Best Ice Cream Franchise Businesses

Best Ice Cream Franchise Businesses

Ice cream franchises satisfy a large segment of the commercial market for sweets and have been doing so for decades. They offer a lot of concepts for serving all kinds of dessert. An ideal option for an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to start their own ice-cream business in India is to choose the franchise and a well-known brand name. The best ice cream franchises offer complete support for their franchisees including training and unique recipes. Ice cream food businesses are suitable and seem to be very profitable.

Ice cream brings people together, either for celebrations or just enjoying a sweet treat. Many ice cream franchises offer the opportunity for community involvement. They celebrate their communities by fundraising for charity, giving out free ice cream, and hosting family fun events throughout the year.

Ice Cream Industry in India
Ice Cream Industry in India
As of a September 2017 IBISWorld report, ice cream and gelato store franchises have annual revenue of $2 billion with an annual growth rate of 3.0%.

Profitable Franchise to apply for:

Franchise Application Category
7th Heaven Apply Here Bakery & Cafe
Biggies Burger Apply Here Burger Chain
Chicago Pizza Apply Here Pizza Chain
Let's Transform Salon Apply Here Beauty & Wellness
Meatwale Apply Here Food & Services
Frozen Bottle Apply Here Beverages & Cafe
Moti Mahal Apply Here Restaurant
Pepperfry Apply Here Furniture

Here is a compilation of ice cream franchise list in India:

Baskin Robbins
Kwality Walls
Mother Dairy
Top 'N Town
Ice Cream Works
Twisting Scoops
Gelato Vinto
Michaels Icecream Burger
Iceberg Icecreams
Gatox Naturals
How to start your franchise business
Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs


Name Giani's
Operating since 1956
Franchise Units 100+
Investment Required INR 10 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Giani's Franchise Click Here
Giani Ice-cream logo
Giani Ice-cream logo

Giani is one of the popular ice cream brands worldwide for its tastes and varieties. The company was established in the year 1956 at Fatehpuri Delhi. The special ice cream varieties are Fresh Fruit Ice Cream, Italian Gelato, Italian Gelato, Italian Gelato, Kulfi Faluda, Rich & Creamy Ice Cream, Royal Faluda, etc. Since its birth, the company maintaining the top quality ice cream and customer happiness.

Baskin Robbins

Name Baskin Robbins
Founded in 1993
Franchise Units 700 (approximately)
Investment Required INR 10 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Baskin Robbins Franchise Click Here
Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Logo
Baskin Robbins Logo | Startup Talky

Baskin Robbins entered India in 1993 through a joint venture with the Ghai Group. Baskin-Robbins stores throughout the world dish out global favorites like world-class chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, but also local favorites, such as green tea and rum raisin. The company is known for its ‘31 flavors’ slogan, with the idea that a customer could have a different flavor every day of any month. It is one of the top ice cream franchises in India.

Some specialty about Baskin:

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Made with cow milk
  • Rich ingredients with premium quality
  • Over 31 premium, international flavors, and toppings
  • Outstanding product innovations
  • Largest ice cream retail chain

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Name Naturals
Founded in 1984
Franchise Units 100+
Investment Required INR 10 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Naturals Franchise Click Here
Naturals Logo | Startup Talky

Naturals was founded in the year 1984 by Mr. Raghunandan Kamath. Started with 10 flavors of ice cream, the company now offers 125 flavors. out of 125, 20 flavors are provided around the year. The company makes a turnover of 165 crores. To start a Franchise business with Naturals one needs to fill out a form on their official website.

They follow a strict policy for Franchise. For one to become a Naturals Franchise holder they need to have a street-facing main road location, parking facility, and individual shop. To maintain the brand identity Naturals does not allow franchisees to locations in malls, hypermarkets, and shops. Also Shop in the 5-7 km of their existing outlet is preferable. If one manages to satisfy all these requirements, they can enjoy a 30-50% margin.

Kwality Walls

Name Kwality Walls
Founded in 1995
Franchise Units 300+ (approximately)
Investment Required INR 2 Lac – 5 Lac
Apply to Kwality Walls Franchise Click Here
kwality Walls Ice Cream Logo
Kwality Walls Logo | Startup Talky

If you like Ice creams, there's no way you can avoid this store. One of the largest ice-cream Franchise's in India, Kwality Walls is a household name in India. Serving anything from a sundae to a softie, you are sure to get you ice-cream cravings met here! It is one of the best ice cream franchises in India hands down.


