Who Is a Software Architect? | How to Become a Software Architect?

Who Is a Software Architect? | How to Become a Software Architect?

A software architect is the one who is responsible for building software and rectifying the problems in existing software. He/she is the person who is responsible for fulfilling all the technical needs of a company. A person with three years of experience is considered a software architect or an engineer. MNCs prefer to hire persons with a wide range of experience in software solutions. One more interesting fact about a software architect is that it is one of the high demanding jobs that can help people in earning a lot of money.

In this article, people can find insights into joining as a software architect. Some newbies might have doubts about joining as a software architect, so anyone with the idea of joining as a software architect can stay connected till the end to know some basic details. It is one of the software industry's most interesting and demanding job profiles. The number of software architect openings is high compared to other industries.

Who Is a Software Architect?
How to Become a Software Architect?

Who Is a Software Architect?

A software architect is a person who determines the process and technologies which has to be implemented in business models. The entire job will be related to coding and encryption, so people with a wide range of experience in software development and coding can apply for this job role without any issues. In simple words, a software architect is the one who is responsible for developing structured codes and providing appropriate solutions.

Setting up goals and fulfilling all the technological needs will be the main work of the software architect. Other than these duties, a software architect will be responsible for setting up meetings and providing relevant software solutions for client end problems. Building software isn't an easy task, so it needs a dedicated team to create solutions and solve problems in a better way. Understanding the client's needs and providing relevant solutions will also be the main job role of a software architect.

How to Become a Software Architect?

To become a software architect, it is a must to choose the preferred course that can help students get specialized in the field. So soon after choosing the course, it will be easy for people to study and know the basics of this job and its related openings.

Most people who prefer to become a software architect should choose Computer Science or Information Technology in Engineering to know all the basic knowledge of coding and the course.

This will allow people to have an in-depth knowledge of the coding and its related details. Coding is one of the most important points to be considered, as the entire job role depends completely on it. So without a good sense of coding knowledge, it will be tough for people to understand what and how to do the job. The following will help you to know how you can become a software architect:

Information Technology Spending on Enterprise Software Worldwide from 2017 to 2022
Information Technology Spending on Enterprise Software Worldwide from 2017 to 2022

Complete a Bachelor's Degree

It is a must to have a bachelor's degree for finding the best job opening in the software field. As mentioned earlier, a person with a computer science or IT degree will be eligible to apply for a software architect posting. So to join a reputed college, a student should clear the relevant entrance exams. Concentrating on basic studies in high school and other areas is always better so that anyone can easily clear the exams and enter a reputed college to attain a degree in the software field.

Be Proficient in Software Skills

To become a software architect, it is very important for a person to have proper knowledge of programming languages like Java, C++, and web development. People who prefer to start their career as software architects should make sure to choose the preferred computer programs and tools and get used to them. So if there are possibilities, students can join a course to be proficient in that.

It will help people in attaining a better place in the market. Today recruiters mainly focus on computer programs and tools so that they can train the candidate in a better way. Without these skills, no one can shine as a software architect, so make sure to have a better idea of software skills and their related details. Also, having knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and UI/UX design is an added advantage to gaining success in this field.

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Another important step toward becoming a software architect is to look for an internship in order to get an idea of the field beforehand. It might act as a basic level of training for a person. This will be the key to completing various tasks soon after getting placed in a company. So make sure to pay attention to internship programs and clearly know what you will be doing in your full-time job.

Earn a Master’s Degree

This step is dependent on an individual's preference, so if you can afford a master's degree in computer science or an equivalent field, then it is better to complete and enter a company to get placed with a better posting.

This will be an added advantage if people prefer to have a better idea of what to do with their job role soon after entering a company. Moreover, people who prefer to complete a master's degree can be placed as team leads or other similar roles, so earning a master's degree can be a great way to enter the industry with a better sense of knowledge in the software field.

Gain Experience in Software Solutions From a Company

Number of Software Developers Worldwide in 2018 to 2024
Number of Software Developers Worldwide in 2018 to 2024

It is better to serve a company for a minimum period of 3 to 5 years because it will help people in attaining a wide range of experience in the job role and enhance their software skills. Working as a software engineer or developer on industry-related projects and handling various clients is also a must to become a successful software architect. It will allow people to learn more about the software industry and enhance their skills in handling various departments.

Enhance Your Resume

Updating the resume with the right software skills, experience and other relevant data will always be an advantage in many aspects. It will help people analyze the profile and provide relevant job openings. So this can save a lot of time, and hence make sure to update your resume from time to time with all the relevant details.


In general, people might find it difficult to have a clear idea of becoming a software architect, but soon after completing a degree and internship, it will be easy for people to get a wide range of experience in the field. This will also help in obtaining better knowledge of what will be required to do. So work hard and make sure to have some software skills to join and enjoy the benefits of becoming a software architect.


Is software architect and software engineer the same?

A software engineer designs, code, and create the computer systems for different tasks and a software architect's work usually does not include coding as they design and execute the development process along with the software engineers.

Do software architects write code?

Software architects do write codes but not as much as software developers. They mainly focus on software architecture-related activities.

What are the types of software architects?

Types of software architects include:

  • Solution Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Information Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Security Architect

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