7 Vibrant Independence Day Celebration Ideas in Office 2021

Anik Banerjee Anik Banerjee
Aug 15, 2021 5 min read
7 Vibrant Independence Day Celebration Ideas in Office 2021

Being a land of diversity, India is full of occasions and festivals that the countrymen, belonging to different caste, creeds, geographical regions, gender, and ethnicity celebrate. Most of these festivals spring from the religions that the citizens of the country observe and other global holidays, but Independence is entirely our own!

Our distant memories of celebrating our Independence back at our schools and colleges and at our homes, hoisting the Indian flag and tuning our voices to the national anthem, our hearts swelling with passion and pride for our country, have never left us. Yes, they come back every year the same way no matter where we observe Independence day from.

Though the emotions of the Indian citizens on 15th August are the same, the celebrations differ depending upon where we spend the day.

Yes, chocolates and sweets should positively be distributed on the special day when India turned into an independent country but for the office goers there can be some more celebration ideas that can turn the day into a delightful affair.

If you are also wondering how you can celebrate Indian Independence day in 2021 at your office, then here we bring you 7 colorful ideas to enjoy the special day!

Traditional Dressing Competition
Decorating the Office in Indian Colours
Conducting a Guest Speech
Arranging Interesting Games to Play
Watching Patriotic Movies
Holding Singing and Dancing Competitions
Planning Picnic/Tours

Traditional Dressing Competition

The Indian Independence day is to take in the patriotic fervor and donning yourself in Indian colors. Now, India is full of colors oozing from every part of the subcontinent. Therefore, it is always an unputdownable idea to dress in traditional clothes and to make it more interesting, you can conduct a traditional dress competition at your office!

Decorating the Office in Indian Colours

Decorating the office is always a major part of any office celebration. This is something that you cannot miss while celebrating Independence day this year at your office.

Now, if you are lacking ideas, then it’s better to go the simple way, i.e., to deck your office floor in the tricolor of the Indian flag and watch it come alive and Indian!

Using saffron, white and green in the formation as it is on the Indian flag works best, with traces of blue.

Conducting a Guest Speech

There is no day better enough to be inspired than the country’s Independence day. Inspiration can be absorbed from many different occasions on this day like movies, speeches, stories, and more.

To motivate the office goers on this special day, you can also request a special guest, preferably someone from the army, navy, police or airforce or a national leader or activist, who works for the country, to share his feelings and work experience in the form of a speech!

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Arranging Interesting Games to Play

Independence day is to delve into happiness and rejoice in the fact that we are living our independent lives in this independent nation and this cannot be fully realized if we are not allowed to embrace independence truly.

The offices of today are well-known to monitor the work of their employees and supervise them throughout but on this Independence day let your employees stay away from work and encourage them to play their hearts out!

Arranging interesting games and holding gaming competitions can work well in unwinding the office employees in an enthusiastic way, this August 15, 2021.

Watching Patriotic Movies

Among all the activities that we do, watching patriotic movies is something we cannot miss out on any independence day. Even the movie channels know our tastes, which is why they play the most popular patriotic movies on this day.

Munching on something mouth-watering and watching patriotic movies together is something all of us have surely done back at our homes, so why not in the office?

Watching patriotic movies with all your colleagues on 15th August 2021 can truly be a memorable experience to be shelved for years to come!

Holding Singing and Dancing Competitions

There is not a single way easier than singing and dancing that can lift the mood of a person almost instantly and the whole motto of being independent is to be happy, isn’t it?

Singing and dancing can also be a major part of your office Independence day celebrations in 2021. It will not fail to be a mood lifter for sure. Besides, you would also ultimately come to know of the hidden talents that your teammates and bosses possess!

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Planning Picnic/Tours

Planning picnics or tours can also be some other options to celebrate independence day. Eating and outing both are instant mood lifters and an independence day get-together with your office colleagues and their families can be nothing less than awesome!


Concluding an independence day on a happy note is a must. So, after you spend your independence day at the office or with your office mates, don’t forget to toast to the good times that we are living in!


What activities can be done on Independence Day?

Flag Hoisting, Vande Mataram Fest, Watching a Patriotic Movie, Patriotic Costume Contest, and Independence Day Theme Party are some of the fun activities you can do on independence day.

What is the theme of 74th Independence Day 2021?

Nation First, Always First is the theme of 74th Independence Day 2021.

How can we celebrate Independence Day in office?

Flag Hoisting, Traditional Dress Code Competition, Decorate Your Office With Tri Colours Theme, and Arranging a Guest Speech are some of the ways you can celebrate Independence Day in office.

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