List of Top 5 Impactful Independence Day Campaigns

Anik Banerjee Anik Banerjee
Aug 15, 2021 4 min read
List of Top 5 Impactful Independence Day Campaigns

The Indian Independence day is not just a day but an occasion to look back at the oppression that our country had witnessed, reminisce the glorious battles of the past, pay tribute to the freedom fighters who led us to be independent, and celebrate the present!

All of our independence day celebrations are different but among all these differences the spirit still somehow remains the same!

Schools, colleges, and universities across the country witness colorful celebrations, office employees usually enjoy their day off or take part in their office celebrations, while content creators and marketers sit back and enjoy their creations come to life!

Yes, independence day campaigns are what we are talking about. They are among the most interesting parts of the independence day.

Much like many other festivities, 15th August is also a happening day if not the most important day for the marketers. Entrepreneurs, marketers, and content creators race into their brainstorming, ideation and take up their content development tasks quite early in order to successfully complete and post them right on the day as scheduled.

With ingenious and mind-boggling advertisement campaigns themed on the independence day, colored with the colors of India wraps a significant part of the internet.

If you are also a marketing enthusiast or simply want to know how the brands have launched successful independence day campaigns throughout the years, then here you will find some unmissable advertisements that will motivate you on Independence day 2021.

Lets look at 5 Unforgettable Independence Day Campaigns

Parle-G Armed Forces Campaign
Tata Tea Premium Kulhad Campaign
Bajaj Avenger Independence Ride Campaign
Micromax Tiranga Campaign
Hero MotoCorp Saluting Heroes Campaign

Parle-G Armed Forces Campaign

Parle G is one of the oldest brands of biscuits in India founded back in 1929 and therefore, remains closely knit with the Indian freedom struggle and independence.

Along with the quality biscuits that Parle G offers, the brand also came up with an outstanding campaign in 2018 for the occasion of Independence day. This campaign was marketed under #YouAreMyParleG, which was a 2.5 mins long video launched as a tribute to the soldiers of India.

The film focused on the real-life of Ankit Singh behind enemy lines.

Tata Tea Premium Kulhad Campaign

Most of the campaigns that we see around us are done with a motive of gaining sales or promoting a brand but Tata Tea Premium’s Kulhad of 2020 was not one of them. Tata Tea Premium launched the #DeshKaKulhad campaign, where it partnered with Rare Planet in order to exhibit the rich diversity that India takes pride in in the form of a video.

The brand displayed an incredible collection of hand-painted kulhads by the Indian artisans and also promised the proceeds of the sale from this campaign would directly reach the pandemic-struck craftspeople of India who are finding it difficult to survive the dreadful pandemic.

7 Exciting Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Office 2021
Independence day is just around the corner and we all are exited to celebrate it. So, Here are some of exiting ideas to celebrate independence day in office.

Bajaj Avenger Independence Ride Campaign

Bajaj Auto was significantly founded in 1945 in the month of November and is historically connected with Indian independence. It is one of the oldest Indian auto companies and never fails to amaze the Indians with its inventive independence day campaigns.

#RideYourIndependence campaign by Bajaj of 2017 still remains one of the top marketing campaigns launched by any brand for Independence day. This campaign was a video advertisement that showed a woman driving Bajaj Avengers through the risky streets and alleyways in shorts and simply enjoying the ride of her life.

The video empowered womankind and ended with a powerful message by Mahatma Gandhi where he stated, β€œThe day woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say India has achieved Independence.”

Micromax Tiranga Campaign

Micromax is a mobile brand rooted in India and is, therefore, an epitome of Indianness among all the Chinese and American counterparts.

Micromax has manufactured a series of mobiles and many of them have been rated well but the #SaveTheTiranga campaign launched by this brand to commemorate August 15, 2017, still remains etched on our minds.

This campaign was in the form of a video that showed the Indian children who crafted hand-made Indian flags. However, the sad part is that they are impoverished, belong to the rural section of the country, and are treated with unspeakable cruelty. The video also focused on the irony that the Indian flags are bought only to show off on 15th August and are finally discovered lying here and there the next day.

Hero MotoCorp Saluting Heroes Campaign

Hero MotoCorp is an Indian motorcycle company founded in 1984 headquartered in New Delhi and is famous for being the country’s as well as the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer.

Apart from its two-wheelers that are a permanent driving solution for the Indians, Hero MotoCorp’s #HeroSalutes campaign is something that is permanently embedded in the marketing canvas of India.

Through this marketing campaign, Hero gave a tribute to the real heroes of India, who fight for the country but have to stay away from their own families and relatives to ensure the safety of India. It showed that they are always supported by their families and should also be saluted by their countrymen!


These Independence day campaigns are not just advertisement campaigns but are tributes to free India we live in and the Indianism we can sport! Happy Independence Day 2021!


What are some of the best Independence Day Campaigns?

Parle-G Armed Forces Campaign, Tata Tea Premium Kulhad Campaign, and Bajaj Avenger Independence Ride Campaign are some of the best Independence Day Campaigns.

What is the theme of 74th Independence Day 2021?

Nation First, Always First is the theme of 74th Independence Day 2021.

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