How CoWrks Used These 5 Marketing Strategies to Achieve Success

How CoWrks Used These 5 Marketing Strategies to Achieve Success

Our country is becoming one of the largest incubation centers for startups in the world. In fact, it is also the second country with the largest freelancer workforce on this entire globe. The market and potential are huge in India and currently, more than 47% of the millennials are looking out for tech-smart offices.

Due to the enticing growth of startups and the growth of businesses, many organizations are looking out for flexible office space. After the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies lost the capacity to pay rents for their workspace. Many business are now looking out for a new and trendy co-working space concept.

The idea of having a flexible option of the workplace has now evolved over the past few years and co-working platforms have been a great opportunity for businesses to save their assets and earn huge profits.

Increase in demand for Coworking spaces
What Exactly is CoWrks
Top 5 Marketing strategies used by CoWrks

Increase in demand for Coworking spaces

Even the large corporate along with startups are now looking out for cost-effective workstations and the demand for these platforms has been rapidly increasing. Many platforms like Awfis, Innov8, and Smartworks are the market movers in this co-workspace sector.

Now even OYO has started to work on this concept with its name OYO Workspaces. One such compelling platform is CoWrks which has been in the market for a long time. It has been a great competition to others in the field, due to its extraordinary marketing strategies. Read this article to know more about the Marketing Strategies used by CoWrks.

What Exactly is CoWrks

CoWrks is India’s one of the largest co-working spaces. They hosts over 7000 member base from all business categories partnered with over 350 companies across 5 cities and in 16 operational centers. It is a working space built for all kinds of entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and even businesses like Fortune 500.

The objective for the company is to provide a space to its clients where they can have their business meetings, partnerships, and networking. Now the company is operated and managed by Brookfield Properties which is one of India’s largest office owners.

Top 5 Marketing strategies used by CoWrks

1. Effective Website:

One of the most important aspects of marketing strategies in such a field is that the business should have a compelling website for the potential market that it has. CoWrks has a well-designed and easy-to-use website. The professional layout and pertinent information help the potential customers to understand what actually the company is offering and to go ahead with the service.

CoWrks Website
CoWrks Website

The website includes all the information that a member would need including locations, amenities, plans, etc. Their social media channels are also linked to the website.

2. Appealing Services:

One of the most intriguing factors about CoWrks is that it provides various appealing amenities to its customers which other co-working space providers might not provide.

The amenities offered by CoWrks along with their space includes mail & package handling, phone booths, luxurious lounges, gourmet coffee, mobile application, business-class printers, uninterrupted Wi-Fi access, video conferencing facilities, parking facilities, and a lot more. By offering these appealing services to its customers, CoWrk has built trust and loyalty.

3. Using social media to their advantage:

CoWrks advertises its space very well on social media platforms. Their presence on all social media platforms is very effective. They constantly engage their audience with curated pictures of spaces and events. Along with that, they have a budget where they promote their website, services on social media channels via paid ads and other targeted ads.

4. Offering flexibility:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have suffered huge losses over the past few months and now they want to avoid the massive capital expenditures. Many companies were on a look out for facilities that provide flexibility. CoWrks offers flexibility to its clients for taking the space for short-term durations as well as long-term durations.

This helps the business to take the advantage of the flexibility that CoWrks is offering. Many businesses can manage their business operations and finances with ease. CoWrks has taken the situation of Covid times as an opportunity to create more business. They offer clients a place that is hygienic and the requirements of keeping the health and safety of clients on priority are considered.

5. Leveraging Content Marketing:

Content marketing has a lot of power and benefits as well, especially in the co-working space sector. CoWrks has a compelling blog where they inform the potential co-working members about various topics like tips and tricks, knowledge, trends, and so on.

They target the specific market and channelize their content in a way where they set themselves apart from others. They use SEO to optimize their content to the fullest.


Who is the founder of CoWrks?

Sidharth Menda is the founder of CoWrks.

What is the Revenue of CoWrks?

Cowrks estimated annual revenue is around $1 million.

Who are the competitors of CoWrks?

91springboard, WeWOrk, BHIVE Workspace are some of the competitors of CoWrks.


The co-working space model has certainly given a business a better approach to operate their functions. When in India, the country has become a rearing ground for businesses and startups, there is a developing interest and need for having innovative workspaces and workstations.

With companies like CoWrks, the requirements of the market can be fulfilled. CoWrks continues to plan and expand its operations in other parts of India as well. Since the company has strong marketing strategies and a well-organized expansion plan, the company will certainly continue to grow with great opportunities.

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