Zomato Hiring Through Referrals Only? Here's Why

Zomato Hiring Through Referrals Only? Here's Why

Zomato is a startup that took the food delivery business to greater heights. It not only delivers food but also provides details, menus, and customer reviews of a restaurant.

The startup made the food delivery convenient, affordable, reachable, and reliable. It is now India’s most tried and trusted platform for at-home food services.

Being a successful startup, it attracts various professionals to its workstation. Be it a fresher or an experienced professional, everyone would love to work and learn at Zomato.

Getting hired at Zomato however, is not a piece of cake. Recently, Zomato has made clear that it hires its employees only via referrals. This means that one cannot directly apply but only with a referral of an already employee.

Zomato- India’s Most Trusted Food-Delivery Platform
How Does Zomato Work?
Work Culture at Zomato
How Zomato Hires its Employees?
What is Referral Hiring?
Why Zomato Hires Through Referrals?

Zomato- India’s Most Trusted Food-Delivery Platform

Zomato is a startup that provides online services of food delivery. It functions in collaboration with the Indian restaurants to serve the customers.

The startup is well-established and has also entered the unicorn club in 2018. The Indian borne company has now various competitors like Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc. But it continues to occupy a huge place in markets and the customers’ hearts.


The food-tech startup was founded in the year 2008. There are two founders of the platform- Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. At present, Deepinder is the CEO of Zomato.

Headquarter and Operating Areas

The headquarters of the startup is in Gurugram, India. Zomato serves in almost every city of India now. Apart from India, the company has now expanded its services worldwide. The other operating countries include- Sri Lanka, South Africa, The United Kingdom, Qatar, The Philippines, etc.

How Does Zomato Work?

Zomato in simple words offers suggestions and takes orders from the customers. It acts as a bridge between the customers and the food stations.

Firstly, a customer opens the app or website and can browse various food stations. Then they can place an order at any particular restaurant. When the restaurant receives the order, it starts prepping the meal. After that, the Zomato delivery partner comes to pick up the order. The order then reaches its home.

The customer makes the payment and can also share their reviews. Zomato takes a commission from the restaurants for this. In this way, it helps the customers get their favourite meals at ease.

Work Culture at Zomato

Zomato offers a professional, learning, and friendly work culture. It is like an ideal working condition for any employee.

Working at Zomato is great but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands a strong mindset and dedication beyond the 9 to 5 regime. The employees are required to give in their efforts at odd hours and sometimes even on holidays.

After all, a company so big does need dedication beyond the usual for successful functioning. The best quality about Zomato is, it doesn’t hide its culture. An employee survey was conducted about the working conditions. The result of the survey came on Zomato’s blog and its Twitter handle.

How Zomato Hires its Employees?

Zomato Careers Page
Zomato Careers Page

Zomato is a tech-based startup. It involves various processes behind its successful functioning. It is not a one-man show to run. It needs a trusted and efficient team.

There are many fields of work at Zomato. These include- marketing, engineering, designing, advertising, etc.

In recent times, Zomato declared that it will hire employees only through referrals. It means one cannot give a direct interview on their own. You cannot go to a job portal, apply for a role and bag an interview from there.

To get in as a professional in Zomato, a person needs a referral from an employee at Zomato. Since the Zomans (employees at Zomato) do not give a referral to everyone, the hiring gets limited. This makes it difficult for various professionals to apply at Zomato.

What is Referral Hiring?

Referral hiring is a type of recruitment process of a company. In this, the employees of a company take part in the recruiting process.

Under this method, the already employees of the company share job vacancies in their company. They share this within their network. Then they provide recommendations to certain candidates who apply. In this way, the hiring process becomes network-based rather than open to all.

Why Zomato Hires Through Referrals?

Zomato laid off various employees during the harsh conditions of the pandemic. Now, the company is reviving its employee base at a slow pace. The catch is that the company now hires its technical professionals, product teams, marketing, legal professionals only via referrals.

Zomato is hiring via referrals from the Zomans to make sure they get the right employees.

  • The company faced losses during the pandemic. This made the company lose its employees as there was not much work for them. So, to keep a check on depreciation rate is also a reason that Zomato hires through referrals.
  • Another major reason includes establishing a simple and clear hiring process. Hiring through referrals means no extra rounds of interviews for the candidates. It saves the company time and effort.
  • Hiring through referrals helps Zomato to focus on the distinctive qualities of candidates. This helps to get the best and the most efficient professionals in the team.
  • This helps Zomato have direct and easy access to the best talent. It makes the process trustworthy because the talent is acquired by their employees.
  • By hiring through referrals Zomato cuts the time and cost of sourcing, screening, negotiation, and coordination.

Thus, Zomato has decided to make its best team only through referrals.


Zomato since its start has come far and made great progress. With its tremendous growth, it is not only customers' favourite but also an ideal workstation for professionals.

The company has now made it super clear that they will hire only through employee referrals. The company has laid down on their website that they don’t accept job applications. So, if you know someone at Zomato, reach them and send your attractive application to them.

Even if you don’t know someone, it's time to build up your network and connections. With a great skillset, mindset, and networking, you can try to get into this successful startup.


How do you get selected in Zomato?

Zomato conducts a series of rounds to select a candidate, Resume Shortlisting, Written Round, Group Discussion, Technical Rounds, HR Round. After the pandemic, Zomato has started hiring through referral only.

Who owns Zomato?

Founder and CEO, Deepinder Goyal owns Zomato.

How does Zomato recruit?

Zomato has started hiring via referrals after the pandemic to ensure they get the right people.

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