Best Resources to Learn Ecommerce Marketing

Best Resources to Learn Ecommerce Marketing

Do you know that there are about 12 to 24 million eCommerce sites worldwide? When there is too much competition in this eCommerce field, it is difficult to make your place and thrive day by day. That's why upskilling is necessary to develop in this digital market.

There are countless resources through which you can get access to knowledge of eCommerce marketing. But reading everything is pretty impossible. However, reading important aspects of online marketing which are in trend to keep up with modern market strategies is mandatory. Good resources provide a thorough understanding of marketing automation, inventory management, product sourcing, consumer service optimization, and many other marketing aspects.

That's why we have brought you some best resources to learn about eCommerce marketing in 2022. You can opt for either podcasts, blogs, guides, websites, etc. as per your interests and convenience. Instead of hyping up anymore, let's see what are these golden resources to get thorough knowledge of eCommerce marketing.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Learn Ecommerce Marketing From Blogs
Learn Ecommerce Marketing From Podcasts
Learn Ecommerce Marketing From YouTube Channels
Learn Ecommerce Marketing From Educational Resources

Ecommerce Revenue Growth in India (2018-2025)
Ecommerce Revenue Growth in India (2018-2025)

Learn Ecommerce Marketing From Blogs

The very first resource for learning different aspects of eCommerce marketing is blogs. Here are some popular blogs from where you can learn eCommerce marketing:

Blogs to Help You Learn Ecommerce Marketing
Blogs to Help You Learn Ecommerce Marketing

The Shopify Blog

Nowadays, eCommerce is incomplete without the name, Shopify. A large number of merchants land on Shopify blogs to collect ideas for their eCommerce business. From limited liability companies to B2B and B2C guides, Shopify blogs have solutions for every single term related to eCommerce businesses.

Beeketing Blog

Beeketing blog is an incredible blog specifically for beginners who are trying to fit their feet in eCommerce marketing. It offers three major guides for beginners in the field of eCommerce. The first guide instructs on how to sell elements digitally. The second directory guides you toward aspects of Facebook and advertising. Last, but not least is the beginner's guide to successfully establishing a business on Instagram.

The BigCommerce Blog

Another resource for efficient eCommerce techniques is the BigCommerce blog. Despite furnishing valuable blogs, BigCommerce has a lot to offer. It has productive webinars, guides, events, case studies, ebooks, and live reports to make you perfect for monitoring your digital business. The best part about their blogs is the regular updates and explanations of new trends and strategies that can help you sharpen your online business.

Jungle Scout Blog

Jungle Scout releases blogs specifically relating to expanding online businesses in association with Amazon. You can get the slightest information about starting and selling products on Amazon. As an established FBA seller, Jungle Scout blogs take you to the deepest knowledge of Amazon product analysis to keep you at number one in seller's positions. It has the power to convince why one should opt for Amazon as their next online selling platform.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Richard Lazazzera who started his career as a marketer is now an established founder of many startups. A Better Lemonade Stand is a platform of practical blogs started by Richard, where he shares his aptitude and experience on how to become a successful, online marketer. His site, ABLS has profited more than 100,000 active entrepreneurs as its readers.

Learn Ecommerce Marketing From Podcasts

Podcasts to Help You Learn Ecommerce Marketing
Podcasts to Help You Learn Ecommerce Marketing

The following are some of the most popular podcasts that will give you insights into eCommerce marketing:

Shopify Masters by Felix Thea

The podcasts of Shopify by Felix Thea are popular for capitalizing on some eCommerce marketing strategies which you can implement in your digital business. The strategies put more stress on increasing sales and traffic on websites for their Shopify listeners.

The eCommerce Fuel Podcast by Andrew Youderian

Let me tell you that this ecommerceFuel Podcast is not designed for every eCommerce marketer. It is especially for those marketers who are already established in their eCommerce business and looking forward to taking their business one step forward by upskilling. These podcasts contain master blueprints to start earning six or seven-figure incomes in your online profession.

My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou

Steve Chou, the owner of BumbleBee Linens, shares his insights on how to expand your legs as a retail marketer of an online business. Their target audience remains the persons who are thinking of starting their career in eCommerce. Such individuals fear investing their whole money in their digital enterprise. That's why Steve furnishes strategies to enhance business while keeping financial security, in their 200-long episodes of the "My Wife Quit Her Job" podcast.

Nerd Marketing Ecommerce Podcast by Drew

Nerd Marketing's host Drew seems more like an eCommerce influencer and has furnished more than 40 podcasts on his website. He can successfully convince you and change your mindset toward becoming a millionaire through an eCommerce business. No wonder why his followers earn 7 figure incomes by digital business as boasted by Drew in his podcasts.

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast by Austin Brawner

We can bet you that after listening to eCommerce influence's episodes, you will be too fueled up to obtain a mindset of taking your digital business to the moon and stars. The methods and strategies shared by Austin every single week, work as fuel for knowledge and experience for eCommerce marketers.

