Top 10 Best Daily Digital Saving Apps

Top 10 Best Daily Digital Saving Apps

How many times you've broken your pot to withdraw your savings from the piggy bank? If you've also done this, then you know the temptation to break the pot and take the money out. But this was a traditional method of saving. In this era, you can save whenever you spend, want to know how? then stay tuned with this article.‌‌

So many tactics we adopt in order to save our money for our future needs. Traditionally, we used to save our money in piggy banks. Whenever we have some extra penny, we put that money in piggy banks and wait until it is full. This way we accumulate a handsome amount of money through small savings.

As mentioned this is a traditional method, but today we have the privilege to use digital technology for saving also. Now we can automate our savings without any extra hustle by leveraging the benefits of digital saving apps. These apps are designed to boost savings by contributing a small chunk of daily spending into gold or investing it into different portfolios which by large returns a handsome profit.

What are digital saving apps?

Top 10 digital saving apps

What Are Digital Saving Apps?

Digital saving apps facilitate saving by leveraging AI and technology. These apps help you to save every single penny and in addition to that provide interest on it. You can create your goal for future spending and start saving for that goal now. Each day when you see yourself going toward your goal will create a habit of saving in you and motivate you to continue further.

Top 10 Digital Saving Apps

There are many digital saving apps in the market but the following are the best digital apps that you must try to make a profit


Rating 4.3/5
Best For Micro-saving and auto-investing

Many of you are very much familiar with the word "Gullak", as it is widely used by us for saving pennies and small amounts. Gullak is a goal-based saving app that helps to maintain consistency in saving and also to move towards your goal of saving. The amount we save in Gullak is invested in digital gold which is 24k pure gold. This way you can earn some interest on your savings through appreciation in the gold price.


Set your goal with as low as Rs10 per day and automate the whole process of saving via the autopay facility. Currently, this app supports autopay from three UPI platforms like PhonePe, BHIM, and PayTM. You can adjust the contribution, pause or revoke the autopay anytime.

The most influential feature of this app is saving on your spending. Whenever you spend your money digitally it automatically round-off the amount spent and invests in the digital gold. For example, if you make a payment of Rs194, it rounds off the figure to the nearest 10 and invests the remaining amount of Rs6. This way it accumulates a handsome amount of money by aggregating these small savings.

Features of Gullak

  • It invests in digital Gold provided by Augmont where buying and selling price is based on the wholesale market price.
  • Flexibility to change the duration of your goal, amount of autopay, and multiplier.
  • No KYC is needed for Gold investment below 30gm.
  • Save on your spend provides a multiplier feature where you can multiply your spare change with your desired multiplier of 2X, 5X, or 10X.
  • Withdraw your savings via UPI or get delivered your Gold in a physical form to your doorstep.


Rating 4.5/5
Best For Newbie Investors

Automate your saving habit with Spenny, which is a spare change investment platform. The working of this app is similar to Gullak but it has certain advantages. Whenever you spend money digitally, it accumulates your transaction data, and based on your transaction it rounds up the figure to the nearest 10.


It holds all your rounded-up money in a cart and invests the whole money into your desired investment option. There is a minimum threshold limit in the cart set by you, which means it invests your money when this threshold is met.

Let me clear one most common doubt, it doesn't deduct the money to round up whenever you make any transaction. It accumulates the spare change in the cart and only deducts the money via autopay when it reaches the threshold limit decided by you.

Features of Spenny

  • There is no lock-in period which means you can withdraw your money whenever you want.
  • It provides multiple investment options like Spenny wise, mutual funds, and digital gold.
  • Tracks all your spending whether it is via UPI, net banking, debit card, or credit card.
  • One can easily start their saving as well as investing journey with just Rs10 with Spenny.


Rating 3.7/5
Best For Gaming Enthusiast

Fello is a game-based digital saving app that enriches the saving experience with the fun and joy of inbuilt games. It offers two investment options to save money, fellow flo, and digital gold. Users can opt for any of these two options to grow their savings and earn some interest. Digital gold of Fello is provided by Augmont, which is a government, BIS, and NABL accredited Gold provider.


Apart from saving and investing in Gold and Fello Flo, Users can play exciting games and win rewards. This app provides a token for every single rupee you save and you can use those tokens to play games. Also, every Rs500 of weekly savings makes you eligible to win a tombola ticket.
A Tambola ticket is like a lucky draw coupon where you win a reward if your ticket number matches the leaderboard number. Every Friday at 6 PM they announce the draw number.

