WorkIndia - Making Job Search Easy for the Blue Collar Workforce

Till a few years back, the blue collar job sector in India was much unorganized. But now, with the rise of e-commerce, food delivery startups, cab services, online home maintenance companies etc, the demand for blue collar workforce has seen a spike. With this increase in demand for blue collar workforce dedicated job portals for blue collar jobs have also come up, and one of the top blue collar job portals in India is WorkIndia. With over 15 million job seekers associated with the platform, and 300k + jobs posted monthly, WorkIndia is a trusted place to be for both employers and job seekers. Let's have a look at how WorkIndia came into being, and how it gained popularity in its niche!

WorkIndia – Company Highlights

Startup Name WorkIndia
Headquarter Bangalore
Founders Kunal Patil, Nilesh Dungarwal,Jatin Jakharia, Moiz Arsiwala,Soumil Rao, Lokesh Tiwari & Kshitij Nagvekar
Sector Job Portal
Founded 2015
Parent Organization Eloquent Info Solutions Private Limited

About WorkIndia
WorkIndia - Founders & Team
WorkIndia - Vision & Mission
WorkIndia - Funding & Investors
WorkIndia - Competitors
WorkIndia - Awards
WorkIndia - Revenue Model
WorkIndia - Growth & Revenue
WorkIndia - Future Plans

About WorkIndia

WorkIndia provides Blue and Grey Collar Recruitment services which helps the employers to connect with the right employees. Some of its available job offers are for retailers, accountants, bank officers, BPO, and delivery jobs. WorkIndia was founded in the year 2015 and it shifted its headquarters from Mumbai to Bangalore in 2019. Their mobile application makes the job application process easier just in a single click. WorkIndia team ensures that the platform is easy to use for its customers.

“There was a team of over 20 people on the ground, including all seven cofounders, talking to different people about the product. We would talk to the job seekers, show them the app, take their feedback and then make necessary changes, we have done more than 350+ iteration of the product to reach the current stability and still, we are in process of the improvement”, said Soumil Rao, Co-founder, WorkIndia.

The company uses specific automated technology, geo-tagging, dynamic algorithms, and concepts of ‘Availability Heuristics’ and ‘Prospects Theory’. Django, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, ReachJS, PostgreSQL, and Docker are the Technology Stacks that form the framework of this online recruitment company.

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WorkIndia - Founders & Team

WorkIndia was founded in February 2015 by Kunal Patil. Kunal was in Mumbai in 2015, and he was looking for some data entry freelancers. Kunal searched for the same in the then available job portals, and realized that finding blue collar workforce was quite challenging. Thus Kunal got the idea to start WorkIndia to make recruitment and job discovery easy in the blue collar segment.

The others who joined Kunal as co-founders in the venture are, Nilesh Dungarwal, Moiz Arsiwala, Jatin Jakharia, Soumil Rao and Lokesh Tiwari, Kshitij Nagvekar, Aashish Mittal.

WorkIndia co-founder Kunal Patil, is a graduate from NYC Stern School of Business. Before starting WorkIndia, Kunal held lofty posts with companies like PWC, Monitor Group, Merrill Lynch, Tata Capital, ICICI Venture and Edelweiss Capital.

Nilesh Dungarwal, an IT graduate from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, held technical positions with companies like FinalDesk and Credit Suisse. Besides he also co-founded a startup named 'Meter Share' and '' , a portal that helps teachers/ institutes find students for various courses and vice versa.

Moiz Arsiwala, is also an IT graduate from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. Other than working as a freelancer, Moiz also co-founded a tech startup, 'Livemantra', before joining the founding team of WorkIndia. Moiz handles the technical infrastructure.

Soumil Rao, a computer science graduate from University of Mumbai, joined WorkIndia as an intern and went on to be a part of the founding team later.

WorkIndia co-founder Lokesh Tiwari, also joined the company as an intern. A computer science graduate from Terna Engineering College, Loskesh is an expert android developer, and have worked with companies like AlphaFinSoft Tech, MahaOnline Ltd and Last Local App Solution.  Soumil and Lokesh now commands the engineering and technology aspects of the company.

Another co-founder who got associated with WorkIndia, as an Intern and became a co-founder later is Kshitij Nagvekar. Kshitij joined WorkIndia in 2016.

