How to Use BigCommerce to Boost Your B2B Ecommerce Experience?

How to Use BigCommerce to Boost Your B2B Ecommerce Experience?

The B2B eCommerce market was worth $5.8 trillion in 2013 which grew to $12.2 trillion in 2019. The traditional approach where the buyer research and talk to the sales rep have taken a backseat. A shift in the demographics of B2B buyers made eCommerce vital for many B2B SaaS companies. Today, more than 46% of B2B buyers are millennials who prefer an online shopping portal.

BigCommerce, an open SaaS eCommerce platform, host over 70,000 eCommerce stores. It is an eCommerce platform for small to large and fast-growing companies that wish to boost their online shopping experience. But, how to leverage BigCommerce efficiently to enhance your B2B eCommerce store?

First, let us look at some core features that every B2B eCommerce store should have and how BigCommerce fits into the role.

B2B Ecommerce Store Must-Haves
BigCommerce Advanced Features

How to Get Started with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce Case Study: Tradelink
Is BigCommerce Good for B2B?

What is BigCommerce? | An Introduction

B2B Ecommerce Store Must-Haves

Retail Ecommerce Sales Worldwide from 2017 to 2025
Retail Ecommerce Sales Worldwide from 2017 to 2025

Just like having sales, finance, and customer support departments is crucial for a company, there are some elements of a B2B eCommerce store that are a must-have. B2B and B2C stores have different needs regarding pricing, bulk order placing, catalogue, quotation requests, and much more. Here are the top 9 must-haves for a B2B eCommerce store:

  1. Contract pricing & catalogue
  2. Bulk ordering
  3. Quick reordering
  4. Restricted access control
  5. Portal Customization
  6. Shared Shopping Cart
  7. Quote Management
  8. Digital Payment Management
  9. Product Information Management (PMI)

Apart from these core features, BigCommerce offers a wide variety of features for enhanced customization and functionality. Let us look at the advanced features of the BigCommerce B2B SaaS eCommerce platform.

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BigCommerce Advanced Features

BigCommerce helps B2B businesses to build an eCommerce store, which boosts their online presence to get an edge over their competitors. The biggest USP of BigCommerce is its open-source API system which allows companies to customize their eCommerce store.

The marketers get the functionality and flexibility combined. BigCommerce aims at increasing store performance by adding features (tools, automation, etc.), enhancing security measures, and making it customizable. Here are 7 features that make BigCommerce the leading open SaaS B2B eCommerce platform.


Integration - BigCommerce Advanced Features
Integration - BigCommerce Advanced Features

BigCommerce provides integration with various applications, CRM, and ERP to ease the process of handling multiple aspects of the store. Also, businesses can integrate their store with social media or market channels like Amazon, eBay, Instagram, and Facebook to provide an effortless shopping experience to their customers.

Easy-To-Use Tools

BigCommerce is a no-complex, easy-to-manage platform for running eCommerce stores. It provides various tools to automate and templatize small tasks, which reduces time wastage. SEO, site traffic, promotions, checkouts, and many other tools make it easier to run the store. Also, the store's functionality enhances.

Open Source- Exposed Over APIs

BigCommerce has focused on open source and API calling since its initial stage. Businesses can leverage the API for customization and integration. Basically, the store becomes more flexible and one can add required features or automation. It makes the store operative for marketers and flexible in case of additional needs!


Security - BigCommerce Advanced Features
Security - BigCommerce Advanced Features

With the best uptimes in the eCommerce industry of 99.99%, BigCommerce offers robust security and performance. It offers many other measures such as additional SLA, HTTPS and PCI compliance, and advanced SSLs. This avoids malicious attacks and gives restricted access to eliminate system hacking.

Powerful Reporting Tool

BigCommerce offers a powerful reporting tool to keep all the data synced and manageable. From quotations to orders, all the data is presented in sleek reports. This enables businesses to handle stores efficiently.

Abandoned Cart Saver

BigCommerce offers its user an option of an abandoned cart saver. It allows sellers to send emails to the customers in case of an abandoned cart. It studies the moment along the store and triggers in case the user leaves amidst the purchase process.

