11 Best Product Photography Agencies in India

11 Best Product Photography Agencies in India
Best Product Photography Agencies in India

In comparison to other promotion methods, it's been observed that the visual form makes the product more appealing and remarkable. Product photography has always been an excellent way to advertise and introduce things to the general audience.

But how to go with it? Choosing the right photography to bring out the best in your product can be perplexing. A good presentation of the product can give the product the kind of appreciation it deserves making the mistake of choosing the wrong photography agency will simply be nothing but being unfair to what the product has to offer. Let’s lessen the hassle of deep digging the internet. Here's the list of some of the best product photography agencies all over the country.

Top 11 Product Photography Agencies in India

  1. Tarun Jha Photography
  2. White Frog Productions
  3. Mohit Dhuru Photography
  4. Studio Renee
  5. Golden Crown Ventures
  6. Mac Aaron Studios
  7. HJ Studios
  8. Ami Fotography
  9. Krishna Angira Photography
  10. AND Media Production
  11. Aurpera

Tarun Jha Photography

Location: Delhi

Tarun Jha Photography - Best Product Photography Agencies
Tarun Jha Photography - Best Product Photography Agencies

Tarun Jha Photography's pros are accomplished people who present scenarios and pieces in even the most exquisitely designed way possible. They always make a great impression thanks to a brilliant use of light and their thorough grasp of the client's needs and a product's best parts. Their photographs reduce huge space and expensive backdrops to simple, basic frames. Their devices are up to date, and they make the product appear more appealing than it really is. The photos they have taken are incredible, and the level of its originality is astounding.

White Frog Productions

Location: New Delhi

White Frog Productions - Best Product Photography Agencies
White Frog Productions - Best Product Photography Agencies

White Frog Productions, located in New Delhi, has associated its name in the good books of many influential brands. This was only possible because of the consistency in excellence. their powerful performance in the product photography segment has paved the way for a lot of applause. This agency is trusted and suggested by many.

Mohit Dhuru Photography

Location: Mumbai

Mohit Dhuru Photography - Best Product Photography Agencies
Mohit Dhuru Photography - Best Product Photography Agencies

Mohit Dhuru Photography is known for the alchemy they perform on the products. Situated in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, they are known for their top-notch, high-quality work. They leave no stone unturned while transforming the product's visuals. They have a way of making the product look refined and tidy, which adds a level of depth to the objects they picture. They deliver straightforward, elegant work that highlights the products' greatest features.

Studio Renee

Location: Jaipur

Studio Renee - Best Product Photography Agencies
Studio Renee - Best Product Photography Agencies

Studio Renee's commercial work emphasizes the rich and subtle aspects just like the place its located in, Rajasthan. Bringing the limelight to the product's best parts is Renee's specialty. Their frames are richly aesthetic and modern, with clean, uncluttered backgrounds and lighting focused in a way that complements the product. The advanced visual quality Renee delivers is worth it in every manner.

Golden Crown Ventures

Location: Bangalore

Golden Crown Ventures - Best Product Photography Agencies
Golden Crown Ventures - Best Product Photography Agencies

Golden Crown Ventures is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. it was founded in the year 2015 and is a leading player in the Product Photography game in Bangalore. Golden crown ventures are well-known in the commercial photography category, it caters its service to customers both locally and from other parts of Bangalore.

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Mac Aaron Studios

Location: Navi Mumbai

Mac Aaron Studios - Best Product Photography Agencies
Mac Aaron Studios - Best Product Photography Agencies

Mac Aaron Studios is renowned for specializing in tried and true contexts to showcase the best of the product, ingenious approaches, and clean outlines. With their aesthetic frameworks flooded with modern cultural and sleek visuals, bringing up the hidden stories and tales. the group of experts at macAaron's know nothing less than perfection. Their demonstration has a solid and keen understanding of the direction that the client would want the product to go.

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HJ Studios

Location: Mumbai

HJ Studios - Best Product Photography Agencies
HJ Studios - Best Product Photography Agencies

When it comes to commercial photography, HJ Studios has a clear and distinct presentation of its work. They use the technique of increasing focus on highlighting subtle, concentrated shades of the product, with the goal to make the product the focal point. The work they do on the photographs of the products enhances the overall unique characteristics of the product., leaving the clients stunned in awe.

Ami Fotography

Location: Bangalore

Despite being based in Bengaluru, Ami Fotography delivers services throughout the country. The product photography at Ami Photography is sleek, simple, and sophisticated. There is a way in their photography that makes each product communicate beyond the frame by capturing minute details and delicate edges it has. Their work is one of the finest in Bangalore at present. Their work demonstrates that they have a strong creative instinct and they definitely know how to put it to good use.

Krishna Angira Photography

Location: New Delhi

Krishna Angira Photography - Best Product Photography Agencies
Krishna Angira Photography - Best Product Photography Agencies

Krishna Angira Photography has a long history of delivering high-end pictures that highlights all the vivid aspects of the modern age of product photography. Professionals at Krishna Angira photography focus on simple, modern aesthetics that bring out the raw factor of every product. Complementary opticals and backdrops are used to improve the photographs.

AND Media Production

Location: Ahmedabad

AND Media Production is located in South Bopal in Ahmedabad. AND Media’s work gives the pictures a drift of modern touch. Their product photography has distinctive professional qualities that ooze exquisite sensibility. They depict the true core persona of the product. While enabling the aesthetic elegance to the image that provides subtle texture and liveliness to the picture. Words can't express the professionalism, talent, and love that goes into your work; they are incredible at capturing the true essence of the item and turning them into beautiful pieces of art.


Location: Chennai

Aurpera, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is another one of a kind place! This company has built a vast customer base that is expanding by the day thanks to the philosophy that customer satisfaction is just as important as its products and services. They've been in photography business for three years and have honed their skills in capturing the essence of events or items. Their services don't stop at product photography; they also shoot practically any occasion or event. Their agency's dynamic character makes them extremely dependable and genuine.


No matter how good an agency you choose, if you don't have a clear vision for your product, you'll always end up being unsatisfied. It is preferable to do some study and planning before selecting a product photography firm, as each one is unique in its own manner.


How much does a product photographer charge in India?

The product photographers charge INR 50,00 to INR 1,50,000 for a day.

How much does eCommerce photography cost?

The price of a ecommerce product photo ranges from $20 to $90 per photo.

What are the top Product Photography Agencies in India?

Top Product Photography Agencies in India are:

  • Studio Renee
  • Ami Fotography
  • Golden Crown Ventures
  • AND Media Production
  • Aurpera
  • White Frog Productions
  • Tarun Jha Photography
  • Krishna Angira Photography
  • Mohit Dhuru Photography
  • MacAaron Studios
  • HJ Studio

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