Everything You Need to know About Microgreen Business in India

As the concern of health and priority is growing due to the pandemic, Indians are now becoming more health-conscious than ever. According to industry experts, there is a possibility of at least a 20-25 percent increase in the compounded growth of organic food in India for the year 2020-21. One of the most important learning people gained was the need to build strong immunity as a possible shield against deadly viruses.

Organic food being full of antioxidants and nutrients provide one of the best ways to boost immunity. Hence, instead of risking their health further, people will prefer to buy and even pay an extra premium for organic food. Looking at the scenario it can be said that, this is the right time to invest in a Microgreen Business in India.

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What is a Microgreen Business?
How to Start a Microgreen Business in India?
Tips to Start your own Microgreen Business in India
Benefits of a Microgreen Business in India
Is Microgreen Business Profitable in India
Microgreen Business Requirements in India
What are the Best Plants to Grow as Microgreens

What is a Microgreen Business?

Microgreens are the first leaves that grow from the seeds of herbs, vegetables, or flowers. They are harvested within 14 days of seed germination. Micro-greens are found to be 40 times more nutritious than mature vegetables.

How to Start a Microgreen Business in India?

Before starting the business remember to do a market research of your prospective clients. To grow microgreen, vertical farming is employed. The vertical farm grows plants and produces by stacking the plants. This is accomplished by using growing shelves suspended on a wall which uses much less space than growing the plants on the ground.

To start a small microgreen business you require a one-time investment of metal shelf, lights, and flat trays. Microgreen business does not require a huge space, you can grow your farm in a space as small as 6sqft. You can even grow microgreens in a small apartment.

Microgreen business in India
Growing Microgreen in a Small Space

Microgreens require a perfect environment to grow, they need at least 16 hours of light and the temperature should be maintained at 15-26 degrees Celsius. Watering should be done twice once in the morning and in the evening. One thing you should keep in mind is microgreens should be supplied immediately once they are ready.

If you're still facing some problems or skeptical about growing microgreens, you can find several tutorials on YouTube that can assist you to grow your own microgreen business.

Tips to Start your own Microgreen Business in India

Study your Market Extensively

Every market is different from another, so before starting your microgreen business take some time and study your market extensively, do some market research when growing microgreens for profit. Do study your local markets.

Try Different Marketing Strategies

The most important step of marketing is Understanding Customer Sentiments. Word of mouth sales, word of mouth is an old school trick but it's always effective. News always reach fast, when it travels through the mouth. The news can be both positive and negative because both ways people will take an interest. Hence, use this old trick to promote your startup.

Evaluate Health Risk

The health risk is an important aspect to consider while setting up any food business. The disease can spread rapidly if the food product is not handled correctly. Handle and grow microgreens properly to minimize health risks entirely.

Consider Packaging

If your selling microgreens to a retailer, there is a possibility that if an employee mishandles your products your reputation might be at risk. This is one of many reasons that packaging is important.

Microgreen Market in India
Microgreen Packaging

Benefits of a Microgreen Business in India

  • Microgreens can be grown in a small space.
  • A small amount of investment is required.
  • The crop cycle is short.
  • You can grow them all year long indoors.

Is Microgreen Business Profitable in India

Is microgreens profitable? Yes, the main advantage of a microgreen business is that they can be grown almost anywhere. It is both profitable and practical to start and manage a microgreen market in India. Many businesses and startups are investing in microgreen business, as it is profitable and requires less space.

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Microgreen Business Requirements in India

One time Investments

  • Metal shelf
  • Lights
  • Flat trays
  • Small space to grow your microgreens

Recurring Cost

  • Containers
  • Seeds
  • Growing medium
  • Water
  • Electricity

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What are The Best Plants to Grow as Microgreens

  • Pansies
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Sunflowers
  • Radishes
  • Potatoes
  • Spinach

Every market is a little different so Starting and growing a microgreen business could take some time and effort, but being consistent is the key. Research your market extensively and market your product effectively to grow your business. Looking at the scenario it can be said that, This is the right time to invest in a Microgreens Business in India.

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How much Investment is required to start a microgreen business in India?

Investment required to start your own microgreen business can be up to as low as Rs15,000 which can go up to 5 lacs.

What is the minimum space required to grow microgreens?

You can grow your farm in a space as small as 6sqft. You can also grow microgreens in a small apartment.

Is it profitable to sell microgreens?

Yes, It is both profitable and practical to start and manage a microgreens market in India.

What kind of soil do microgreens require?

Any organic potting soil will work best for growing your microgreens.

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