Name Havmor
Founded in 1945
Franchise Units 100+
Investment Required INR 10 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Havmor's Franchise Click Here
Havmor logo | Startup Talky

Havmor, ahmedabased based ice cream company. It has more than 160 varieties of ready eat products and kulfis. It also won the 'Great Indian Ice Cream Contest' organized by Dupont. The company has come up with novel ice creams, sugar-free and a non-alcoholic whisky flavored ice cream. To get a Havmor franchise one will need to have own or rented a 600 - 800 sq. ft. space.

Mother Dairy

Name Mother Dairy
Founded in 1974
Franchise Units More than 1000
Investment Required INR 5-10 Lacs
Apply to Mother Dairy's Franchise Click Here

Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd is an Indian food processing company that makes, sells, and markets milk, milk products, and other edibles. Under the Mother Dairy brand, the company sells cultured milk, ice cream, paneer, and ghee.

In Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Mother Dairy launched a soft launch of its premium ice cream. The ice cream division of the company is rising at a 20 percent annual pace. It had introduced ice creams with exotic fruits such as Brazilian oranges, Vietnamese pineapple and kiwi, French vanilla, and American cranberry.

The Chillz range of chocolate bars and cones with a multi-textured taste experience is aimed at the younger generation, whereas the kulfi range of ice creams with flavours like pista, kesar, rabri, rose, and paan is aimed at those who prefer traditional Indian desserts. Vitamin C enriched ice candies in orange, strawberry, cola, and raspberry flavours have been added to the Lic Lolleez ice candy line.


Name Dinshaw's
Founded 1932
Franchise Units -
Investment Required NA
Apply to Dinshaw's Franchise Click Here

Dinshaw's was established by Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana in the year 1932. It began as a dairy operation in Nagpur's Gittikhadan. Dinshaw's Ice-cream was born as a result of their fascination with expanding the market. They wanted to extend ice cream consumption into the non-summer months by the mid-fifties, and hand-churners were replaced by vertical freezers.

Dinshaw's was the realisation of two enterprising brothers, Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana, who had a dream of owning a business that would span India. Their relentless focus on quality control and innovative flavour creations resulted in ice cream that people loved.

Dinshaw has been bringing wholesome goodness to the lives of thousands of people in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Delhi, and Haryana for decades.


Name Creambell
Founded 2003
Franchise Units 50+
Investment Required INR 10-20 Lacs
Apply to Creambell's Franchise Click Here

Creambell is a New Delhi-based ice cream company founded by RJ Corp in 2003. Creambell can be found in 19 Indian states. With milk and value-added dairy products, the Creambell brand has expanded into the dairy industry. Creambell claims that between 2008 and 2013, the business expanded six times.

Creambell introduced the Maxxum Mini ice cream stick line in 2015, which comes in two flavours: Pina-Orange and Chocolate Cookie. Due to unfavorable market conditions, the company reported that it will close its doors in May 2020. Creambell ice cream, a brand of New Delhi-based Devyani Food Industries Ltd (RJ Corp), had declared the closure of the ice cream plant and released a notice of closure under section 25 of the Food and Drug Administration Act (rule 76A).


Name Haagen-Dazs
Founded in 1961
Franchise Units 900+
Investment required INR 50 Lac - 1 Crore
Apply to Haagen-Dazs' Franchise Click Here

The Haagen-Dazs brand has been distinguished for more than 50 years by its commitment to creating the best flavours and creamiest textures possible using only the finest ingredients. They've never wavered in their commitment to the values that have defined us since the beginning. Haagen-Dazs manages to turn the finest ingredients into exceptional bite-by-bite experiences.

Reuben Mattus had a plan to revolutionize the ice cream industry. Mattus set out to do something different at a time when others were cutting corners and pouring air into their ice cream. His creamy, velvety ice cream, made with only the finest ingredients, created a distinct category. The Haagen-Dazs brand began with only three flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

Haagen-Dazs started phasing out GMO ingredients from its products in 2016, with the intention of eliminating all GMO ingredients from all flavors by 2020. Vanilla, vanilla bean, mango, rum raisin, chocolate chocolate chip, pineapple coconut, coffee, chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter are some of the flavors available today that are made without GMO ingredients.

