Top 6 Applicant Tracking Systems to Look For in 2022

Top 6 Applicant Tracking Systems to Look For in 2022
Top Application Tracking Systems

We earn a degree, develop our skills and start looking for jobs. All we do is make our resume, send it to a company and wait for their response.

This is all the work that a person does as a potential employee. But it is not only about a single person. There are tons of people out there who are doing the same.

The companies hire HR employees to deal with the recruitment processes. There are huge companies that have many existing employees and receive tons of applications from new candidates.

Did you ever wonder how these big companies are able to manage this process? Thanks to technology now they have applicant tracking software. These help them in organizing various hiring needs electronically.

Applicant Tracking System - Overview
Top Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022

  1. Talent Recruit
  2. Workable
  3. SAP SuccessFactors
  4. Zoho Recruit
  5. Greenhouse
  6. HRMantra

Applicant Tracking System - Overview

It refers to a software application that enables the computerized conduct of hiring needs. It is like a database for the candidates for a job. This helps the employers to keep track of the entire hiring process of many candidates.

It makes the process electronic and more effective. With this system, a job is created and then posted on the job page. Here the interested candidates apply. After receiving the applications, these get screened and ranked as per the companyโ€™s requirements. The selected candidates are then interviewed. At last, the best talent gets hired. Hence, this computerized process makes hiring simple and efficient for employers.

This system is applicable for both big and small businesses. They can install it according to their needs. This software is of an extensive range. It can provide simple functionality of the database. Also, it has the capability to provide tools for the entire hiring process.

This enables businesses to manage and analyze the applicants according to their company size and needs.

How Applicant Tracking System works?

Top Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022

The hiring process holds great importance for any company. Every company does have an HR team to handle this. But in these fast-paced times, it gets quite difficult for recruiters to handle the entire process manually. So, now we have applicant tracking systems to solve this issue.

Here are some top names of applicant tracking systems in 2022:

Talent Recruit

Talent Recruit - Best Applicant Tracking System
Talent Recruit - Best Applicant Tracking System

This system was born in India. It provides an end-to-end platform, where the organizations can hire candidates with an automated system.

Talent Recruit is a cloud-based system that works on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This platform adds intelligence, analytics, and automation to the hiring process. Thus, makes the process easy and efficient for the companies.

It offers many features. For example- application management, resume database, interview management, and many more.

Some of its popular customers are Monster India, SHRM, Ness Digital Engineering, etc.


Workable - Best Applicant Tracking System
Workable - Best Applicant Tracking System

It started in Greece. This is an amazing recruiting software that ensures great talent for an organization. Many of the best companies in the world have relied on it for hiring their employees. Being reliable, and up-to-date it is a popular system in 2022.

The system enables you to post a job on more than 200 sites in one click. It helps to forward the right candidates. This ensures the best applicant gets hired. All this removes the manual work of interview scheduling, getting approvals, and more. The whole process is automated and thus, makes it time-saving and cost-effective.

It offers various features for organizations. For example- application management, background checks, interview management, employee management, etc.

Its customers include IBM, invision, moodle, etc.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors - Best Applicant Tracking System
SAP SuccessFactors - Best Applicant Tracking System

It is an American software company. It is a cloud-based talent management system. This offers data-driven tools and strategies for the entire employee lifecycle. This lifecycle involves a complete process from hiring to retiring.

Its tools enable the companies to track the process of recruiting, onboarding, and also employee performance. It is powered by automation and embedded intelligence. This helps to make a shift from a manual hiring process to an automated process.

The system provides many features. For example- sourcing, scheduling, screening, onboarding, performance and compensation management, sales performance management, etc.

Many big companies have invested their trust in this system. These include Sephora, Whirlpool, and more.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit - Best Applicant Tracking System
Zoho Recruit - Best Applicant Tracking System

Zoho Recruit is considered one of the most economical systems, based in India. It provides automated recruiting solutions for the companies. With its cloud-based technology, it makes the hiring process better and effortless.

It helps to source the best talent, check their backgrounds, schedule interviews, also helps in sending offer letters. This makes the end-to-end hiring process automated.

Zoho Recruit offers various features for the recruiting process. For example- applicant tracking, background screening, approval process control, contact database, customizable templates, etc.

Some its customers are Eventful Inc., Tutor Doctor Inc., etc.

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Greenhouse - Best Applicant Tracking System
Greenhouse - Best Applicant Tracking System

It is an American ATS startup that offers hiring software as a service. It provides the companies with technology for their recruiting process. It enables them to optimize every aspect of hiring. It builds an ideal hiring tech stack to make the process easy and effective.

It automates all the tasks involved in the tracking of an applicant. These include sourcing candidates, application review, screening, interview scheduling, etc.

They offer various services for recruiting. For example- application review, interview planning, analytics and reporting, onboarding module, candidate experience, etc.

It has many big names as its customers. These include Airbnb, HubSpot, Casper, and more.

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HRMantra - Best Applicant Tracking System

This is another popular applicant tracking system. It came into existence a long time ago. But its progress and inclusion of the latest features make it one of the most desirable systems.

It has so many features that itโ€™s considered the most dynamic HR and payroll software in the world. It simplifies and automates the full process of hiring that is from hire to retirement.

This is a tried-and-true system that continues to hold a good place in 2022. It comes with around 160 features. For example- HR and Payroll, document management, bonus and loans management, audit trail, exit management, and more.

Some of its customers are Palsons Derma, SoftwareSuggest, etc.


Every organization whether big or small needs an HR team for the hiring process. HRs play an important role in sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates. With fast-paced times, handling this entire process manually is becoming quite tough and time-consuming. So, many companies are now adopting applicant tracking systems for it. These systems bring technology into the hiring process. It makes the process automated, easy, time-saving, data-driven, and efficient.

At present, there is various ATS software available in the market. Greenhouse, Workable, Talent Recruit, Zoho Recruit, etc. are some of the popular choices. These systems make recruitment better and more powerful for the organizations.


What is Application Tracking System?

The Application Tracking system is a software application that enables the computerized conduct of hiring needs like - Collecting information about candidates, organising applications, and tracking their application.

What is the best Application Tracking System?

Some of the best Application Tracking Systems are:

  • Talent Recruit
  • Workable
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Zoho Recruit
  • Greenhouse
  • HRMantra

Why do companies use ATS?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps to manage and automate hiring and recruitment practices for an organization.

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