Features of Fello

  • 10% fixed return if you choose Fello Flo, which is a decent return compared to other fixed investment options available. This return may change anytime.
  • Along with the Fello Flo, the Digital Gold investment option is also available from a trusted provider, Augmont.
  • Win a Fello token every time you save some bucks, and use these tokens to play games.
  • The minimum saving amount starts from Rs100 and goes as high as Rs1,00,000.


Rating 4.2/5
Best For Saving and future Plans

Wizely is a saving app to improve your financial discipline and makes sure you never go out of money at the end of the month. This app comes with many exciting features and gives a reward whenever you put one step forward toward your goal. There are some saving plans already created like an emergency plan, safety plan, and growth plan, or you can create your custom plan and start saving.


The funds are autosaved in the form of digital gold to earn some interest. Whenever you save some money and fulfil the challenges, it will provide you with a wellness score and scratch card. The reward earned through scratch cards can easily be transferred directly to the bank account through UPI. Wizely Wednesday is another exciting reward contest to win rewards up to Rs25 lakh.
Your saving is in autopilot mode with Wizely, and it will also track your spending and all the transactions in one place.

Features of wisely

  • Budget creation and monitoring of the expenditure to build financial discipline.
  • Save more and take challenges to win scratch cards and earn monetary rewards.
  • Expense categorization to prevent you from overspending.
  • Start saving with as low as Rs10 and sell your digital gold anytime to withdraw your money.

Fi money

Rating 4.5/5
Best For Working professionals

Fi money is a one-stop solution for the account, saving, investment, UPI, and lending. It is a neobank with a partnership with a federal bank that provides an enhanced banking experience to its customers. It is loaded with all the basic facilities of a traditional bank with no minimum balance requirements and zero forex charge. RBI-approved Fi money insured your money up to Rs 5 lakh. Smart deposit is the piggy bank of this app to save money for your goals.

fi money

It allows you to save money for your vacations, new house, car, and many more. With the benefit of saving it gives an interest of 5.45% on the amount you save. If you want to earn some extra interest of 5.95%, then you can simply switch to fixed deposits with the convenience of your smartphone.
For better convenience and transparency, it connects all your bank accounts to its platform so that you can view all your transactions and bank balances in one place.

Features of Fi money

  • Multiple saving and investment options are available to choose from, based on your saving goal.
  • Fi jump feature to earn a fixed interest of 9% every year and see your investment grow every day. Also, withdraw your investment anytime to your account.
  • Have a collection of direct and commission-free mutual funds to invest in.
  • A quick insight into all your transactions and bank balances, because all of your bank accounts are connected with Fi.


Rating 4.3/5
Best For Micro saving and gold investment

Jar is a digital Gullak to save your hard-earned money into 24K digital gold. Just like you put pennies into your traditional Gullak, you can put spare change into a jar. This spare change is automatically debited from your account via UPI mandate.


Whenever you make any digital transaction, Jar rounds up the value to the nearest 10 and invests the remaining spare change into their digital goal. SafeGold is the digital gold provider of Jar which enables investing in digital gold feasible. One can easily withdraw the investment at any time with a single click.
Jar also provides real-time updates on Gold prices through the chart. Also, there is a spin reward awarded to you whenever you save some money in it.

Features of Jar

  • You can choose to withdraw your savings either in the bank account or in the form of physical gold, which will be directly delivered to your home.
  • There is no lock-in period and minimum amount for withdrawal.
  • Seamlessly automate your saving via autopay and pause or revoke it anytime.
  • Option to create a SIP of your desired amount and start your investment in gold.


Rating 4.4/5
Best For Expense tracking and management

Jupiter is a federal bank-backed digital asset management platform that is loaded with banking facilities, investments, debit and credit card management, savings, and transaction tracking. Jupiter offers saving pots to save for future purchases. This pot lets you be aware of your savings for your goal and keeps you disciplined.
Apart from saving you can also make investments in direct mutual funds with no commission. These are no-penalty mutual funds, which means you don't need to pay any penalty for SIP default.


A zero balance account with no forex charge is another notable feature of this app. Just like Fi money, you can configure your bank accounts and see all your transactions and bank balances at one single interface. It provides a Jupiter debit card with no annual maintenance charge. Earn a reward of 1% whenever you make a purchase using this card, also freeze and sleep the card with a single tap.

