Top Brands Endorsed by Arshad Warsi

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Jun 5, 2021 4 min read
Top Brands Endorsed by Arshad Warsi

The famous Bollywood actor, also known as the legend; Circuit in Munnabhai, Arshad Warsi has performed many iconic films throughout his career in Bollywood. And not just this, he is quite famous and successful as an actor, dancer, producer, choreographer, television personality and playback singer.

Arshad Warsi has received tons of Awards for his splendid performances like The Filmfare Award. He won this prominent award among five great nominees. Arshad Warsi is known for acting in various types of film genres and has endorsed with quite a few brands.

Domino's Pizza
ACKO Insurance

In this article, we will discuss those brands that Arshad Warsi endorsed.

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza has always brought real joy and humour to its advertisements. It considers it as a major aspect for the promotion of their widely famous Domino's Pizza brand. Arshad Warsi with his legendary performance of Circuit in Munna Bhai MBBS and other different characters in films brings a distinct charm and humour to his personality. Therefore, he suits best with humour and joy advertising.

Domino's Pizza has signed the Bollywood actor, Arshad Warsi as its brand ambassador to take its status to a next level of marketing. With his fame of circuit, there could not be any other fit for the promotion of this prominent brand.

In an interview, the CEO of Domino's Pizza India Ltd. said, "Arshad Warsi is the perfect fit for Domino's Pizza. And, we are pretty sure that he with his iconic versatile personality and skills could take our brand to a high rise of success."

Domino's Pizza has focused on the audience of youth and urban families, so they needed someone who belongs to the same status and age group. A person who could bring out the real humour in the advertisements and joy to the consumers. That's why, from all aspects, Arshad Warsi fits perfectly as the brand ambassador of Domino's Pizza.

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ACKO Insurance

One of the very prominent and leading digital insurance companies, ACKO Insurance has signed the Bollywood actor, Arshad Warsi as its brand ambassador. He is the face of its latest marketing campaign. Arshad Warsi along with the cricketers of Mumbai Indians IPL team is also featured in this campaign.

This campaign is focused on bringing awareness to the minds of people on the better ways of buying insurance from ACKO Insurance. This insurance company offers various low insurance premiums without any further side commission.

ACKO Insurance is pretty famous in India as it has sold over 800 million policies and safeguards more than 60 million consumers. Its new campaign featuring Arshad Warsi aims to propagate its policies and gather more consumers with a convenient, hassle-free and good experience along with the low premium offers.

Together with Arshad Warsi and Cricketers of Mumbai Indians IPL Team, ACKO Insurance is aimed to rise and get more beneficial results and outlines for its brand. This campaign is promoting more people to try out this company's policies.


Pepsi's TVC is an extremely popular brand in India with its incredible campaigns and services. The brand first featured Arshad Warsi and Amitabh Bachchan in its advertisement. They played out the rural setting which has always been the main focus of this brand.

Both the actors were featured in a short film ad by Pepsi where they acted as a Yuppie sport look by Warsi and an old man by Amitabh Bachchan. It started as some crates of Pepsi were placed on a boat and Arshad Warsi is giving instructions to the boatman to begin paddling.

As they reached halfway, the boatman asked Warsi for some Pepsi to relieve his thirst. But Warsi denied it. Then the old man thought something clever to make Warsi realise.

The trip began again and Warsi was grooming himself but soon he got the shock when the water came upon the base of the boat. This ad was quite famous for the splendid performance of both the actors and the message behind the ad.

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Throughout his career, he has endorsed many brands such as Pepsi, Dominos India and ACKO Insurance. Because of his marvellous sense of humour and extraordinary personality, he is the perfect choice for these brands. Arshad Warsi has been tremendous with his performances in various ads.

He has promoted many brands with great enthusiasm. And with his extraordinary joyful personality, he is chosen as the brand ambassador of some very prominent brands.


What is the Net worth of Arshad Warsi?

The Net worth of Arshad Warsi is around $40 million.

What is the current age of Arshad Warsi?

Arshad Warsi is 53 years old and was born on Apr 19, 1968.

Who is Arshad Warsi's Wife?

Maria Goretti is Arshad Warsi's wife, she is an Indian MTV VJ and has hosted several TV shows.

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