Most Profitable Rental Business Ideas in 2022

Souvik Dey Souvik Dey
May 27, 2022 9 min read
Most Profitable Rental Business Ideas in 2022

People now have to understand how a particular product is important, especially when it is used once or rarely. Do you have any idea to start a rental or lease business? Well, you're in the right place. In this digital world starting a rental or lease business with low investment and high profit is the smartest move you can take. The concept is simple, ownership of the product lies in your hand and you are paid for the usage.

Nowadays, people prefer to rent things rather than purchase them. Generally, in the rental business, there are various products for rent. Therefore it is very much important that which product will be suited to start a business. You need to do some market research before starting the rental business.

List of Profitable Rental Business Ideas

  1. Air conditioning renting business
  2. Apartment renting business
  3. Houseboat rental
  4. Car rental business
  5. Furniture leasing and renting for babies
  6. Coffee machine renting
  7. Conference and hotel room booking
  8. Renting on office equipment
  9. Home appliances renting
  10. Book rental business
  11. Costume rental business
  12. Flat renting business
  13. Renting artificial trees and flowers
  14. Construction equipment renting
  15. Video game renting
  16. Camera and accessories
Profitable renting business Ideas in India

List of Profitable Rental Business Ideas

Air conditioning renting business

Air conditioners are the modern convenience that has become essential to employ comfort and safety as well as for business improvement. It maximizes comfort. It also increases efficiency. It will help during summer days and boost up productivity. This air conditioning renting might be used for the customer like travellers, business people, function houses, and so on.

Apartment renting business

Apartment Renting Business
Apartment Renting Business

The advantages of owning a rental property are few but it will be very much powerful. If everything is done well then one can make a lot of money from this business. And nowadays it is a wise business for an entrepreneur because most peoples search for apartment rentals.

Houseboat rental

Houseboat Rental Business
Houseboat Rental Business

This rental is the advanced business technology in the market. This business has two options such as either you can purchase or offer it. There are some advantages to this:

  • It is unique
  • Relaxing
  • Affordable
  • Flexible

Car rental business

Car rental Business
Car rental Business

These days, car rental is one of the hottest industries. For people who require a vehicle on a temporary basis, renting a car is always a cheap and practical choice. Car rental is popular not just with vacationers, but also with businesses. Car rental is mostly used by travellers. One can move from one place to another place and discover many things with little cost. There are many advantages to this business:

  • Freedom of movement
  • Money-saving
  • Quality of life
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Affordability
Car Rental Market in India
Car Rental Market in India

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Furniture leasing and renting for babies

Kids Furniture Rental Business
Kids Furniture Rental Business

This is the most valid rental business where parents buy furniture for a little period of time. When the baby grows up then this furniture will be useless that’s why parents prefer to rent the furniture. When it comes to customising a child's room, there's a lot you can do, and you don't have to sweat it because renting saves a lot of money, time, and headaches. Here are some of the advantages of renting furniture for your children.

  • Cost-effective
  • Hassle-free
  • Convenient
  • Long or short term
  • Flexibility

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Coffee machine renting

Coffee machine rental business

Coffee machine renting is one of the greatest ways to earn money in marketing. Nowadays coffee machines running one everywhere like offices, schools, colleges, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, bakeries and so on. Coffee machine renting gives unrivalled flexibility. Renting a coffee machine change your mind. In this business. In this business maintenance and servicing is included.

Conference and hotel room booking

Conference Room Renting Business
Conference room renting Business

In this business world, most of the business and companies are searching for their personal client’s meeting or program in a hotel or conference room. There are the top 10 advantages of this business:

  • Help with event management
  • Plenty of space and options
  • Book as long as needed
  • Video Conferencing capabilities
  • Dedicated meeting planners
  • On-site catering and dining
  • Guestrooms
  • The hotel handles the organization
  • Spacious conference halls for larger events
  • A convenient lodging option

Renting on office equipment

When you are starting or growing a business, cash is often in short supply. One way to spend less is to lease essential office equipment instead of buying it. There are many advantages to this business some are listed below:

  • Have access to a higher standard of equipment
  • Pay for the asset for a fixed period of time
  • Easier to forecast cashflow
  • Spread the cost over a longer period of time
  • Not have to worry about maintenance

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Home appliances renting

Moving one’s furniture and appliances from city to city is a hugely complex and expensive process. People prefer rented furniture and home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, beds, sofas, chairs, and other home essentials. Whether you have to buy or rent furniture and appliances depends on many factors. Few reasons for this business are cost-effective, hassle-free, flexible, and easy returns.