Top 'N Town

Name Top N Town
Founded in 1969
Franchise Units 600 (approximately)
Investment Required INR 10-20 Lac
Apply to Top 'N Town's Franchise Click Here

Ramani Ice Cream Co. Pvt. Ltd., based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, produces Top 'N Town ice cream, which is popular in Bhopal, a city in Central India. The ice cream is distributed to the general public through a distributor network and exclusive Top 'N Town ice cream parlours in Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai.

Milk solids, sugar, water, citric acid, liquid glucose, approved food colors, stabilizers and emulsifiers, and flavors are among the ingredients used in the production of Top 'N Town ice cream. The ice cream is said to be fully vegetarian by the company.


Name Papacream
Founded in 2015
Franchise Units Less than 10
Investment required INR 10 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Papacream's Franchise Click Here
Papacream Ice Cream Logo
Papacream Logo | Startup Talky

Papacream began with the aim of introducing world-class experiential ice cream to India, as well as making gourmet ice creams more available to the general public. The company makes organic milk-based ice creams, vegan dairy-free and gluten-free ice creams, and sugar-free sorbets.

The ice creams are priced from $75 plus taxes. Apart from the usual suspects, Papacream tries out new flavors, such as Horlicks ice cream! Childhood memories are evoked by the frozen treat. The menu includes bubble waffles, cookie and doughnut ice cream sandwiches, as well as milkshakes and summer coolers. These ice creams are "hand-crafted and manufactured using only the purest ingredients, with no artificial flavors, colors, or essences."

Ice cream Business


Name Vadilal
Founded in 1907
Franchise Units 90+
Investment Required INR 5 Lac – 10 Lac
Apply to Vadilal's Franchise Click Here
Vadilal Logo | Startup Talky

Vadilal is one of the leading companies in the ice cream and frozen dessert industry. It has the widest network of dealers comprising of more than 1 lac dealers. Vadilal offers frozen dessert, premium, and super-premium ice cream with 150+ flavors.

Ice Cream Works

Name Ice Cream Works
Founded in 2012
Franchise Units 20+
Investment required INR 10 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Ice Cream Works' Franchise Click Here
Ice Cream Works Ice Cream Logo
Ice Cream Works Logo | Startup Talky

An Ice cream with a very cute ambiance and a great range of ice-creams. Its’ USP is that its 100% vegetarian and egg-less ice cream. Since there are many vegetarians in India, this is a good franchise to invest in. Ice cream works franchise is definitely one of the best vegetarian ice cream franchises available. Currently, Ice Cream Works with more than 40 outlets in 15 cities. With a dedicated section for investors and franchise owners on its website as well, Ice Cream Works has got its franchise model in place and is ready for rapid expansion.

Twisting Scoops

Name Twisting Scoops
Founded in 2015
Franchise Units 10-20
Investment required INR 5 Lac – 20 Lac
Apply to Twisting Scoops' Franchise Click Here
Twisting Scoops Ice Cream Logo
Twisting Scoops Ice Cream Logo | Startup Talky

A taste that meets their imaginations in all way possible. Twisting Scoops’s ice cream is made with you in mind. The health benefits of products cannot be overemphasized. They work with health professionals who understand what it means to stay healthy and you can be sure Twisting Scoops’s ice cream is one of a kind.

Twisting Scoops has climbed to be among the top of the list of dairy products suppliers in India. The premium franchise outlet is located in New Delhi and creates more than 50 different flavors, including the signature traditional Turkish coffee that is prepared on the sand.

The specialty of Twisting Scoops are:

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Italian ingredients
  • Mastic gown in Greek countries
  • Salep root stem of orchid
  • Traditional process
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Name Amul
Founded in 1946
Franchise Units NA
Investment required INR 2 Lac – 5 Lac
Apply to Amul's Franchise Click Here
Amul Ice Cream Logo
Amul Ice Cream Logo | Startup Talky

Amul is a dairy cooperative society based in Anand, Gujarat, India, and is one of the most well-known milk brands in the country. Amul was the catalyst for India's White Revolution, which saw it becoming the world's largest milk and milk products producer. The product range included impulse items such as sticks, cones, cups, and take-home and institutional/catering sets. The ‘Real Milk' platform was used to launch Amul ice cream. Since it is a milk company, Real Ice Cream has a competitive advantage due to the wholesome nature of its products.

