How to Celebrate Republic Day in Office?

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Jan 26, 2022 7 min read
How to Celebrate Republic Day in Office?

While the Independence Day of India celebrates Indian independence, Republic Day commemorates the turning of the country into a republic. It was on the 26th of January 1950 that the Indian constitution came into effect when the country replaced the Government of India Act (1935) with the Indian constitution, and the country has celebrated this day ever since. January 26, also had another significance because it was on the same date that the Indian National Congress (INC) declared Purna Swaraj for the country, which is why it was chosen as the Republic day of India. Republic day in India is bound to echo waves of patriotism throughout the nation, much like the 15th of August, Independence day.

Every year Republic Day is celebrated in India on the 26th of January with enthusiasm and excitement. The day is primarily celebrated at the centre of India and the National Capital, New Delhi, and is known for the ceremonious parades and tableaux that march along the Rajpath before the President of India. This occasion consists of the Indian National Army and the people of India, along with the national leaders of the state and the country, accompanied by the national flag hoisting. Celebrations of Republic day are not only confined to the capital of India, but reverberate throughout the nation, including schools, colleges, universities, government, and private buildings and properties, clubs and parks, and in the houses of the common citizens of India.  

Though the occasions back at our homes can be carried out in our own ways, basking in the spirit of patriotism, when it comes to office republic day functions at the office, things need to be organized and presented perfectly, wrapped in patriotic fervour. Here, if you are serving as the organizing head, a Manager or an HR, the co-founder or a CEO of a company or a startup, then you need to ensure to make a mark with unique republic day celebrations at your office.

Since the pandemic, many of us are at home, stuck in our pyjamas, working online, and meeting deadlines but there are also many offices that are open now.

Office festival festivities are an admirable attempt to bring a smile to the faces of the workers and improve productivity further. Besides, Republic day celebrations right ahead of a new year thus ensure a perfect start to the year as such occasions often also serve as ice-breakers that involve the newbies and veterans, thereby boosting the team spirit and morale. Over the years, the Constitution of India has evolved and changed a lot. More significantly, 2020 was the year of Transition, followed by the year of adopting the new normal as people started to unwind and situations started bettering. Therefore, there is no better way than a decent celebration of Republic Day 2023 at your office, albeit from the comfort of the homes of the employees, as it is with many companies. This article will help you get some great Republic Day celebration ideas in the office.

Unique Republic Day Celebration Ideas for the Office
How to Celebrate Republic Day for Offices Working from Home

Republic Day Decoration Ideas for the Office

Unique Republic Day Celebration Ideas for the Office

First up, let's start with a fantastic set of ideas that you can deck out this Republic Day at your physical offices for the companies that are working from their offices or have adapted to the hybrid culture. Below are some of the Republic Day activities for employees in the office. So, let's dive into it now:

Decorating the Office and Cubicles

Decorating the office building and the work floor almost always fills the employees with enthusiasm. Besides, decking the office for such a memorable occasion as Republic Day is simply unmissable. Decorating the office with colourful balloons, ribbons, rangolis, and other decorative elements, focusing on the tricolour of the Indian flag, would certainly swell things up with pride back at your office!

Republic Day Celebrations at Flickr
Republic Day Celebrations at Flickr

Competitions and Fun Games

Arranging a couple of competitions based on singing, dressing, and other games for everyone to join in would sound like a perfect celebration. Besides, who hates to be awarded as an employee? Distribution of awards for the winners will thus, play a central role in such occasions

Maintaining a Dress Code

Observing a dress code is almost mandatory for many occasions and weddings, so why not make it a central part of the Republic Day celebrations? Draping us in the colours of India is not only colourful but thrilling, to say the least! Here, you can also reward the best-dressed employees.

Organizing Quiz Competitions

It is recognized that India is a land of brave fighters and warriors who have fought bravely for the independence of the country. The story of India's independence is astounding indeed, but how well we, as Indian citizens, know our heroes or are familiar with our independence, and can recall the same is a matter of question. Therefore, it is fun to put our knowledge to the test on Republic Day, where each of the employees can participate in this quiz about the country's independence and its brave freedom fighters.

