Inshorts: Exceptional Circulation and Its Rapid News Model

Inshorts: Exceptional Circulation and Its Rapid News Model
Inshorts: Exceptional Circulation and Its Rapid News Model

Data and information are two key concepts in the modern world. Data is raw, unprocessed facts or figures that can be collected from various sources. Information, on the other hand, is data that has been processed and organized into a meaningful form. Both data and information play an important role in decision-making processes across industries as they help organizations make more informed decisions to drive their business forward.

In today's society, original news is more important than ever. With the rise of social media and other digital platforms, it can be hard to tell what information is true or not. Fake news has become a major problem in recent years, resulting in confusion and distrust among readers. This makes it even more vital that people are able to access reliable sources of original news and analysis.

Original news stories provide an unbiased look at current events with accurate facts and reporting. It allows for a greater understanding of the issues being discussed by providing background information on topics and giving both sides of an argument equal coverage. In addition, these stories often feature interviews with experts who can help explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. Without original news people and society at large can go directionless.

This generation can also be more easily distracted by technology, with the average attention span now being 8 seconds. To counter this, it is important to create content that is concise and engaging. This could include using shorter sentences, breaking up long paragraphs into smaller blocks of text, or creating visuals such as infographics or videos to help break up information and keep people engaged.

Additionally, providing interactive elements such as quizzes or polls can also help maintain attention spans. News in this format can be a game-changing business, and there exists one business that does exactly the same. Inshorts is an Indian news app that does the same. They have been growing with good numbers. Let us see how they are able to do this. This article talks about Inshorts, their rage, and the reason behind the growth.

About Inshorts
The Famous Inshorts App
Technical Facts About Inshorts
User Psychology
Reasons Behind Inshorts Success

About Inshorts

Inshorts is an Indian news and content discovery platform founded by Azhar Iqubal, Anunay Arunav, and Deepit Purkayastha. Iqubal is all set to be the new judge in Shark Tank India, season 3.

Inshorts was launched in 2013 with the aim of providing short, crisp, and relevant news to its users. The company, which is based in Noida, serves over 30 million monthly active users and has been backed by investors such as Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital. Inshorts was started in 2013 and was just a Facebook page to provide news in a snakebite format. By the end of their first month, the page had a little over 20K followers. Now their app distills news stories into 60-word summaries.

It offers a personalized news feed where users can choose topics and sources of news they are interested in. It also offers an AI-powered news feed that provides news stories according to the user’s reading patterns. Inshorts offers news from a range of topics including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and technology. It also provides an in-app video channel, ‘Inshorts TV’, which has news stories from multiple sources.

Traffic and Engagement in the Last Three Months of 2023
Traffic and Engagement in the Last Three Months of 2023

Inshorts is the all-new ultimate news reading experience, delivering users with a quote to spark thought and expand their knowledge. With information on current affairs, politics, business news, and more at their fingertips, Inshorts actively engages with its readers as it summarises long-form stories for convenience. Going beyond mere scanning of articles through catchy video clips and exciting quizzes, this one-of-a-kind platform offers an extraordinary insight into an ever-evolving world - in just 60 words!

The Famous Inshorts App

Inshorts has since grown to become India’s largest news platform with over 25 million users. It has been awarded a number of accolades, including being named the best news app by Google Play in 2018. Inshorts has become popular for its unique format which allows users to catch up on the latest news in a matter of minutes. By condensing news stories into 60 words, the app ensures that users can stay informed without having to spend hours reading long articles.

The app provides users with a range of personalization options, such as selecting their preferred sources and topics, which helps them filter out news stories that do not interest them. In addition to its personalization options, Inshorts also provides a range of features to make it easier to stay informed. These features include a daily digest, which sends users a summary of the top stories of the day, as well as a ‘trending’ section that highlights the most popular stories from the past 24 hours. The app also offers a range of news categories, such as politics, sports, and entertainment, which makes it easier for users to find stories that interest them. Inshorts has become a popular news platform for many users due to its unique format, personalization options, and range of features.

By providing users with a quick and easy way to stay informed, the app has become a go-to source for news in India. It currently has more than 20 million app downloads. The app wears a crown with a monthly active user base of more than 60 million. Out of them, more than 60% user base is in the age group of 18 to 35.

Inshorts - Audience Demographics and Age Distribution
Inshorts - Audience Demographics and Age Distribution

The Inshorts app is as fun and interactive as it is exciting! Focusing on bite-sized mobile news coverage of current events, Inshorts makes staying informed quick and easily digestible. By serving content in the form of summaries, videos, and infographics, users can quickly swerve from story to story with a few taps of their fingers.

It can also be used to promote products or services. Examples of news and short-form content include blog posts, tweets, news stories, infographics, and podcast episodes. The advantage of news and short-form content is that it can be more quickly read, watched, or listened to than long-form content. It can also be used to quickly and efficiently convey information or messages to a large audience. Additionally, it can be used to create interest and engagement around a topic or brand. Finally, it can be used to drive traffic to websites and other platforms.