It has not only expanded at a remarkable pace, but it has also introduced a wide variety of flavors to its ever-expanding menu. There are currently 220 items available. Amul has always innovated its products, and ice creams are no exception. Amul was the first company in India to launch SUGAR-FREE & ProLife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream in January 2007.

Amul Ice Cream has risen to the top of the ice cream market in India in just six years. The other ice cream brands are now regional, and it is now the only national brand. Amul Ice Cream has a 38 percent market share compared to HLL's 9%, making it four times bigger than its nearest rival. It beat out competitors such as Walls and Mother Dairy to claim the top spot in the world. This ranking was attained in 2001, and it has remained at the top ever since.


Name Cremeborne
Founded in 2017
Franchise Units NA
Investment required INR 25 Lacs – 28 Lacs
Apply to Cremeborne's Franchise Click Here
Cremeborne Ice Cream Logo
Cremeborne Ice Cream Logo | Startup Talky

Cremeborne is Delhi's first and most successful revolutionary desserts outlet, known for its beautifully handcrafted ice cream swirls, unusual flavours combinations, unconventional dishes, and various coffee varieties that set them apart from the competition.

Cookie-Dough, Irish mocha, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Charcoal Nutella, and a variety of other common flavours are among Cremeborne' s offerings. Cremeborne began by selling only ice creams, but now sells ice cream, waffles, and shakes. The company recently teamed up with 'Blue Tokai' to offer their customers outstanding coffee. People can now choose from a variety of coffee flavours.

Gelato Vinto

Name Gelato Vinto
Founded in 2005
Franchise Units 50 (approximately)
Investment required INR 10 Lac – 30 Lac
Apply to Gelato Vinto's Franchise Click Here
Gelato Vinto Ice Cream Logo
Gelato Vinto Ice Cream Logo | Startup Talky

Gelato Vinto is an ice cream chain with an Italian name that offers both ice cream and gelato, making it India's first authentic gelato parlours. Gelato Vinto opened its first location in Delhi in 2005 and has since grown to over forty locations across the country. Gelato Vinto's revolutionary approach benefits not only clients but also franchisees and business partners, by providing unique opportunities to join the Gelato Vinto family.

Gelato Vinto's consistency and taste have remained remarkably constant, and as a result, a huge daily clientele visits its locations every day to indulge. The brand has built loyalty and recognition in just nine months. It improves the pleasure of eating by producing a 100% raw, vegetarian frozen dessert. Gelato Vinto ensures complete customer satisfaction by providing innovative and enthusiastic service in a clean atmosphere.

Michaels Icecream Burger

NAME Michaels Icecream Burger
Founded in 2017
Franchise units 20-50
Investment Required INR 5-10 Lac
Apply to Michaels Icecream Burger's Franchise Click Here
Michael’s Icecream Burger logo
Michael’s Icecream Burger logo | Startup Talky

Varun Michael Sequeira, the founder of Michael's Ice Cream Burgers, is an experienced entrepreneur who has developed and managed start-up companies in a variety of industries, including transportation, automobiles, IT consulting, and the food and beverage industry.

In New York, the company's Master Chef and Michael cut, diced, powdered, and shredded their hand-selected best ingredients. They make this one-of-a-kind product by whipping up a tasty aromatic batter and frying it to perfection with just the right amount of crunch, then slapping on some smooth ice cream and topping it with sauces and nuts. Crunchy, spicy, cold, and mushy, all in one bite!!!

Iceberg Icecreams

Name Iceberg Icecreams
Founded in 2010
Franchise units 20-50
Investment Required INR 10-20 Lac
Apply to Iceberg Icecreams' Franchise Click Here
Iceberg Icecream Burger logo
Iceberg Icecream Burger logo | Startup Talky

Iceberg became the best Icecream franchise in India from the year 2012 With 12 happy branches in a total of 6 cities. Iceberg is paving its way for becoming a large retail chain by the coming years and we are inviting you to be a part of the Natural and Organic Ice cream Brand franchise through this journey with brand power product quality.

