Top 6 Chemical Companies in India | Leading Chemical Companies

Top 6 Chemical Companies in India | Leading Chemical Companies
Top Chemical companies in India

Today, almost everything around us has a chemical contribution to it. The chemicals industry has developed with absolute height and reached almost every crucial need of life. From beauty products to electronic goods, chemicals play a big fraction in working.

By the records, the chemical industry contributes over 17% share in the economy of total manufacturing GDP. Dozens of purposes require chemical usage and around 80,000 chemicals are produced on a certain basis. The production of fertilisers, ammunitions, perfumes, paints, are all produced by the chemical industries.

These chemical industries produce over 70,000 different products by processing raw materials like petroleum, air and many more. These products have been classified into three categories.

  • Primary
  • Secondary, and
  • Tertiary.

Chemical industries in India contribute a major part in the development of lives as well as the economy. In this article, we present you with some of the top chemical companies in India.

Top Chemical Companies In India

  1. UPL Limited
  2. Pidilite Industries Ltd.
  3. Tata Chemicals
  4. Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited
  5. India Glycols Ltd.
  6. Fairchem Speciality Ltd.


Top Chemical Companies in India

UPL Limited

UPL Limited - Top Chemical Companies In India
UPL Limited - Top Chemical Companies In India

The fifth-largest agrochemical company, UPL Limited around the globe has been tremendous as the leader in the global food systems. UPL Limited works for businesses like chemical intermediates, agrochemicals, speciality chemicals, industrial chemicals and many more. Also, it looks after the production along with the sales of vegetable seeds and crops of the field.

UPL Limited is well-established in more than 130 countries with total sales of INR 33,140 Crore. The annual revenue of UPL Limited is US $3.14 billion. 90% of the total world's food basket is accessible to the UPL Limited company and they tend to prioritise the ushering growth and improvement of the agricultural value chain. Moreover, the distributors, growers, innovation partners and suppliers, are all supervised by UPL Limited.

Pidilite Industries Ltd.

Pidilite Industries Ltd. - Top Chemical Companies In India
Pidilite Industries Ltd. - Top Chemical Companies In India

The well-established company built-in 1959, Pidilite Industries Ltd. has been enormous in the field of consumers and special chemicals in India. Basically, it works as the pioneers for such product production including small and huge applications, at industry and home. Pidilite Industries Ltd. holds a great relationship with people belonging to all sectors of life. The company has always been promising with the quality and innovation of its products as being a consumer-centric company.

Pidilite Industries Ltd. is well organised and established in three centres in India along with five innovation and technical research centres in Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, the USA, and Brazil. The company has a total sales of INR 7,389 Crore rupees with a market capitalization of INR 80, 139 Crore rupees.

Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals - Top Chemical Companies In India
Tata Chemicals - Top Chemical Companies In India

Tata chemicals, the very prominent basic as well as special chemical based company, established in 1938, known to be leading in the chemical industry of India. Tata chemicals are the world's 3rd largest soda ash manufacturer and also, 6th largest manufacturer of sodium bicarbonate. The company has an adequately conventional headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Moreover, it has overseas control in Africa.

Tata chemicals are known for their largest saltworks across the whole of Asia. It also provides chemicals for several companies such as bakeries, pharma, detergents and many more. Tata NQ (India's first and only nutritional science business) gives a contribution to the special chemistry innovation in the Tata chemicals industry.

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Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Limited - Top Chemical Companies In India
Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Limited - Top Chemical Companies In India

The company, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Limited was established in 1973, by the government of Gujarat. The company is widely famous for its incredible environment-friendly member cell technology to compensate for the major pollution caused by Mercury.

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Limited is a very prominent and promising Gujarat based company that manufactures dozens of fine chemical products. Such as Caustic Potash Group, Special Chlorine Derivatives Group, Sodium Chlorate Group and many more groups.

India Glycols Ltd.

India Glycols Ltd.- Top Chemical Companies In India
India Glycols Ltd.- Top Chemical Companies In India

The leading manufacturer company, India Glycols Ltd. is well known for its green technology-based majority and special chemicals and also, natural products such as spirits, gums, sugar, industrial gases and nutraceuticals. India Glycols Ltd. was established in 1938 as the single mono-ethylene glycol plant.

India Glycols Ltd. has always been very promising with its new brilliant technologies and innovations that stand on the best quality as well. It produces a wide range of products that have mandating usage around the globe. India Glycols Ltd. is counted in the top chemical industries in India and since its establishment, it has always proven very competitive and resourceful.

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Fairchem Speciality Ltd.

Fairchem Speciality Ltd. - Top Chemical Companies In India
Fairchem Speciality Ltd. - Top Chemical Companies In India

The renowned company, Fairchem Speciality Ltd. works for the manufacturing of certain chemicals like oleochemicals, aroma chemicals and nutraceuticals. It is a very notable company that is counted among the top-notch chemical industries in India. With a market capitalization of INR 2,187.51 Crore, Fairchem Speciality Ltd. is one of the most trusted companies in India.

Several deep research and development contributed to making Fairchem Speciality Ltd, the best-level multiple production plant manufacturer. It manufactures the top quality chemical and has an enormous customer base. From the last record of 2017, the profit for Fairchem Speciality Ltd. went from INR 27.12 Crores up to INR 176.33 crore by 2020.


There are tons of chemical industries in India that manufacture chemicals and their derivatives with the best possible procedure and technology. These companies produce thousands of different types of products through the extracted chemicals. In fact, most of the fraction of produced products works as the by-product of the industries themselves. A single product produced by these chemical industries is utilised in several ways and purposes. The chemical industries established in India are extremely innovative and advanced. They tend to provide the best possible product that could be utilised for all purposes in our lives.


Which are the top Chemical companies in India?

Some of the leading Chemical companies in India are:

  • UPL Limited
  • Pidilite Industries Ltd.
  • Tata Chemicals
  • Gujarat Alkalies and Chemical Limited
  • India Glycols Ltd.
  • Fairchem Speciality Ltd.

How many chemical companies are there in India?

There are over 100 chemical companies in India.

What is the rank of India in chemical industry?

The chemical industry of India ranks as 6th largest in world. It is among the top 3 in Asia.

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