8 Different Ways to Advertise Without Spending Money

8 Different Ways to Advertise Without Spending Money
Different Ways to Advertise Without Spending Money

In most businesses today, the sole purpose of operations is to sell products and services and earn profits. What enables more people to know about the products and services is advertising. It helps businesses to market their product well and earn huge profits through sales.

Advertising helps the consumers get the best possible options and also helps them to make wise decisions hence businesses need to apply the best possible advertising strategies.

While many think that advertising is a costly affair because it requires funds and requires expertise. In this article, you will find ways in which you can advertise your products and services free of cost and without spending any money.

Every entrepreneur wants to capture the market, increase sales, and earn huge profits. If the entrepreneur advertises the products or services at the right place, through the right media, and at the right time, he/she may attract many customers and fulfill all the goals. Here are 8 different ways in which organizations and individuals can advertise their products and services without spending money:

1. Leverage Social Media
2. Posting Blogs on Website
3. Focus on SEO for Your Website
4. Email Marketing
5. Giveaways
6. Add Your Business to Google MyBusiness
7. Get Reviews
8. Add Your Business on Internet Directories

1. Leverage Social Media

The graph shows monthly active users of popular social media platforms in the early half of 2022
The graph shows monthly active users of popular social media platforms in the early half of 2022

Today when almost half of the world is working online it is imperative for any and every business to have its presence on social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are some of the largest social media networking platforms and setting up business pages on these platforms will help you connect with customers in the best possible way.

You can convert many followers into customers by sharing your business updates, products, and services on these platforms. You need to make business profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter to leverage your brand its products, and services.

The best part about these platforms is that you will get to promote and advertise your business for free to huge masses and eventually can do paid promotions as well, depending upon the need of your business.

2. Website Blogging And Posting Blogs on Website

Wix Home Page
Wix Home Page

Publicizing your products and services through a website and blogging is an attractive way of advertising. If you want to make your website or blog flashy you might need to hire a professional, however, if you are tight on budget, you can do it on your own as well.

By just paying for domain and web hosting, you can make a simple website and publish your products and services and market your business. Some of the famous platforms that allow you to make a basic website free of cost with ease are Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy.

Including blogs will mainly serve two functions. It will help you build your presence over search engines and will inform your customers about your business.

3. Focus on SEO for your website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the setting up of WebPages so that the search engine understands the content of your pages and then may link it to you when someone searches for what you sell or what services you offer.

Today, with the help of SEO many businesses are improving their rankings so that their website appears and ranks on the first page of the search engines whenever the consumers search for a product/service related to their business.

While many companies outsource their work to professionals by spending a lot of money, you can do it for free as well. There are several things that you can do to improve the SEO of your site which include – using a different title for each page on your website; using the right keywords; including the name, location, and phone of your business; using phrases that people generally look out for, etc. With the help of SEO, you can advertise your business on an e-commerce platform most effectively and efficiently.

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4. Email Marketing

MailChimp Logo
MailChimp Logo

The level of personalized connection with the customers and masses that can be achieved via emails can’t be achieved through any other forms of advertising and marketing. The people who are on your email list are already your half customers as by sending them personalized emails about your products, special offers, and more, you can convert them easily after on.

Portals like MailChimp can help you send mass emails, design campaigns, and help you understand the customer's email patterns and different analytics. Sending postcards, offers, wishes, flyers, letters, and other emails is a very effective way of advertising your business without spending money.

5. Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. If you can offer a good deal or a giveaway gift on your website or your social media handles, it becomes a great way of advertising and attracting customers. You are not required to offer something big, but offering some small discounts or small items will help you gain customers' attention. Gifts like coupons, free shipping, some percentage off on any order, etc can be good examples of giveaway gifts.

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6. Add your business to Google MyBusiness

Google My Business Logo
Google My Business Logo

Google has made it easy for people to get their businesses recognized by making their profiles that appear in the display results. You can easily add business contact details, location on the map, working hours, etc. on Google My Business and claim your listing.

7. Get Reviews

The new way of spreading the word of mouth is by digitally giving reviews on review sites, directories, websites, Google business, and social media platforms. Getting testimonials and too positive ones on third-party websites and platforms maximize the effectiveness of promotions. When your targeted audience sees positive reviews about your business and its products on such platforms, people trust your brand and business and will in turn become your customers.

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8. Getting Added to Internet Directories

Many people register their businesses on Internet Directories. These directories usually have top search engine rankings and people who are looking for your business or related products and services will quickly find these links as they end up on the first page of web search results. There are many highly reputed Internet Directories where you can list your business for free. A few famous names include Yahoo, Google, as do Yelp, JustDial, and TripAdvisor.

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While these were just a few examples of promoting your business, there are many other ways too. Advertising doesn’t always require money, but all it requires is a little creativity. Running businesses in today’s world and advertising for it has become easy because of the internet and social media. All you need is to exploit these resources to the best of your ability to advertise your business and make your mark.


Which are the best digital platforms to advertise on?

Some of the best digital platforms for advertising are Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc.

Some of the best-paid advertising platforms are?

Some of the best-paid advertising platforms are Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, Youtube Ads, etc.

Which social media platforms are best for advertising?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the most preferred platforms for advertisements.

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