Advanced search is crucial for B2B eCommerce stores with field support and filters for refined searching. BigCommerce powers Nextopia and PunchOut2Go to facilitate the advanced search for buyers.

BigCommerce removes complexity and provides a seamless eCommerce store experience. In addition, BigCommerce supports over 65 online payment gateways in 230 countries and 140 currencies. It allows multiple options for bulk purchases and promotions. Businesses with a global market can opt for BigCommerce to get limitless growth.

How to Get Started with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is easy to set up as it comes with hundreds of templates, designs, and automation tools. You simply need to pre-launch (determine TG, domain name, product launch, and research competitors and pricing), optimize (design, product designs, and SEO content), and market (website performance, outbound marketing strategy, and add keywords) your store. Here is how you set up an eCommerce store on BigCommerce:

BigCommerce - The Ecommerce Solution for All Your B2B Needs
BigCommerce - The Ecommerce Solution for All Your B2B Needs

Themes and Categories

BigCommerce has a vast library of themes and a category management system available. It has a dedicated editor where you can pick beautiful, mobile-friendly themes to boost conversions. Make the site easy to navigate and align with your brand colours. The store’s upfront design is crucial to attracting users and increasing conversions.

Product Options

Now, decide the products you wish to launch and add to the store. Either through CSV (all at one time) or one by one, you can add products to the store. BigCommerce allows a lot of options to create categories. At this stage, you could deploy SEO tools to add product descriptions which increases ranking chances.

Payment and Shipping

BigCommerce provides many options to collect payment with 65 payment gateways, supporting 140 currencies in 230 countries. You can accept payments via PayPal or credit card almost immediately.

Depending upon your audience and requirements, you can customize shipping options based on domestic or international shipping, such as:

  1. Free shipping,
  2. Flat rates,
  3. Weight-based rates, and
  4. Real-time shipping quotes

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Launch Services

Finally, launch your store. BigCommerce provides support for after-setup management as well. It covers technical support with in-house experts that assist with in-store setup and aftercare.

Tradelink is Australia’s oldest plumbing business. After running successfully for 150 years, it decided to hop onto the online side of the business. How did BigCommerce play a role? Not only does BigCommerce accommodate the large volume but it also simulates the in-store shopping experience. The company was able to offer an omnichannel shopping experience by leveraging BigCommerce to combine B2B, B2C, and B2G. Result?

The company saw an increase of 346% in customers, 373% in orders, and 338% in revenue from Nov. 2020-April 2021 to May 2021-Oct. 2021.

Is BigCommerce Good for B2B?

BigCommerce is a trusted SaaS B2B eCommerce platform with over 70,000 companies using it for omnichannel growth. Small to enterprise-sized and fast-growing stores could benefit from seamless integration, security, and customization options. It prioritizes functionality and keeps bringing improved versions and updates. It also gives three different packages to choose from to align with your business needs.


BigCommerce is a great eCommerce platform offering software as a service to retailers. It is known to help various businesses with their online store establishment, hosting and marketing, search engine optimization, and security. Hence, be it setting up a store from scratch or switching from another platform, BigCommerce assists each business in growing its eCommerce store.


What is B2B meaning?

B2B stands for Business-to-Business. It is a kind of eCommerce that refers to the trade between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers that is Business-to-Consumers.

Is BigCommerce good for B2B?

BigCommerce is a trusted SaaS B2B eCommerce platform with over 70,000 companies using it for omnichannel growth. Small to enterprise-sized and fast-growing stores could benefit from seamless integration, security, and customization options.

How much does BigCommerce B2B cost?

BigCommerce offers a free 15-day trial. After that its paid plans include Standard- $29.95 per month, Plus- $79.95 per month, Pro- $299.95 per month and Enterprise (customized pricing).

What is the best B2B?

Some of the best B2B eCommerce platforms include:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce B2B
  • OpenCart
  • Oracle SuiteCommerce

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