No-Code Development Platforms for CRM and Customer Support

No-Code Development Platforms for CRM and Customer Support

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Support, while often overlooked, are some of the most important and crucial assets of an online enterprise across SMEs of different scales and domains. While you still need a robust infrastructure and web framework for your business to garner customers and attract visitors, the fact is that you need a good CRM to retain them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Customer Support tools are generally used by marketing professionals and sometimes by customer support teams to interact with customers. CRM tools help online enterprises build strong relations with customers and retain them, in turn expanding the business and ensuring customer loyalty.

Although there are various CRM solutions available over the internet, a custom tool that caters to the specific needs of your business would be quite an asset. This is where no-code development tools for CRM and Customer Support come in. Such tools help you build custom CRM and Customer Support Solutions without using code, specifically designed to serve your business. In this article, we compare some of the best No Code Development Tools for CRM and Customer Support, so you can take your pick.

Zendesk Sunshine


Pricing Starts from $25
Rating 4.5/5
Crisp No-Code CRM
Crisp No-Code CRM

Crisp is a no-code multichannel platform that helps connect companies to their customers and offers various integrations, and automation, as well as a chatbot for seamless customer support and interaction. Be it marketing with targeted emails or cross-channel customer support, Crisp encompasses various tasks and helps you convert leads and retain them coherently. You can also manage and organize your database centrally, and monitor contacts' website activity regularly.


  • Enrich contact records with social media profiles and real-time notifications, so you are always prepared to communicate with customers.
  • Chatbots and live chats allow you to interact with and convert leads even when you're asleep, hence optimizing your work.
  • With Crisp, you also get to track events and target and filter leads with high conversion chances for high work efficiency.
  • Centralize your database with a unique customer data platform to identify prospects and engage with them.
  • Moreover, Crisp also allows users to automatically engage with the website while also segmenting contacts into groups.


Pro Plan Unlimited Plan
$25 per month $95 per month
4 seats included 20 seats included
Unlimited history, Triggers,
Canned Responses, Private Notes,
Customization, and other features
Knowledge Base, Status Page,
Chat Reminders, Routing/Assign,
Automate Campaigns, Analytics,
and many useful features

The Basic Plan offers the most basic features such as live chat, mobile apps, and team inbox. In contrast, the Pro and Unlimited plans offer several advanced features including triggers, audio messages, Slack replies, live translations, various integrations, and others.

Zendesk Sunshine

Pricing Starts from $19
Rating 4.3/5
Zendesk Sunshine No-Code CRM
Zendesk Sunshine No-Code CRM

An open and flexible CRM platform, Zendesk CRM allows organizations to manage and store all their customer data in one place and helps them build better customer experience. While the usual CRM platform adheres to the old ways of viewing the customers with a single dimension, Sunshine helps you look at the complete picture and also offers innovation and scalability.


  • Zendesk offers a customer-centric architecture along with the ability to identify and segment customers in your business.
  • With the primary components of Zendesk Sunshine being Unified Profiles, Events, Objects, and Conversations, it offers you a comprehensive insight into the customer experience.
  • Native to AWS, users can also link Sunshine to Amazon Events Calendar, and stream Zendesk events in real-time.
  • New data sources for products, orders, and customers can be stored as custom objects and used for insights.
  • Messages from different channels can be viewed in a unified manner to better interact with the customer and enhance conversion rates.


Suite Team Suite Growth Suite Professional
Includes all the basic
features and costs $49
per agent per month
Offers features such as self-
service and automation and
costs $79 per agent per month
Offers an advanced suite of
collaborative and analytics
features and costs $99 per
agent per month
Leading ticketing system
along with cross-
channel messaging
All features included in the
Suite Team along with a Self-
service portal and AI-powered
knowledge base
All features included in the
Suite Growth along with
conversation routing and
community forums
Automated answers
along with agent
workspace with
reporting and analytics
Offers custom ticket layouts
along with light access
Offers custom dashboards and
private conversation threads
Data storage with
robust APIs
SLA management along with
multilingual support
Offers voice capabilities along
with AWS Events Connector


Pricing Starts from $100
Rating 4.4/5
DronaHQ No-Code CRM Development Platform
DronaHQ No-Code CRM Development Platform

DronaHQ is a low code development platform that helps users build custom tools including CRM and customer support tools without using code. To say that the demands in an Ecommerce dominated industry are quite dynamic would be an understatement. However, with the suite of features that DronaHQ has to offer, users can find the perfect solution. A custom CRM would mean that the workflow from lead to billing would be seamlessly governed by the organization, making it the ultimate tool to look out for.


