Bhopal Startups | Startups in Bhopal [Exhaustive List]

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has been working side by side with the central government on promoting start-up culture and increasing entrepreneurial spirit in the country. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on various occasion has expressed his desire to help people in Madhya Pradesh to improve their business output and put the state at the top in terms of business. These are some of the startups presently active in Madhya Pradesh.

We have also covered startups from Kolkata, Lucknow and other major cities of India.

Easy Retail For You (ER4U)

Easy Retail for You Logo

Abhinav Saxena and Sohil Bansal founded Easy Retail for You(ER4U) in the year 2015. The objective was to maximise the sales in the purchase, sales, HRM, CRM, accounts and managing inventory. They have reached more than 50 clients and made revenue of Rs. 9 lakhs and they have made transaction worth Rs. 10 crores till now. The startup allows retails stores to manage retail sales and inventory and compete with e-commerce platforms as well. It uses the software as well. It serves more than 50 retailers in Bhopal. It plans to spread itself in 12 cities within 18 months and try to bridge the gap between e-commerce and a large part of retail market stores in the country.


appointy Logo

Nemesh Singh is the founder of Appointy. He did his graduation from Oriental Institute of Technology. After graduation, he failed to find a job.

Appointy is an online software that is helping a business grow through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Appointy rivals are DropBox, Evernote, MailChimp, and Google Alerts. The firm generates Rs. 24 lakhs per month, with 10 member committee running Appointy they are planning to build their company further from now. This web server through its customer support base pointed out grammatical errors and allows other people to expand their businesses and given them opportunities do that as well.

Business Keeda

Business Keeda Logo

Business Keeda is an event management company that provides incubation services, network services in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It is present in seven Indian cities and it is a platform for start-ups to create and innovate themselves further and help themselves grow.

Arshi Khan is the founder and CEO of the company. Arshi has plans to expand it across the country and also helps out students in various colleges to have events and create their own businesses.

Gypsy Shack

Gypsy Shack Logo

A travel start-up which is very unique in its approach has added 90 tour operators that have come into existence through personal recommendations from seasoned travellers. The motto of the startup is Engagement, Exploration and Evolution. It is supposed to give out-of-the-box experience to many. The startup has worked on providing jobs to locals in Bhopal and outskirt cities.

Jagpreet Pabla who is the founder also with a former KPMG consultant and a graduate from Sri Ram College for Commerce, Delhi University that Chaltai Bhatia and they feel those who come to India should get the exotic feeling of being in the diverse and beautiful country.



iDEATE is a start-up company that helps nation-wide competition for start-ups with a social impact to them and a scalable model. It rewards start-ups already working in these fields and tries to encourage social entrepreneurial spirit in them. It tries to identify products or services at the bottom of the layers and help them rise in order to make them profitable so that they can create social impact. The catch is proof or validation that is required to fulfil social responsibility. It was launched in 2017.


Kabadiwala Logo

Kabadiwala is an online platform through which people can sell scrap online. All the waste products can be sold online. Anurag Aasti, the founder of the company, is an IT engineer who found support to chase this project from his college professor. He once said in an interview,

“I started working on this, but this simple task proved pretty cumbersome. In the process, I found out everything about the waste management cycle and how the process works. at the end of it, I had come to a conclusion this is purely a gap an something needs to be done.”

This is our list for successful startups in Bhopal. If you know any other startups in Bhopal, please let us know in the comment. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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