Features of Jupiter

  • Categorized insight into all the expenditures made through any of your bank accounts.
  • Intuitive interface to manage everything at a glance.
  • Get a 1% reward not only on debit card transactions but also on purchases through UPI.
  • A deposit of up to Rs5 lakh is insured.
  • One demand draft is free once per year.

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Rating 4/5
Best For Daily basis investment into different portfolios

Deciml is another addition to our list of digital portfolios. Like other saving apps we discussed so far, this also has the functionality to save your spare change and invest into a fixed return instrument. This supports all debit cards, credit cards, UPI, net banking, and ATM transactions to accumulate spare change.


While other apps invest your spare change in digital gold or mutual funds, this app invests your money into lendbox. Lendbox is a P2P investment platform certified by RBI, it invests your money into a diversified portfolio to earn interest on your savings. Deciml is currently working on implementing mutual funds and crypto in its investment portfolio.

Features of Deciml

  • The main feature of Deciml which differentiates it from Jar and Gulllak is that it invests your spare change on a daily basis. It doesn't wait to reach a certain amount to invest.
  • Offers return Upto 10%, which is approx 3X than saving account return, and 2.5X than FD return.
  • Pause, resume, and withdraw your savings anytime.
  • One can attach multiple bank accounts to round up your transaction and save them into Deciml.


Rating 4.7/5
Best For Credit card users

Cred is a credit card management app that delivers amazing credit card-related services that eventually help you to save a lot of money. The use of Credit cards is now very common among people, also most people tend to hold more than one credit card at a time. Credit cards come with a lot of benefits only if you use them in a disciplined manner, and here Cred plays an exceptional role.


It helps in the timely payment of your credit card dues by reminding you of the due date. You can monitor all your credit cards in one place, their spending, EMI's, outstanding amount, and many more things. Apart from making you disciplined in credit card use, it also showcases the hidden charges associated with these cards.

It offers free credit scores to you by top credit rating agencies like Experian and CRIF. Cred allows you to become a member if you fulfil certain eligibility criteria, it checks your credit score when you apply for membership and approves you as a member if your credit score falls above the eligible score.

Features of Cred

  • Whenever you make a credit card bill payment through this app, it will reward you the Cred coins by which you can unlock exclusive rewards.
  • Since your Credit score depends on your credit behaviour, this app uses AI to provide you with the statistics of your spending patterns and usage.
  • Multiple credit card management facilities in one app, now there is no need to download separate apps for all your cards.
  • As a member of Cred, you can check your CIBIL score with a single click.
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Rating 3.7/5
Best For Creating and Tracking Budget

YNAB (you need a budget) is an app that acts as your personal finance manager that takes care of all your finances. It helps to manage all your finances in one place and also to make smart financial decisions. Integrate all your bank accounts in one place and see all your finances.


The goal-tracking feature will help you to track your progress at a glance. This app doesn't allow you to save money on it but it helps in different aspects of saving. Smart categorization of your expenses will help you to monitor your expenses at the top.

Features of YNAB

  • Target setting for your goal to achieve it even faster.
  • Adjust your spending and move the money from one category to another seamlessly.
  • Easy monitoring of spending, goal progress, and budget.


Saving and investing for a future goal is the best thing you can start today and these digital saving apps will help you in your journey. Today we have a plethora of investment and saving options to choose from, you need to choose the right option that best suits your goals and requirements.‌‌ Don't think too much, just create your goal and start saving by choosing the best-saving App from the list we have provided.


What are the benefits of Digital Saving apps?

Digital savings apps can make the process of saving money easier over time. You can fill your piggy bank automatically so that savings goals can be met without stress and also it helps you on tough days by automatically saving for you as you are spending. Some apps are programmed to make payments rounded off to the nearest whole number and save away the “change” you would receive if the transaction were done in cash.

Why saving is important?

Saving provides a financial “backstop” and provides financial security and freedom and it also secures you in case any financial emergency arises. One can avoid debt, pay off loans, live their dream life and avoid further debt if they have saved a sufficient amount.

What are the Best Digital Saving Apps?

The Top and Best Digital saving apps are as follows

  • Gullak
  • Cred
  • Spenny
  • Fello
  • Wizely
  • Fi Money
  • Jar
  • Jupiter
  • YNAB
  • Deciml

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