Skandamata's Nurturing Spirit: Insights from Women Entrepreneurs on Building Strong Teams

Skandamata's Nurturing Spirit: Insights from Women Entrepreneurs on Building Strong Teams
Skandamata Inspired Women Entrepreneurs on Building Strong Teams- Smitha Jacob, Hema Bansal Ahlawat

As we step into our fifth Navratri story, we are embraced by the nurturing presence of Skandamata. Her name signifies her role as a caring mother figure, much like how women entrepreneurs nurture and support their teams in the business world.

Inspired by Skandamata, we at StartupTalky asked these remarkable entrepreneurs how they build relationships and support their teams in their businesses and in what ways female founders can create positive and productive work environments for each other.

Just like Skandamata grants power, prosperity, and wisdom to her devotees, these women have valuable insights to offer on achieving success and growth with their teams in their businesses.

Let's explore their experiences and learn from their nurturing spirits.

Hema Bansal Ahlawat, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Partner, HJA & Associates LLP

Just as Skandamata lovingly nurtures her child, I believe in fostering strong relationships and teams in my business through empathy, communication, and collaboration. I prioritize open dialogue, actively listening to my team's ideas, concerns, and aspirations. By acknowledging each member's unique strengths and contributions, I create a supportive work environment where everyone feels valued and motivated.

As a female founder, I also encourage other women entrepreneurs to build a positive and productive work culture by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Embracing mentorship, offering flexible work arrangements, and organizing networking events can empower female colleagues to excel and thrive together. Together, we can inspire and uplift one another on this entrepreneurial journey.

Smitha Jacob, Co-founder, Jolger Activewear, Founder Director, Saggian Ventures

From the beginning, we wanted to create an abundance of opportunities for women to build a diverse, competent, and empowered workforce. At present, 70% of our workforce are women. We share our profits with rural enterprises that are run by women. This helps create a positive cycle of women empowerment through sales, entrepreneurship, and skill-building ventures.

At Jolger, we believe empowering the community is a great move. This is why we have committed 1% of our sales to OBLF; a Non-profit Organization that focuses on Rural Development and Women Empowerment in Karnataka. And supporting the employees with soft skills and knowledge gaining training for enhancing their career growth.

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Preety Singh, Co-founder and Managing Director, Boomlet Group

Just as Skandamata nurtures her child, I build relationships and nurture teams in my business by fostering a supportive environment. I align goals and help my team envision their aspirations, guiding them on the path to success.

For founders, it is essential to create a positive work atmosphere by encouraging open communication, providing mentorship opportunities, and recognizing and celebrating achievements. Cultivating a culture of collaboration and empowerment can lead to a productive and harmonious workplace, where founders can thrive and support each other's growth.

Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, CITTA

At CITTA, we draw inspiration from Skandamata, the nurturing mother. Our approach to building relationships and nurturing our teams mirrors her compassionate spirit. We prioritize open communication, fostering an atmosphere where each voice is valued, regardless of gender. Just as Skandamata empowers her child, we empower our employees to grow, enabling them to balance work and life seamlessly.

As a female founder, I emphasize creating a positive workplace through mentorship, celebrating diversity, and encouraging open dialogue. Just as the Navratri festival unites communities, we unite our team with shared values, creating a harmonious blend of creativity, dedication, and innovation that reflects the strength and warmth of a mother's love. In every essence of our brand, CITTA embodies the nurturing spirit of Skandamata. Together, we nurture not only our brand but the dreams and aspirations of our team members.

Dr. Malini Saba, Self-Made Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Global Advocate for Women and Girls

Building solid relationships and nurturing teams are essential in my businesses, just like Skandamata does for her child. Open, honest, and regular interaction builds a foundation of trust and understanding among team members.

It's important not to misuse their respect or trust, though, by presuming they may not fully comprehend some things because of a lack of exposure or experience. As an alternative, it's critical to respect and cherish their viewpoints. In reality, they frequently have fresh perspectives and solutions to offer because of their distinct perspectives.

We can foster a pleasant work atmosphere as female entrepreneurs by acknowledging each other's accomplishments, no matter how small. It raises morale and fosters a sense of belonging to acknowledge and appreciate team members' contributions. Additionally, giving team members chances for development, mentoring, and skill improvement empowers them and promotes a productive work atmosphere. Promoting teamwork and collaboration results in a diversity of solutions and ideas for problems. It's critical to provide a secure environment where each person's voice is heard and respected.

Supporting a healthy work-life balance is also essential. We can create a more welcoming and effective working atmosphere for one another by encouraging flexible work schedules and respecting individual requirements.

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Naina Ruhail, Founder and Co-CEO, Vanity Wagon

I believe in nurturing my team, as trust and empowerment are the foundation of a positive work environment. I encourage collaboration, provide enough room for growth opportunities, and trust in each other’s skills and ideas. Diversifying the tasks and maximizing the potential is what yields great results for us.

To female founders, I recommend building a supportive and collaborative environment. By empowering your team and fostering a sense of belonging, you'll not only attract the best talents but also create a thriving, mutually supportive ecosystem.

Shreya Ghodawat, India Ambassador, SHE Changes Climate | CEO, Sustainable Guides

Much like Skandamata nurtured and supported her child, nurturing teams within your business is essential. They need to be on the same page in terms of your vision. Both employee and customer buy-in are essential.

I promote a positive and productive work environment by emphasizing empathy, inclusivity, and collaboration among team members. Female founders can create such an atmosphere by prioritising their team's well-being and making sure their team structure is diverse, equitable, and well-balanced across multiple levels.

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue

Building relationships and nurturing teams in my business involves creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. As a female founder, I prioritize open communication and collaboration, ensuring that every team member's voice is heard and valued. I provide mentorship and opportunities for professional growth, emphasizing work-life balance to maintain a healthy, motivated team.

Female founders can also support each other by networking, sharing experiences, and promoting diversity in the workplace. By fostering a positive and productive work environment, we empower our teams to thrive and contribute to the company's success.

Shreya Sharma, Founder and CEO, Rest The Case

I think one of the main things that needs to be worked on or changed in any work environment is to make sure that when we want to hire someone or want someone to be a part of our team we must see first if that person fits our job description, their gender, religion or any other similar aspect is not something we base this decision on. A healthy work environment is only built when every employee is treated as an equal be it a female employee or a male employee, their work should be their defining/distinguishing factor.

Further, I think to build a team that grows with the company will only be assured if you give the people in your team that space and freedom to grow, put their ideas forward, and work in an environment that lets them put their heart out maybe make mistakes and also have the ability to fix it and as an employer or leader you must have the capability to stand by them.

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