Foodies' Delight

An occasion or a get-together is and should be accompanied by scrumptious delights to be whole. Therefore, the food is a central part of the Republic day occasion, which your office must not miss out on. So, decide on a menu that people and gets your employees satiated to the brim!

Singing Along

The employees can all sing along and express their joy on the joyous occasion of Republic Day. Singing songs is an amazing mood lifter and should be a must on occasions of all sorts. Music has a huge effect on our body and mind and singing together further boosts our mood and confidece, and infuses the feeling of brotherhood. So, even the office employees can enjoy to the fullest in a sing-along show, packed with loads of fun, and laughter on this Republic Day.

Most Engaging and Enjoyable Office Party Ideas
There are so many ideas for themes, activities, games, food and more. Office Brunch is one of the simplest sociable ideas to have as a party.

How to Celebrate Republic Day for Offices Working from Home

All of the above ideas sound great indeed for all the companies that are working from their physical offices, but working from home might often push companies to the back foot. However, you need not worry. Even if your office is working from home, you can still celebrate Republic Day with your employees because staying at home and working can sometimes sound really boring without some festivities, which instil a feeling of togetherness. Here, nothing can be as fitting an occasion as Republic Day.

So, let's quickly check out some amazing Republic Day celebration ideas for the offices that work virtually with the remote teams:

Virtual Dress up

Get on your zoom call for a get-together with your office colleagues, and dress up according to the theme, "Different Cultures of India." Here, you can pick any attire and compete against your friends to see whether they can win the competition for Virtual Fancy Dress. Though dressing up and being awarded would not be as thrilling as the competition at the offices, dressing up virtually has its own set of perks. Besides, you can dress nonetheless, in your favourite clothes after a long time and that too from the comfort of your home.

Shout out to Patriotism

While working from home for our office, decking the homes can also be a significant part of the festivities associated with the Republic Day occasion. For this, you need to ensure that the employees' homes or their workplace is neat and decorated well with the Indian flag hoisted. The best-decked home workplace can also be rewarded from the office!

Call it a Day Off!

Republic day is a national holiday and hence, it is celebrated all around the country. Therefore, if you simply cannot make time for anything else you can do with your employees or colleagues on this particular date, you can simply mark it as an employee's day off. However, it is essential that you mail them or communicate with them early so that they can make their own plans.

Fruitful donations are not only pleasing but enriching for the people of our nation who are impoverished, and Republic Day can certainly be a great day indeed to help India be proud of its offices. Hosting a donation drive on behalf of the office sounds great where you can accept virtual donations and donate to the children and other impoverished lots living around the office building or near your house.

Adopt the Swachh Bharat Campaign

Swachh Bharat is a wonderful campaign indeed, launched by the Government of India and it is time that we should take it seriously to better our surroundings and eventually make our nation clean for real. An initiative as grand as Swachh Bharat would require each one as a participant and if we are yet to start on the same, we have this Republic day, to begin with, it!


January 26th is the euphoric celebration of togetherness and our unity in diversity, with individuals all across the nation, regardless of religion, ethnicity, and philosophy. The entire country is illuminated in tri-tones to express the 'Solidarity in Diversity' message. Though the festivities have been reduced in a couple of years, to embrace safety precautions, and other restrictions pertaining to the pandemic situation, republic day is one such occasion that we can surely observe with our friends and colleagues, albeit in a safe manner at the office or from our homes. This will certainly be another memorable occasion that will breathe solidarity after the distressing times that we have passed, thereby infusing a whole lot of life in each of the working professionals.


Why is Republic Day celebrated in India?

It was on the 26th of January 1950 that the Indian constitution came into effect when the country replaced the Government of India Act (1935) with the Indian constitution, and the country has celebrated this day ever since.

How to celebrate Republic Day with a remote team?

Some of the ideas for celebrating Republic Day with a remote team are:

  • Virtual Dress up
  • Shout out to Patriotism
  • Call it a Day Off!
  • Donate to the Impoverished
  • Adopt the Swachh Bharat Campaign

What are some Republic Day celebration ideas for offices?

Some of the ideas to celebrate Republic Day in offices are:

  • Decorating the Office and Cubicles
  • Competitions and Fun Games
  • Maintaining a Dress Code
  • Organizing Quiz Competitions
  • Foodies' Delight
  • Singing Along

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