Technical Facts About Inshorts

Developing for Inshorts includes working with both Android & iOS integrated languages such as Java & Swift, along with their own back-end APIs for a communication interface between its many components. Plus, implementing real-time analytics provides invaluable metrics to measure user engagement, thus allowing the company to remain prepared and conscious of what's popular amongst readers of the news.

The app also has a ‘Share’ feature where users can share stories with their friends and family. In addition to its news offerings, Inshorts also offers features such as ‘Inshorts Picks’ which curates stories from various sources, ‘Top Stories’ which shows trending stories in India, and ‘Today’s Headlines’ which offers a list of the top stories of the day. All these muscles work behind the scenes and make an impact on the lives of many people who stay up-to-date with the latest news through its platform!

Inshorts App
Inshorts App 

The app also has an ‘Explore’ section which allows users to search for and follow topics of their interest. It also has a ‘Bookmark’ feature which allows users to save articles for later reading. Inshorts recently launched a ‘Breaking News’ section which provides breaking news alerts. Inshorts has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is available in 10 languages. It also has a website where users can access news stories.

Inshorts was recently in the news for its successful fundraising round. It raised $35 million from Tiger Global Management and other investors, taking its total funding to $100 million. The app has been praised for its simple and intuitive user interface. It has also been lauded for its efforts to make news more accessible to users. Overall, Inshorts is an innovative platform that is changing the way we consume news. It is making news more accessible and is helping users stay informed about the latest developments in India and around the world.

Inshorts Startup Story - Business Model, Revenue Model, Competitors and more
Inshorts is an mobile news application that offers news stories summarised in 60 words or less. Lets look at its business model, revenue model and more.

User Psychology

User psychology is an important factor in digital products, understanding how their users think and interact with a product. Proper user research helps to create an experience tailored to their needs and ensures customers remain loyal. It broadens the overall user experience by identifying factors, such as perceived functionality, usability, system performance, and aesthetics, which are essential for delivering value. By accounting for these elements designers can create solutions that are not only aesthetically appealing but offer meaningful experiences through meaningful interactions that make sense to use. User psychology should also inform product road maps as it can help in planning out feature development cycles, enabling a better overall user experience.

A peek into the minds at Inshorts

Reasons Behind Inshorts Success

The app has grown tremendously over the past few years and now enjoys a considerable user base across India. In this article, we will discuss some of the key reasons for its success.

Unique Concept

One of the primary reasons for Inshorts’ success is its unique concept of providing short news summaries to readers. The idea was revolutionary at a time when most people were used to consuming long articles on their mobile devices or computers. This innovation allowed users to consume news quickly and easily, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Effective Distribution Strategy

Another important factor in Inshorts’ success is its effective distribution strategy. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms as well as on the web, allowing users to access news summaries anytime, anywhere. In addition, the company has also partnered with several mobile operators to make its content available through their networks.

Quality Content

Inshorts also offers high-quality content that is updated regularly by a team of dedicated editors who curate news stories from leading newspapers and magazines. This ensures that readers get only accurate information which helps them stay informed about current affairs without having to read long articles or watch lengthy videos.

Engaging User Experience

Inshorts also offers an engaging user experience. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the news summaries one is interested in. Additionally, users can customize their feeds by selecting topics they are interested in or following specific authors whose work they enjoy reading. This helps make the experience more personalized for each individual user.

Effective Revenue Model

Last but not least, Inshorts has implemented an effective revenue model that allows it to generate revenue while providing its services free of cost to users. It does this by displaying ads on its platform as well as through partnerships with other brands and companies who use its content for marketing purposes. These are some of the key reasons for Inshorts’ success. The company has managed to capture a large user base by providing a unique and innovative news summarization service that is easily accessible, offers high-quality content, provides an engaging user experience, and has an effective monetization model in place.

The Unique Yet Effective Marking Strategies of Inshorts
Inshorts is a mobile news app that summarizes and presents news in less than 60 words. Here’s a look at its marketing strategies.


Inshorts is a popular news app that provides users with short summaries or ‘Inshorts’ of daily news stories. The app has become incredibly popular due to its user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and comprehensive coverage of the latest news from all over the world. Additionally, Inshorts also offers personalized recommendations based on user’s interests and preferences, helping them stay up to date with the latest developments in their areas of interest.

The future of Inshorts looks bright, as the company continues to focus on delivering concise, easily digestible news content to its users. In the coming years, Inshorts is likely to expand its reach and technology to become a leader in the news aggregation and delivery space.


What kind of app is Inshorts?

Inshorts is an aggregator app that summarizes news articles in 60 words and covers a wide range of topics, including tech and business.

Why is Inshorts successful?

Inshorts generates revenues as a content aggregator by driving users to publishers' websites and also through advertising commissions.

Who is the CEO of Inshorts?

Azhar Iqubal is the co-founder and CEO of Inshorts. He was named 'Entrepreneur of the Year' in the media category at the Entrepreneur Awards 2022 organized by Entrepreneur India magazine. Azhar is also all set to be the new judge in the Shark Tank India, season 3.

Is Inshorts a social media?

Inshorts is a news aggregation app that lets users summarise news in 60 words. The latest addition to its portfolio – the Public app – is a local social app that provides users with videos about the places they live in.

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