BiQ: AI-Powered SEO Tool

BiQ: AI-Powered SEO Tool

A proficient SEO tool helps you to find related keywords, trending searches, popular questions, content ideas, etc. to analyze your content and your suggestions to meet SEO guidelines. You can also be able to track your website ranking through ‘Rank Tracking’, which gives you an accurate insight into how well your website is doing.

You can also filter a long list of keywords in different intents such as Informational, Navigational, and Transactional keywords for your marketing.

BiQ is one of the most dynamic SEO software. In this review, we will analyze how BiQ covers all these functions mentioned above and more.

Currently, more than a million users are using the BiQ premium plan, one of its most affordable plans. This plan, however, stands apart because you only pay for the features you use.

BiQ allows users to boost their SEO rankings
BiQ allows users to boost their SEO rankings 

Advantages of doing keyword research:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Rank higher on search engine
  • Learn about your target audience
  • Appear first when people search for your product or service
  • Find niche areas
  • Increase website authority
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What is BiQ?

BiQ is an SEO suite that allows users to perform keyword research, AI-guided content analysis, rank tracking, and monitor your overall website progress.

It has become one of the most popular SEO tools for marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Its primary function is to find profitable keywords and improve your website’s rank position on various search engines.

This will help you outgrow your competitors as it comes packed with more than 50 SEO features. The best part is that you only pay for the features you use.

BiQ - Features

Keyword Intelligence

Effective keyword research can make all the difference between you and your competition as it is a very important skill for digital marketers and bloggers. Not only do you need a list of keywords to help you with SEO, but you also need to know what phrases to use while writing on a particular topic. Hence, it is crucial to do keyword research before writing content in order to turn casual fans into potential customers.

BiQ Keyword Intelligence dashboard
BiQ Keyword Intelligence dashboard

BiQ’s keyword intelligence provides you with

  • Related keywords
  • Content ideas
  • Popular questions
  • Trending searches
  • Keyword metrics

Content Intelligence

Whether you’re a beginner in content marketing or a professional, it never hurts to revisit your content strategy plan and make sure it’s innovative, updated, and most importantly, it must be relevant to your audience and Google.

BiQ’s artificial intelligence-guided content optimization helps you understand your customer’s behavior and intentions better. Advanced line-by-line analysis, sentiment analysis, and readability rater will help you streamline your content for your audience and marketing strategy.

Content intelligence will basically guide you in the sections of your content that need improvement. Adhering to BiQ’s guidelines and suggestions will make your content SEO optimized and rank well on search engines.

Rank Intelligence

Rank intelligence is the only real-time Search Engine Result Page (SERP) tool. This means that with BiQ you can find out precisely which keywords you rank for, including hidden keywords you had no idea about. You can do all this with the click of a button.

Finding out keyword opportunities that your pages are ranked for is the first step to measure your website’s progress and SEO success.

BiQ Ranking Intelligence dashboard
BiQ Ranking Intelligence dashboard

With Rank intelligence, you can

  • Discover your ranking
  • Reveal your hidden ranking potential
  • Receive accurate ranking & traffic reports
  • Identify featured snippet opportunities of your website

Rank Tracking

Powerful rank tracking modules give you all the data about your website’s performance on the internet. With rank intelligence, you can uncover the keywords responsible for your website rank, and with the rank tracking feature, you can track all these keywords throughout out your website and optimize them to boost your website ranking.

BiQ LiveKeyword Extension

BiQ’s LiveKeyword Extension shows you keyword suggestions with their search volume, competition, and cost per click, free of cost.

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BiQ - Pricing

Single - $49/lifetime

Keyword Intelligence:

  • 250 total researches per month

Content Intelligence:

  • 100 total analysis per month
  • 50 saved documents

Rank Intelligence:

  • 7500 total ranking discovery

Rank tracking:

  • 100 total keywords
  • 50 total tags


  • 100 exports per month


  • 200 total items per month

Double - $98/lifetime

Keyword Intelligence:

  • 500 total researches per month

Content Intelligence:

  • 200 total analysis per month
  • 100 saved documents

Rank Intelligence:

  • 15000 total ranking discovery

Rank tracking:

  • 200 total keywords
  • 100 total tags


  • 200 exports per month


  • 500 total items per month

Multiple - $147/lifetime

Keyword Intelligence:

  • 750 total researches per month

Content Intelligence:

  • 500 total analysis per month
  • 300 saved documents

Rank Intelligence:

  • 37500 total ranking discovery

Rank tracking:

  • 400 total keywords
  • 200 total tags


  • 500 exports per month


  • 1000 total items per month

BiQ - FAQ’s

Can we have more Rank Discovery in Rank Intelligence?

BiQ has decided to increase the limit by 50% across all 5 deals.

Can I pay/refill for Rank Intelligence once I’ve hit the cap?

Yes, you can do that and you will only be paying for what you’ve used. You DON’T need to subscribe to monthly plans to continue using the feature.

Will I receive future updates?

Yes, all products and features in the AppSumo plans will receive future updates for free.

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BiQ - Conclusion

If you decide to choose BiQ as your primary SEO tool, you are bound to save a huge amount of money as BiQ is the only tool that has flexible usage plans.

If you are a freelance blogger or a small business looking to grow its website organically then this is for you. You simply don’t need to pay for the features you don’t use.

BiQ promises its users to control their SEO costs by letting them pay for only the features they need instead of paying for the entire package.

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