List of Startups Funded by Yuvraj Singh

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Dec 14, 2021 6 min read
List of Startups Funded by Yuvraj Singh

The new technologies today have made the idea of startups more popular than ever before. Gone are the days when people were afraid to try out new ideas. Nowadays the young passionate minds are more driven towards the ideas of a startup.

With startups progressing well, the idea of startup investing has become lucrative. More investors are now interested in startup funding. Funding an innovative startup in the initial stage can be profitable in the future.

Yuvraj Singh, former Indian team cricketer has now become a venture capitalist. Yuvraj launched his investment company, YouWeCan Ventures in 2015. With this venture, he planned to encourage entrepreneurship and online startups. He has invested in various startups like Healthians, EazyDiner, Wellversed, etc.

What is Startup Funding?
YouWeCan' An Initiative by Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh as a Venture Capitalist
Startups Funded by Yuvraj Singh

What is Startup Funding?

Funding is the capital needed to start and run a business. Startup funding, in simple words, is a financial investment. This funding made by an investor helps the startup ideas come to life.

Startup funding involves equity financing or debt financing. Β In both cases investment proves to be lucrative, except if the startup fails.

Many entrepreneurs, cricketers, actors are entering the ecosystem of startup funding. They do funding as venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity.

YouWeCan' An Initiative by Yuvraj Singh

YouWeCan Logo

Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian Cricketer was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. He fought cancer and came out as a survivor. This journey inspired him to start an organization for cancer patients, YouWeCan.

It aims to support cancer patients in various ways. These are raising awareness among patients, helping in their treatment processes and, equipping the survivors with opportunities.

Yuvraj Singh as a Venture Capitalist

Yuvraj Singh turned into a venture capitalist. He expanded YouWeCan by starting YouWeCan Ventures. He announced to invest 40-50 crores (Indian rupees) in technology-based startups.

Since it was introduced, YouWeCan Ventures has invested in several startups. Yuvraj has thus, made a great contribution to the Indian startup movement.

The fundings came to a halt during the time of covid-19. But soon in October 2020, Yuvraj Singh invested in Wellversed.

Startups Funded by Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh has invested in various startups. These are as follows:


Healthians Logo
Healthians Logo

Healthians is a tech-based startup that provides lab test services at home. It provides convenient, faster, affordable, and dependable healthcare services. Deepak Sahni founded it and is also its CEO.

Healthians uses various technologies like HTML, jQuery, Google analytics, etc. This tech-based health startup has proved to be profitable and useful in the field of healthcare.

Healthians started from Delhi NCR. Now, it has its presence in more than 30 Indian cities. YWC Ventures-backed Healthians also acquired Mumbai-based Healthy Labs in 2019.

Yuvraj’s association with the brand proved to be a great marketing measure for the startup.


Eazydiner Logo
Eazydiner Logo

EazyDiner is an online restaurant reservation platform. It provides recommendations and reviews by top critics for a great dining experience. It also provides great deals on every reservation.

The company entered the market in 2015, backed by six investors and Yuvi was one of them.

Its headquarters are in Gurugram. It is active in 150 Indian cities and Dubai. It has partnerships across the restaurant industry. Some of the key partners are Leela Hotels, Taj Hotels, Marriott Group, Burger King, etc.


EduKart Logo
EduKart Logo

EduKart is one of India’s leading online education platforms. It offers 2000 plus degrees, diplomas, certificates, entrance coaching, and K-12 coaching. All these are available in online mode and distance learning.

It was founded in 2011 and Ishan Gupta is the founder. Five investors are backing up this startup. YouWeCan Ventures and United Finsec are the most recent. Later in 2016, Paytm acquired it.

EduKart has made a great remark following the need for online learning in recent times.


Chqbook Logo
Chqbook Logo

Chqbook is a fintech startup. It helps the customers compare, book, and get personalized finance products. It offers services like banking, lending, insurance, and rewards.

Vipul Sharma is the CEO of Chqbook. Founded in 2016, it has 14 investors. Yuvraj Singh is one of the lead investors in Chqbook.


Wellversed Logo
Wellversed Logo

It is a technology-based startup. It deals in nutritional products. This healthcare startup’s products span many nutrition regimes.

It aims to help people with healthy transformations in their diets. The products of Wellversed are available on many online sites. These include Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.

The CEO of the company Aanan Khurma. Wellversed is funded by eleven investors. Yuvraj Singh made an angel investment in the company. Along with being an investor, he is also the face of the brand.

It is the latest investment made by Yuvraj through YWC Ventures in October 2020.


Naturals@Home Logo
Naturals@Home Logo

Naturals (before Vyomo) is a mobile application for beauty and wellness. It allows women to book their beauty appointments and enjoy the services at home. The services are rendered by trained and verified professionals.

Abhinav Khare is the founder and also CEO of the company. It has three investors. These are Naturals, Rocket Internet, and YouWeCan Ventures.

Yuvraj Singh was an early investor in Vyomo, now Naturals.

Black White Orange Brands

Black White Orange Logo
Black White Orange Logo

This is a new-age startup that provides merchandising solutions. It offers services of brand consulting, creative solutions, retail distribution. It provides services in India as well as overseas.

Bhavik Vora is the founder and CEO of Black White Orange Brand. It has two investors- Collaborative Ventures and Yuvraj Singh’s YWC Ventures.


SportyBeans Logo
SportyBeans Logo

SportyBeans is one of India’s reputed sports programs for children. It aims to promote fitness and a passion for sports among pre-schoolers.

YouWeCan Venture is the lead investor in SportyBeans.

Yuvraj Singh has also funded JetSetGo and Moovo. JetSetGo helps with private aviation services. Moovo is a tech-based booking platform for mini-trucks.

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Yuvraj Singh has made great contributions to society. He started YouWeCan to support cancer patients and help with their treatments. Then started YouWeCan Ventures to support young entrepreneurs with their innovative startup ideas.

Yuvraj calls startup funding a risk one takes. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. He feels happy to see any startup funded by him turning into a big company. Here, Healthians is a great example. Since covid did not hit the health sector, Healthians has seen great growth during the pandemic.


Who is Yuvraj Singh?

Yuvraj Singh is a former Indian international cricketer.

How many Startups has Yuvraj Singh Funded?

Yuvraj Singh is Invested in various Startups like eazyDiner, WellVersed, Healthians, EduKart, etc.

What is YouWeCan?

YouWeCan is a non-profit organization established by Yuvraj Singh that aims to support cancer patients in various ways. These are raising awareness among patients, helping in their treatment processes, and equipping the survivors with opportunities.

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