Jatin Jakharia, a graduate of IIT Bombay. Besides WorkIndia, Jatin also founded Bonbons ( providers of chocolate making kit) and a food delivery service 'Grubit'.

The company now has around 100 employees which is a 84% increase from the previous year.

WorkIndia - Vision & Mission

The primary vision of WorkIndia is to provide employment opportunities to 23.7 Cr blue-collar individuals in India and at a larger scale of 120 Cr people seeking occupations in the world. The measures taken by the government towards unemployment facilitates more chances for white-collar jobs while blue and grey collar jobs are being neglected. WorkIndia aims to elevate the current accessibility of job offers for such individuals.

“While the white-collar segment’s behaviour is well documented, the blue-collar segment behaves very differently and very little data is available on this segment. This fact coupled with WorkIndia’s massive scale and unique insights on the segment, make it a highly exciting time to be part of what the team is building today.” – Kunal Patil, Co-founder, WorkIndia.

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WorkIndia - Funding & Investors

WorkIndia has raised $6.4 million in three funding rounds. Their recent funding is in February 2020 from Xiaomi. Angel investors like Satyen Kothari (Founder, Citrus Pay), Vikram Limaye (MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange) and Keshav Sanghi (founder Ventureworks Investment) have invested in WorkIndia.

Date Stage Amount Lead Investors
October, 2016 Seed $500K Satyen V Kothari
March, 2016 Venture Round $3.5 Million BEENEXT
February, 2020 Venture Round Rs 42 Crore Xiaomi
“We have been investing in WorkIndia for the past three years and will continue to do so, given the high growth and the cutting-edge technology products developed by them,” says Dirk Van Quaquebeke, Co-founder of BEENEXT.

WorkIndia - Competitors

The leading competitors of WorkIndia are Aasanjobs, Naukri, Freshersworld, Timesjobs, Clickjobs, and Monster. With mounting population and demand for jobs, WorkIndia overcomes the competitors with its matchless automated technology.

WorkIndia - Awards

WorkIndia is the winner of Hot100 Startup Awards of the year 2015. The Startup was selected for PNGrowth iSPIRT - BootCamp Program and FB Start Bootstart program.

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WorkIndia - Revenue Model

The company has separate pricing plans for the employers to hire the candidates and it is basically ‘pay-per-hire’ standard. The recruiter is supposed to credit money in their WorkIndia Wallet which gets deducted according to the candidates hired. This is the main revenue stream of the company. It also offers different corporate and enterprise plans which permit access to multiple candidates. There is a deduction of money from the employer’s wallet for each call from the candidate.

“Smartphone and internet penetration has made it easier for candidates to search jobs online, and, on the other hand, even employers have started coming online and posting jobs regularly,” says Kunal, Co-founder, WorkIndia.

WorkIndia - Growth & Revenue

The startup reports to have 1.7 million interviews, 21 million app sessions, and 125 million user events every month. It  has presence in 763 cities and has got 15 million downloads for its mobile application which is available in 9 languages. Besides, number of registered job seekers on WorkIndia is 12 million, and the platform has 8.5 million unique visits per month, as reported in January 2020.

“Till now, WorkIndia app has been downloaded by over 15 Mn job seekers, more than 9 Lakh distinct employers have posted jobs on the WorkIndia platform and more than 3.5 Mn unique job seekers open the app every month for job opportunities.” Says Kunal Patil, Co-founder, WorkIndia.

Starting from 2000 job postings from 100 companies, WorkIndia now sees up to 300,000 job postings from 50,000 different recruiters including Grab, Ola, Swiggy, Zomato, and many others. The monthly hire accounts for 70,000 according to the company’s estimation. The annual revenue is estimated to be $11.5M per year. The company also claims that, from March 2018 to March 2019, WorkIndia grew by nearly 10 times on all important metrics including revenue, transactions, number of employers and number of candidates.

“Our platform registers 125 million user events in a month. That makes us the largest blue- and grey-collar marketplace in the country," says Jatin, Co-founder, WorkIndia.

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WorkIndia - Future Plans

With increasing job seekers every day, WorkIndia works towards the goal of achieving 1 million job listings per month by the first quarter of 2021. It also aims to extend its services to more Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and  to make its app available in more regional languages in the nearing future.

“The vision is to provide meaningful employment to every blue-collar individual on this planet. This is a dream for us. We work for them and we thrive for this”, says Kunal, Co-founder, WorkIndia.

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