Top 10 Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen to in 2022
Podcasts are some of the best ways to learn something. If you want to learn marketing here are the best marketing podcasts to listen to.

Learn Ecommerce Marketing From YouTube Channels

YouTube Channels for Ecommerce Marketing
From left to right Brian Dean, Travis Marziani, Neil Patel, Ritoban (Flying Start Online), Jake Alexander (Casual Ecommerce)

Flying Start Online

The best part of Flying Start Online YouTube channel is that it always remains ready to bring new challenges to its viewers. Recently, Ritoban, the curator at Flying Start Online took up a challenge where he created an online student store and committed to bringing his first customer in just 7 days. The whole challenge was seen live by viewers. Moreover, he keeps coming up with further interviews, reviews, and entrepreneur talks.

Neil Patel

When it comes to marketing, Neil Patel is one of the best people to learn from. Neil has introduced an eCommerce marketing course on his YouTube channel, named "E-commerce Unlocked." In this series of YouTube videos, he covers aspects like SEO, CRO, paid ads, and more. His channel will help you learn about every aspect of eCommerce marketing.

Brian Dean

Brian is the founder of Backlinko's blog and YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is a great source of learning eCommerce marketing as it helps marketers and business owners to take advantage of the search engines for their business growth in an easy and efficient manner.

Casual Ecommerce

Casual Ecommerce pays more heed to run a successful Shopify store. The channel is full of live Shopify tutorials where Jake Alexander talks about Facebook ads and store-running discussions. By following Casual Ecommerce strategies properly, you can just fuel up your monthly sales and earn out of your thinking.

Travis Marziani

The reason why you should follow Travis Marziani as your eCommerce learning resource is its owner, Travis. Travis lost his full-time job in 2013 to run an eCommerce business and ended up generating $700,000. You can find the best profit plans, eCommerce trends, and strategies on his channel. Travis's YouTube channel will help you get aware of the latest marketing trends and take advantage of them.

Top 6 YouTube Channels to Learn Digital Marketing for Free
The field of digital marketing is going to explode in the future. YouTube channels to learn digital marketing- Neil Patel, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

Learn Ecommerce Marketing From Educational Resources

Educational Resources to Help You Learn Ecommerce Marketing
Educational Resources to Help You Learn Ecommerce Marketing

Hubspot Academy

An established excellent source of learning eCommerce marketing is Hubspot academy. You can learn various skills on this platform including Facebook marketing, graphic design, content writing, SEO, etc. You also get certification after course completion.

YouTube Creators Academy

YouTube is one of the greatest platforms that help brands gain immense popularity, and that too, on a budget. It offers an amazing combination of Google's search engine features and social media engagement. It is important for an eCommerce brand to market on YouTube to stand out in the market. Therefore, YouTube Creators Academy is another major source that will help you learn how you can market your eCommerce store and reach potential customers with YouTube.

Google Academy for Ads

Searching for some excellent resources to master the ad outputs of Google? Google Academy for Ads is the best place to master. You can grasp almost every single topic of Google Ads including display, shopping, search, advertisement exchange, DoubleClick, etc. It also provides specialized courses on online advertisement.

Meta Blueprint (Facebook Blueprint)

Ecommerce business remains incomplete and unprofitable without taking it to the heftier platform, Facebook. That's why mastering Facebook to run your digital business is a must nowadays. Meta blueprint provides access to various free series of courses where you can learn and earn Facebook systems strategies and credentials.


Coursera was founded by two computer science professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller with a vision to provide an exclusive learning experience to learners all around the world. Now Coursera is getting extremely popular because of its resourceful and wide variety of courses that includes marketing, product promotion, SEO, email marketing, and many more. The cost of courses starts from $20 and reaches up to $100.


Hence, this was about the best resources to learn eCommerce marketing. Whether you love reading, listening, watching, or obtaining information step by step from educational resources, we brought you every option to choose from. So start grabbing information from any of these platforms and rock your sales of eCommerce business by implementing the strategies learned from the above-mentioned resources.


What is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing simply means any marketing effort made for the promotion of an online store and generating more sales. It covers the aspect of customer acquisition as well as retention of existing customers.

Which are the best educational resources to learn eCommerce marketing?

The best educational resources to learn eCommerce marketing are:

  • Google Academy for Ads
  • Meta Blueprint (Facebook Blueprint)
  • YouTube Creators Academy
  • HubSpot Academy
  • Coursera

How can I promote my eCommerce website?

There are many ways in which you can promote your eCommerce website. These include:

  • Blogging
  • Podcast Advertising
  • Partnerships with Brands
  • Offer Deals and Discounts
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Create Interesting content

Which Blogs are the best for learning eCommerce marketing?

The following are some of the best blogs for learning eCommerce marketing:

  • The Shopify Blog
  • The BigCommerce Blog
  • Beeketing Blog
  • Jungle Scout Blog
  • A Better Lemonade Stand

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