Benefits of iceberg ice cream franchise:

  • Quick returns with high profit.
  • Tie-up with high end reputed brands.
  • Staff training and administration support.
  • Advertising and promotion by the franchisor.
  • Flexible business hours
  • High-profit margins
  • Low overheads, high payroll
  • Bestow Best tasting ice cream in India
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Gatox Naturals

Name Gatox Naturals
Founded in 2013
Franchise units 10+
Investment Required INR 5-10 Lac
Apply to Gatox Naturals' Franchise Click Here
Gatox naturals logo
Gatox naturals logo | Startup Talky

Gatox Ice Cream offers delectable natural flavours ice creams made entirely of real fruit. The name "Gatox" comes from a French word that means "fruits, milk, nuts, and sugar." Gatox identified the need of the era, as people are becoming more health and fitness conscious and interested in natural foods, while still demanding a certain level of flavor and aroma.

Many ice cream items on the market today contain preservatives, colors, and chemical flavors in order to keep the food fresh. As a result, the company developed a product with a new concept that is 100% natural and made entirely of milk, fruits, and sugar. There are no preservatives or colors in it. Gatox's ice cream is 100 percent fresh, made in a traditional manner with modern ingenuity. Gatox's ice cream is 100 percent vegetarian, with no artificial colors or preservatives. This helps to keep the ice cream's quality and freshness.


Name Stickhouse
Founded in 2017
Franchise units Less than 10
Investment Required From 10 Lac
Apply to Stickhouse's Franchise Click Here
Stickhouse logo
Stickhouse logo | Startup Talky

Stickhouse is a ground-breaking concept that allows any franchisee to sell artisanal gelato on a stick and in scoops. Customers' preferences in terms of customization and decoration are taken into account. New, natural ingredients are used to make this dish. The opportunity to open a franchise is offered in a variety of store formats depending on room and foot traffic. Shakes, cones, waffles on a stick, cone-sticks, and other drinks are also on the menu.

Stickhouse, an ambitious project that manufactures everyday artisanal gelato on a stick made with genuine ingredients, was launched in 2009 thanks to technology and Italian innovation. A wonderful tradition has been revived! This successful project quickly spread and flourished in the international market as a result of its originality.

We hope that this list of ice cream franchises in India helped you decide on your next venture or at least made you crave Ice Cream!

How to start your franchise business :


Decide the budget you wish to invest in a franchise business. This will help you shortlist brands to approach for the franchise. You can start a franchise business by investing any amount between 5 -20 lac.

Market study

Study which brands are in demand and how do they perform. A detailed study is required before investing. If done right the study would lead you on the right path.

Interact with other Franchisees

Interact with people who are actually running franchise businesses so that you will know the risks and perks of the business.

Talk to the franchisor

Talk to the franchisor and ask the queries you have. Also, ask them if they will help you in the promotion and finding the right location for the outlet. They will be able to tell you how would it be like to run a franchise.

Review the agreement

Review the agreement carefully and go ahead to starting your franchise business.

The Indian Ice Cream industry is one of the fastest-growing divisions in the dairy industry. As of 2016, the ice cream industry in India produced an income of more than USD 1.5 billion, and it also has been expected to attain a revenue of around USD 3.4 billion by 2021. The chief performers or competitors in the Indian ice cream business currently are the Kwality Walls franchise, Vadilal, and Cream Bell.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What is the best ice cream franchise?

Some profitable ice cream franchises are:

  • Amul
  • Kwality walls
  • Naturals
  • baskin Robbins
  • Icecream Works
  • Twisting scoops
  • Stickhouse
  • Dinshaw's
  • Havmor
  • Creambell

Is ice cream business profitable in India?

The profit margin in the ice cream business for small independent ice cream shop owners ranges between 20% and 40%.

What is the number 1 ice cream brand?

Amul is the leading ice cream brand in India.

What is Frozen Dessert?

The frozen dessert is "ice cream" made from vegetable oil and not traditional milk. It is an unhealthier option of ice cream.

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