All You Need To Know About Becoming a Game Designer

All You Need To Know About Becoming a Game Designer

Game Designing entails the creation of the game’s structure, setting and layout. Therefore, A game designer must create systems that are simple to maintain, comfortable to use and expandable, as well as bring new game design concepts to the table frequently. In short, Gaming has appeared in several formats and platforms, including PC, Console, Mobile, Virtual, and Augmented Reality, as a result of the globalizing and ever-evolving globe. Such changes in the gaming industry necessitate a game designer with a diverse set of creative and technical talents to successfully envision, plan, test, develop and deliver an idea.

Over the last ten years, the gaming industry has grown exponentially as of 2020 it was valued at around 90 billion INR. With the Indian market expected to reach 143 billion INR by 2022, this growth has prompted several international animation companies to outsource work to India.

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The best part of becoming a game designer is that you don't need any diploma or degree, it depends on the skills and knowledge a game designer has. A candidate should have good knowledge of the gaming industry too.

But, If you are planning to learn more about this field, then here are some courses that you can obtain after completing related courses.

Eligibility Required
Pros of Becoming a Game Designer
Cons of Becoming a Game Designer
Certificate & Diploma courses
Bachelor's and Master's courses
Courses Outside the College Curriculum
Skills required for a Game Designer
Similar Jobs

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Eligibility Required

Entering the Designing Industry is unique and can be both lucrative and rewarding. As compared to earlier, the demand for a game designer has increased immensely. Nowadays, 8 out of 10 people play video games because it is no more seen as a hobby or recreation or a mode of entertainment. And honestly speaking, we know people in our circles who are addicted to gaming. A certificate/diploma program is sufficient enough to give you enough exposure to the fundamentals & give a kickstart to your game designing career. With an associate degree, you can get a job in the gaming field which will be a milestone toward your dream position. Here are some of the basic eligibility criteria required to become a game designer:

  • Once you complete your 12th grade, you can apply for a bachelor's degree in game design.
  • It does not have a specified entry-level requirement. A candidate can hold only a 12th pass certificate and also a master's in-game designing too, depending on the candidate's talent and experience.
  • Candidates with a bachelor's degree in engineering have a little edge over others. As they have a better understanding of computer applications and their technical elements.
  • Various colleges offer a variety of game design programs. To improve their talents in the field of game design, candidates can enrol themselves in game design courses.
  • A bachelor's degree or diploma in game design, or a bachelor's degree in computer science engineering, is required for game designers.

Pros of Becoming a Game Designer

  • Firstly, there isn’t a clear and fast rule on what qualifications are required. If you possess the necessary qualities, you can pursue a career as a game designer. Any appropriate degree would only be the icing on the cake.
  • Secondly, Join a team of people who are determined, creative, and enthusiastic about their job. Not only does it improve the working atmosphere, but it also introduces a variety of new skills.
  • Thirdly, The business is growing at a breakneck speed. It provides hopefuls with a wealth of opportunities and quality work.
  • Fourthly, It is mentally stimulating because each project is different.
  • Lastly, A game designer creates a universe full of fantasy and inventiveness. It rekindles your desire to work.

Cons of Becoming a Game Designer

  • Game designers have to cope with a lot of pressure. They must complete their project to the letter of the deadline, as the project’s release is totally in the hands of the firm.
  • Long hours in front of a computer are required of game designers. It’s taxing on the back and the eyes.
  • Working long hours to reach a deadline might cause stress and hurt their personal lives.
  • The business is under harsh competition as the demands for game designers rise.

Certificate & Diploma courses

Here are some of the Certificate or Diploma courses you can choose from to become a game designer:

  1. Game Art & Design- Certificate
  2. Gaming - Certificate
  3. Diploma in Game Programming
  4. Diploma in Gaming Production
  5. Diploma in Game Designing
  6. Diploma in Game Development
  7. Advance Diploma in 3D game content creation

Bachelor's and Master's courses

If you think that the Certificate/ Diploma program didn't give you enough exposure, then you can surely go for a bachelor's degree and even after that you want to study more then you should go for a master's. This means you get more years of exposure, learning, and experience in comparison to the previous course. This will surely help you grow in this field and get more knowledge about it. During your studies, you can also go for an internship for more practical knowledge and it will help you to grow your resume as well.