  • Custom design with drag-and-drop functionality, statistics, and a multilingual approach makes the tool all the more appealing.
  • Embed push notifications and screen navigation along with field validations while also integrating with external applications.
  • You can also connect to Google Sheets and even to your online database through Connectors and APIs.
  • Seamlessly manage business processes and workflows with instant sign-offs and real-time database updates.
  • DronaHQ also allows for routine automation with webhook triggers and integrated applications.


Starter Plan Business Plan Enterprise Plan
$100 per month billed
$500 per month billed
Custom pricing based
on features
Over 25K tasks per month
along with 10 published
Over 125K tasks per month
along with 20 published
Unlimited published
apps and tasks
5K records along with 20 GB
of cloud storage
5K records along with 40 GB
of cloud storage
Unlimited records with
custom cloud storage
2 admins with 5 connectors 10 admins with 25 connectors Unlimited admins and


Pricing Starts from $39
Rating 4.8/5
Outseta No-Code CRM
Outseta No-Code CRM

Outseta offers various SaaS services including billing, helpdesk, and authentication; CRM is one of them. With Outseta, you can manage all the tasks from lead conversion to billing and customer interaction in one place, and better interact with your leads. Be it managing sales pipelines or tracking customer engagement, Outseta offers a single unified platform for all operational needs of an early-stage startup.


  • Seamlessly create and manage records and add custom properties with email and customer support requests.
  • Manage your sales pipeline with efficient drag-and-drop tools and track your lead's progress in real-time.
  • Outseta also allows you to create custom events that correlate with your product and enhance user engagement.
  • Product engagement insights can be used to track your most proactive leads by billing stage, cohort, and based on other factors.
  • Outseta also allows users to track their Gmail conversations so as to not lose context when engaging with a customer.


Founder Plan Start-up Plan Growth Plan
$39 per month $79 per month $119 per month
Up to 1,000 contacts Up to 5,000 contacts Up to 10,000 contacts
Unlimited members Unlimited members Unlimited members
All features included All features included All features included


Pricing Custom Quote
Rating 4.6/5
Attio No-Code CRM
Attio No-Code CRM

Attio is one of the most comprehensive tools when it comes to building other relationship management platforms. With Attio, you can keep your network and team in sync by importing, sorting, and managing contacts, along with building and designing your own workflow. You can also collaborate seamlessly by sharing workflows and contacts in real-time to make the best out of your efforts.


  • Attio's automated contact sync automatically imports contacts and updates them whenever there is a new connection.
  • Smart email sharing and sorting allow users to keep track of important conversations that your team members have.
  • You can also make use of various integrations effortlessly including Zapier and other tools with Attio's efficient API.
  • Manage inbound deals with customizable pipelines and visual investment processes to analyze your portfolio.
  • Attio offers real-time updates along with iOS and Android applications allowing you to stay connected and deploy quick actions.


Customer Relationship Management and Support are one of the more important aspects of any business, and making use of custom tools to generate and nurture leads is one of its most underrated aspects. The above-listed tools allow you to embed and use custom tools without using code, in a CRM specific to your needs, and hence serve as the ultimate tools for the development of CRM and Customer Support.


Code-free tools can be helpful for people with no coding knowledge or those who don't want to learn coding to get their tasks done. Special skills are not required to use the tools. Users can make changes quickly and easily. Development and customization of the apps are convenient.

Does no-code have a future?

Yes, no-code has a future bright future. Code-free platforms are gaining popularity. They can help in cutting down the cost of software development. Users without coding knowledge can develop and customize their apps.

Which are the best no-code tools?

Crisp, Zendesk, DronaHQ, Outseta, and Attio are among the best no-code tools.

What are no-code examples?

DronaHQ, Zendesk, MailChimp, and WordPress are some examples of no-code.

Which are the best no-code tools?

Crisp, Zendesk, DronaHQ, Outseta, and Attio are among the best no-code tools.

What are the disadvantages of no-code?

  • Limited functionality
  • Speed and Scalability
  • Limitations in customizing applications
  • Security concerns

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