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Book rental business

Books Rental Business
Books Rental Business

Renting books can be a profitable company because some individuals prefer to rent rather than buy a book they wish to read. They usually do it, especially if the books are only needed momentarily. Renting a book is less expensive than buying it.This is the perfect platform for clients who simply rent their books and earn profit easily. All types of books can be rented with a rental script. There are some benefits:

  • Profitable
  • You Don’t Lose the Books
  • People Need It

Costume rental business

Market Revenue in Apparel Renting Business
Market Revenue in Apparel Renting Business

The costume rental business will be very much beneficial. It is part of a continuously flourishing industry that presents many growth opportunities. How to start this business some tips:

  • Find your target market
  • Figure out your costs
  • Secure funding for your startup
  • Create a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Register for taxes
  • Open a business bank account
  • Build your costume rental inventory
  • Invest in an inventory management setup
  • Create an online costume rental store
  • Effectively manage your costume vendors

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Flat renting business

In metro cities, the flat renting business is a huge opportunity. The capital which is needed for starting a flat rental business is less. This business is profitable in the area of suburban and metro cities and also people are looking for flats to live or work in. Some advantages are:

  • Passive income source
  • Greater security
  • Flexibility to sell at the right time
  • Option to move back
  • Property value appreciation
  • Diversification of investments

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Renting artificial trees and flowers

Normally these artificial trees and flowers are used in birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions, and so on. These are used in indoor and outdoor activities. People prefer to decorate parties with these artificial trees and flowers.

Construction equipment renting

Equipment Renting Market Revenue
Equipment Renting Market Revenue

Renting construction equipment increased in popularity due to several reasons. In many companies renting has become a viable option that cut costs and runs a more financially stable decision. The benefit of this renting business:

  • Avoid the Initial Purchase Cost
  • Less Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Shielding From Market Fluctuation
  • No Depreciation Costs
  • Project-Specific Rentals
  • Solve Equipment Storage Issues
  • Transportation Logistics

Video game renting

Video Game Rental Business
Video Game Rental Business

The video game is the most attractive tool among youngsters. Video game renting is the trending renting business among youngsters. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the advantage of renting video games is the cost. Another advantage of renting video games, especially online renting is that you do not have any deadlines to pay the fee.

Camera and accessories

The camera and accessories business can be done in two ways one is online or another is offline. In this business, you not only provide a camera and but also lenses and light. At Birthdays, parties, weddings everyone needs to rent a camera to capture their best moments. This is why your camera rental business will always have customers drawn to it. To make this business success some important points:

  • Keep the best inventory in stock
  • Showcase your products with an online store
  • Offer discounts and deals to attract customers
  • Create watertight agreements
  • Use the power of social media
  • Adopt rental inventory tracking software.


We briefly discussed the numerous rental company concepts in this article. If you're ready to start your own rental business, now is a good moment to do so.

The most crucial factor in the long term and the success of your business is choosing a rental business idea that fits your rental business ideas.


Is a rental business profitable?

Rental businesses have become extremely profitable and growing business these days.

Which rental business is best?

Some of the profitable rental business ideas are:

  • Apartment renting business
  • Car rental business
  • Furniture renting
  • Coffee machine renting
  • Home appliances renting
  • Sports equipment rental business
  • Book rental business
  • Costume rental business
  • Flat renting business
  • Construction equipment renting

Is rental car business profitable?

Yes, rental car business profit margin is 30-40%. It is quite profitable rental business in India.

What is rented the most in India?

House/flat is the most rented in India.

What is the most rented equipment?

Most rented construction equipment includes:

  • Excavators
  • Skid steers
  • Lifts
  • Dozers
  • Forklifts

What are the most rented party items?

Most rented party items are:

  • Tent
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Linen
  • Glassware
  • Lighting
  • Artificial Flowers

Which city in India has highest rental income?

Cities that generate most revenue in rental business are:

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad

How is Indian residential rental market?

India's residential rental market is over $20 Billion.

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