Here are the courses you can opt-in for doing your bachelor's or master's:

  1. B.Sc in Graphics, Animation, and Gaming
  2. B.Sc in Gaming and Animations
  3. Bachelor's in Media Animation and Design
  4. Bachelor of IT/Art user experience design
  5. M.Sc in Gaming
  6. M.Sc in Multimedia and Animations
  7. Integrated in Multimedia and Animation with Game Art and Design

Courses Outside the College Curriculum

Game Designing courses on Udemy

There are plenty of courses that offer to help you along with training & skill development outside of your college curriculum. These courses can supplement your degree & can also help you land better jobs. Some courses have a lot to offer from prop creation to complete level designing. There are sites like Udemy & The Game Institute, that offer these additional courses.

Udemy offers you several hours of top-notch content. You can also see the difficulty level for different courses, from beginner to expert. Moreover, Looking at the abundance of information provided by Udemy, it is quite inexpensive as well. Moreover, The Game Institute, on the other hand, offers you a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee. They have a reasonably priced fee for 6 months/ year depending on your choice of payment period. This site is solely dedicated to games & is worth a try!

Skills required for a Game Designer

A game designer must have good drawing abilities. Working knowledge of computer languages and software programs such as 3D Max and Maya are also very important. Game creation necessitates the presentation of concepts with clarity, both verbally and on paper, which necessitates the use of fundamental graphic design and sketching skills.

Game designers frequently work in groups, which necessitates strong interpersonal skills. To improve your professional skills, you should stay current on the latest software and technology. A candidate's success is determined by his or her skill set, which should be a mix of talent, technology and innovation.

Similar Jobs

A Game Designer's job entails visualizing, planning, and designing computer and video games. The game designer collaborates with a group of specialists who assist with budgeting, project timetables, and work schedules. Levels, puzzles, characters, narratives, animation, and art are all created by game designers. They also write codes using computer programming languages.

Although, there are a lot of related jobs in the same field as game designing. Some are listed below with their roles:

Game Animator

They’re the multimedia kings and queens. A Game Animator’s job is to produce interactive animated pictures by combining technology with art and imagination.

Game Programmer

A game programmer is a computer scientist who employs codes to construct programs that can be read by cellphones, computers, or video game systems. They choose the coding language that is most appropriate for the gaming platform.

Game Designer

A game designer’s job entails creating stages, characters, riddles, animation, and art. You will be expected to provide ideas, construct interactive narration, produce prototypes, and develop the game’s mechanism.

Creative Game Director

A creative game director, who is often the inventor of the game concept, must guarantee that the video gaming production is flawless in every way. They are in charge of the project’s overarching vision.

Game Artist

A game artist is in charge of all parts of game development that necessitate the use of visual art. For the game’s visual aspects, they develop 2D or 3D art.

Game Marketer/PR

In this process, a game marketer/publicist plays a crucial role. They are in charge of communicating the developer’s message and ensuring that it is well received by the audience or public.

Game System Designer

To create game functionalities, a game system designer collaborates with producers, programmers, and other areas within the game design.

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We live in an age where anyone can create a video game. Technology and the tools we need to do so have made it easier than ever, and thousands of games are released every year, many of them quite successful. But, how does one become a game designer? What's required to get started? In this guide, we will discuss the basics of becoming a game designer and give you a brief overview of what you need to know.


Is game design a good career in the future?

There was a time when people used to refer to gaming as entertainment, but a lot of things have changed over the past years and the demand will see tremendous growth soon. Choosing a game designer as a career is an excellent choice, especially for those who love gaming and the gaming industry. Moreover, people have started seeing it as a professional career.

How much does a game designer earn?

There is no fixed amount, it depends on the company and the level of experience a candidate has in the gaming industry. Approximately, 15000/- for a candidate in a small company and around 20-30 lakhs for a big company.

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