List of Brands Endorsed by Sonu Nigam

List of Brands Endorsed by Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam Endorsed Brands

When it comes to the singing icon of all time, Sonu Nigam is the name that comes to everyone's mouth. Today, almost every celebrity is diving their wave into the advertising limelight. With that in mind, it's quite amusing to acknowledge the fact how Sonu Nigam is getting his way in the endorsement business.

Sonu Nigam is a prominent Indian singer as well as a music director who is famous for his vocal wisdom in Hindi and Kannada languages. And the words of his talent isn't limited to India only, in fact, the singing icon is famous all across the world. With song records of over 2000 songs, Sonu Nigam has an enormous fan following. And based on such a huge fan following and being one of the top singers in the country, several brands have approached him and signed endorsement deals. Among these, some famous names are Dabur Honitus, Idea Cellular, NGO Fight Hunger Foundation and others.

In this article, we have discussed the brands endorsed by the singing legend, Sonu Nigam. So, let's get started!

List of Brands Endorsed by Sonu Nigam

  1. Fight Hunger Foundation
  2. Artium Academy
  3. Dabur Honitus
  4. Idea Cellular
  5. Fashion label by photographer Vicky Idnani


List of Brands Endorsed by Sonu Nigam

Fight Hunger Foundation

Being one of the biggest singers in the country, Sonu Nigam has ruled millions of hearts with his heart-touching voice. With this fascination and love of his fan, Sonu Nigam has been announced the Goodwill brand ambassador of the Indian NGO Fight Hunger Foundation.

And for this endorsement deal, he has also released a song that would help in spreading and raising awareness among the people for the main cause of this NGO. The title of the song is "Hope in the future".

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Artium Academy

Sonu Nigam has been signed as the patron-in-chief of the brand film featuring the Artium Academy. In this film, they are highlighting the journey of this singing icon over the years. It shows how he came to Mumbai in the first place, from Delhi around three decades ago. The film beautifully showed how started his journey and was a completely different version of himself, even when he hosted the first-ever snow of his life around 26 years ago.

He learned through his experiences and grew into the legend that he is today.

His experience, journey and learnings are presented by this Artium Academy. The brand aims to deploy a 360-degree campaign that works on identifying media formats with tactics alongside the current campaigns by the brand.

Sonu Nigam endorsed brand - Artium Academy

Dabur Honitus

It's quite amazing that Dabur has recently started a different campaign approach for its cough lozenges. The company is moving forward in launching TV commercials for its new product and signed Sonu Nigam for the campaign. In its advertisement, it has shown Sonu Nigam along with the finalist of Indian Idol Rahul Vaidya.

The advertisement mainly targets teens and focuses on the better quality and relief attribute of the Honitus Cough Drops.

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Idea Cellular

After playing a judge in the television ad campaign of the brand Dabur Honitus, Idea cellular has signed the signing icon Sonu Nigam to endorse the brand and also, went to the 20-city tour campaign all across the country.

Fashion label by photographer Vicky Idnani

Sonu Nigam, the ruler of dozens of Indian hearts with the wisdom of music, has entered the modelling universe by being a brand ambassador of the fashion label by photographer Vicky Idnani.

Based on fan following and his fitness, Sonu Nigam has been approached to become a model for branding the clothing styles of this company.

Vicky Idnani and his partner Avinash Bamnia styled many celebrities and did the photoshoot. They then launched a distinct clothing collection and considered Sonu Nigam as the most iconic face. And that's when he became the brand ambassador for the label.


In conclusion, we can say that Sonu Nigam, being such a prominent personality in the Indian music industry and having such a huge fan following, so it's obviously approached by different brands. He came into the industry around 30 years ago and his talent and hard work are what brought him to such a level. He is famous for singing Hindi and Kannada songs. Apart from being a singing professional, Sonu Nigam is also a producer, actor, songwriter and philanthropist. He has endorsed brands like Artium academy, Dabur Honitus, Idea Cellular and others. He is also connected with the Indian NGO fight hunger foundation as its goodwill ambassador. Not just this, Sonu Nigam is the face of the fashion label by Vicky Idnani. And, that's truly impressive! Stay tuned for more such content!


What are the brands endorsed by Sonu Nigam?

Sonu Nigam has endorsed several brands which are:

  • Fight Hunger Foundation
  • Artium Academy
  • Dabur Honitus
  • Idea Cellular
  • Fashion label

Is Dabur Honitus endorsed by Sonu Nigam?

Yes, Sonu Nigam endorses Dabur Honitus.

What is Fight Hunger Foundation?

"Fight Hunger Foundation" is an Indian not-for-profit to promote community based management of acute malnutrition.

What is Artium Academy?

Artium Academy is an Online Music Education platform founded by
Ashish Joshi. Sonu Nigam endorses Artium Academy.

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