Ultimate Guide To Write A Perfect Job Description

Ultimate Guide To Write A Perfect Job Description

At a recent corporate meet, when asked about the biggest issue faced, one of my HR friends complained about the difficulties he faced while hiring people. He complained about irrelevant applications, unwanted crowds and all the resources wasted to handle the situation. Gradually, the complaints transformed into a discussion and two things concluded. First, the current industry is talent-driven and Second, some key particles of the hiring process require urgent attention.

Hiring is a process performed to hire the best talent available in the market. The flow of power has changed from employer to employee and wise game plans are now more than required to manage the flow of skilled workforce and help run a successful hiring campaign. Unsuccessful hiring campaigns should be considered as lessons for tomorrow and blueprints for hiring should be produced carefully. Moreover, we cannot allow irrelevant resumes to flood our desks which would again increase our current problems.

But how can a piece of paper help you get your desired results?

The answer is simple. A compelling job description exhibits your job profile to the fullest and helps candidates to decide whether their profile suits your company. Mission accomplished! Now you have relevant job applications for your profile, just by adding a pinch of creative flavour to your job cuisine.

The job description is the first point of contact for a candidate who reaches your company (through job portals, social media or your website). Moreover, it helps you to describe the specifications for your profile. So, start your homework on how to write a perfect job description and cultivate fresh job descriptions to attract the candidate you desire.

Consider your job description as your marketing tool to have an over the edge advantage over other job descriptions. So, let us make a move towards achieving your goal by helping you to write the perfect job description you can have. A few tips to write a perfect job description and land your dream employees.

Impress Your Candidate
Show your previous work
Exhibit Your Perks
Know Your Audience
A hashtag Can Be Helpful

Impress Your Candidate

Impressing the candidate is considered the most important part of writing a job description as it's the first step towards hiring. Don’t get irrelevant CVs even after listing all your specifications. There could be a problem with your presentation of your job description. The process may demand several hours of attention to provide the best results.

Copying a job description is not advised.

  • Copying a job description will take away originality from your JD and will make it dull and monotonous.
  • Try to be as conversational as you can and list your expectations and challenges for your candidate. For example, a software developer should have a clear picture of his responsibilities and challenges while reading your JD.
  • Hence, it will excite your candidates and keep them interested. So, a perfect job description will help you to clear out junk at the beginning. Moreover, your candidate will have a better understanding of your firm and you will be able to produce a sure shot win-win situation. Don’t forget to mention other necessary technical skills and non-technical skills.

Show your previous work

Showing your previous work indicates experience which helps to show your company's work. The art of creating a perfect job description may include naming your workforce in your JD. Discover a creative way to include your star performers and they can be your USP. This will create an aura of your organization in front of your potential employees. Your workforce will be your words and it would highlight your work culture.

Exhibit Your Perks

Exhibiting perks 

Exhibiting your perks helps them see your positive side. If you ask me what do you need to list, I would say anything that looks beneficial to a potential employee. It can be your medical insurance policy to weekend parties thrown to your employees. Free meals, transportation, cool office stuff, free goodies or even free crackers for snacks. Perks may even include expertise exposure

Mention the salary or salary range offered. So, do not keep any table unturned.

Know Your Audience

Know your Audience

Write your job description according to the mass you are approaching. Lay some facts and figures on your paper according to your audience.

For example, it may sound cool for a 25-year-old college pass out to work in flexible hours and wear casual attire but a middle-aged mother may look for a family-friendly atmosphere. So make sure to talk through your JD.

Just go with the flow. Research a lot about the nature of the forthcoming workforce to prepare job descriptions in the future. It will help you to keep ahead.

To attract top talents, job description writers shouldn’t start with motivation and self-discipline. This way, the company can come across as unnecessary strict, and too demanding. Describe the responsibilities of the candidate, Think about the future, don’t brag about the past, Pick the right place for publishing your offer.

Important: Always mention job location and contact information in your JD.

Social media: The New Job Posting Arena

It is common to see a job posting on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. It will provide an edge over traditional job posting sites as it is easily accessible. So, embroider your job posting through the use of catchy images to make it visually attractive.

A hashtag Can Be Helpful

Adding hashtags has been found effective according to recent trends.

Hashtag service helps the job seeker to quickly find the job of his dreams by using hashtags like #hotjobs, #jobopening, #careers, etc. So, create your hashtags sensibly according to your job profiles.

Following the above points mentioned will help you to write a perfect job description.

Don’ts for Job description

This is an important list to follow when it comes to writing a perfect job description. Remember these points by heart and save yourself from repeating them like others.

Never confuse your candidate
Do Not List Too Many Things

Never confuse your candidate

Keep it simple when it comes to your profile names. Do not put unnecessary creativity to make it attractive. It should look professional and compelling at the same time. Some of the companies mess it up by using fancy names for job profiles. Simplicity holds the key to a perfect Job description. Hence, refer to some Job description templates and keep it low.

Do Not List Too Many Things

A crisp and to the point job description attracts everyone. Make sure your JD does the same thing. Stick to a maximum of seven crucial skills in the list. A long list may ruin the JD. Further, do not add a long list of must-do things to your JD.


A perfect job description helps you find a perfect candidate who is qualified and most eligible for the role. It helps in understanding the roles and responsibilities of the candidate to apply for the job. It also serves as a basis for interviewing the employee and evaluate their performance for the applied role.

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