply rooted in tradition and supported by scientific rigor, bridging the gap between age-old Indian remedies and modern science. CITTA's mission is to offer genuine care, like a grandma's nurturing touch, with formulations inspired by time-honored ingredients. We understand the challenges that modern parents face and aim to make their lives easier while being transparent about our ingredients.

Our vision, "Good for your kids and babies, good for the planet," underscores our commitment to sustainability, ensuring our products are safe for your little ones and kind to the environment. Like the Goddess, we nurture our vision, celebrate milestones, and embrace the spirit of Navratri in every aspect of our business, staying disciplined and focused on the path of excellence.

Hema Bansal Ahlawat, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Partner, HJA & Associates LLP

I've drawn inspiration from Goddess Brahmacharini's qualities to nurture my business. Her dedication and discipline serve as a reminder of the importance of unwavering commitment. To maintain focus and discipline, I've established a structured routine, setting clear goals and adhering to them with devotion. I constantly educate myself and adapt to evolving trends, just as Brahmacharini's pursuit of knowledge represents growth. Moreover, I seek guidance and support from mentors and peers, fostering a sense of community. By honoring these qualities, I've been able to stay steadfast in my business journey, maintaining a balance between my inner drive and the external world's demands.

Dr. Malini Saba, Self-Made Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Global Advocate for Women and Girls

The passion and discipline possessed by Brahmacharini have a strong resonance with my journey. For my business to grow, it has been essential to maintain discipline and focus. My guiding principles have been my dedication to my goal and my disciplined approach, which have helped me navigate the challenges of the corporate world.

For instance, I begin each morning by setting specific objectives for the day that are consistent with my larger vision. This straightforward practice provides me with a distinct sense of purpose and inspires me to remain committed to attaining these goals. Moreover, I follow Brahmacharini's rigorous method of planning my day into set blocks of time. These time blocks are set aside for important duties, the development of my mission, and personal growth.

I surround myself with people who share my enthusiasm for uplifting women and having a positive influence. This encouraging network helps me stay committed and gives me the power and inspiration to persevere in the face of adversity. My plans have advanced on their path of growth and effect because of my commitment to my mission and my daily rigorous practices.

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Preety Singh, Co-founder and Managing Director, Boomlet Group

Embracing the qualities of Brahmacharini, I have maintained unwavering devotion and discipline in growing my business. Self-motivation has been my driving force, reminding me of my goals and purpose each day. This inner determination helps me stay focused and resilient, even in the face of challenges. By adhering to a disciplined routine, setting clear objectives, and consistently working towards them, I have ensured the steady and successful growth of my business over the years.

Shreya Ghodawat, India Ambassador, SHE Changes Climate | CEO, Sustainable Guides

I've stayed focused and disciplined by maintaining a commitment to my mission of simplifying sustainability for everyone who seeks it and making it curious enough for those who don’t. Discipline in learning new skills, speaking at events, and engaging in meaningful pursuits has been crucial to my business' growth over the years.

Having a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and other changemakers who are on the same path helps you stay on track too. Your goals and your mission pull you forward when motivation seems bleak.

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue

In my entrepreneurial journey, I've drawn inspiration from the qualities of Brahmacharini, particularly devotion, and discipline. Devotion has been the driving force behind my commitment to providing impactful marketing solutions to our clients. It's this unwavering dedication to their growth and success that keeps me inspired and motivated.

Discipline has played a crucial role in our growth at The Marcom Avenue. Building a business requires consistent effort, strategic planning, and sticking to the goals we've set. Discipline has helped me stay focused on our mission, ensuring that we deliver on our promises to clients and maintain high standards of service.

By combining devotion and discipline, we've managed to navigate challenges, adapt to changing market dynamics, and build lasting relationships with our clients. It's this blend of qualities that has enabled us to grow The Marcom Avenue and continue our journey of providing innovative and impactful marketing solutions.

Shreya Sharma, Founder and CEO, Rest The Case

I got the idea for Rest The Case when I was studying Law in the UK and noticed how law and legal services are very readily available on the internet there. It was easy to find a lawyer, and easy to get connected.  However, the same thing in India was very difficult. One has to run pillar to post to find a good lawyer who can help them with their legal issues. So I thought of working out a way in which people all around the country can find a lawyer based on their own personalized requirements.

Then when the lockdown happened, and I came back home to India I saw it getting tougher than ever because people required information and help but there was nowhere to go, that’s when I started working on creating Rest The Case as a One Stop Solution for Legal Information and Services. So that even if a person requires basic information or they required a lawyer for their case they could find it in one place. When we say one-stop solution we pull all stops to make sure we deliver that to people.

My vision for Rest the Case is that if someone has a problem with the law, there should be one place that has your back with whatever it is that you need and Rest The Case should be that place. We understand how difficult it can be to trust someone with something so sensitive and we aim to keep proving that we are a trustworthy place for everyone who requires the help of law in whatever way big or small.

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