Top 10 Tea Franchises in India

Top 10 Tea Franchises in India

Since the Britishers established tea cultivation in India, it has become a significant part of our lives. Brewing through our happiness, sorrow, and even political discussion, tea emerged as an unavoidable part of and thus began the booming of the tea industry.

The unique climate requirements and topography restrict the manufacturing of tea to a small area. This makes franchising an important part of marketing as far as the second-largest producer of tea is concerned.

The consumer base is vast, and the investment required is minimal. Tea franchises are a less risky and more profitable business today. Here are some of the top tea franchises in India that you can consider.

Tea Trails
Darjeeling Tea Boutique
MBA Chai Wala
Tea Villa cafe
Golden Tea Co
The Tea Planet
Chai Sutta Bar
Chai Point
Chai Garam
Chai Tapri

Tea Trails

Name Tea Trails
Founded In 2012
Total Outlets 30
Royalty 6%
Franchise Area Specification 500 sq.ft.

It is a cafe franchise that serves around 80 varieties of tea and tea-infused food items. Having years of experience in brewing tea, Tea Trails ensures excellent quality right from the sourcing of hand-picked tea leaves to the final product.

Being a reputed and familiar name in the beverage sector, they extend complete support to the franchisee in all manners. Lower investments and quick ROI are the highlights of this venture.

If you are passionate about the industry and are ready for innovation and adaptation in every walk of the business, this is a place where you can invest your money. There are two kinds of franchise models that entrepreneurs can choose from - a normal cafe or a dining cafe.

Tea Consumption in India (2015 - 2022)
Tea Consumption in India (2015 - 2022)

Darjeeling Tea Boutique

Name Darjeeling Tea Boutique
Founded In 2012
Total Outlets NA
Royalty NA
Franchise Area Specification NA

Darjeeling Tea Boutique are prominent manufacturers of tea who have been in the industry since 2012. Through the supply of high-quality tea across different parts of the country, they have earned themselves a good name in a short period. The successful establishment of the brand in itself is an assurance of the return on investments.

MBA Chai Wala

Name MBA Chai Wala
Founded In 2017
Total Outlets 43
Royalty NA
Franchise Area Specification 150 sq.ft. for Kiosk Model 300 sq.ft. for Dine In Model 500 sq.ft. for Lounge Model

MBA Chai Wala is a very popular name among any college-going tea lover. With its inspirational journey and extensive expansion, this startup has emerged as one of the best options to set up a franchise with. It was established in 2017 and continues to deliver the best quality chai to its customers.

For further details, you are required to send a request through the MBA chai Wala website. If you are a person with good management skills and innovative business development ideas, you should go for it.

Tea Villa cafe

Name Tea Villa Cafe
Founded In 2014
Total Outlets 35
Royalty 10%
Franchise Area Specification 1500 sq.ft.

With a vision of delivering the best tea to the second biggest producer and consumer of tea in the world, the Tea Villa Cafe is on its mission to spread to as many places as possible. Being dead set on quality, they ensure all kinds of support to the franchisee.

They even encourage setting up master franchises depending on the territory. Since they are eagerly looking forward to expanding their venture throughout the country, the franchisee will be able to get the best deal out of it.

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Golden Tea Co

Name Golden Tea Co
Founded In 2000
Total Outlets 16+
Royalty 15%
Franchise Area Specification 100 sq.ft.

With low investment rates, Golden Tea Co can be a profitable investment as a retail tea franchise. They are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for the last 40 years.

Their products include Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Green tea, etc. They are committed to providing excellent quality, extending marketing support and advertisement assistance to the franchisee. They also assure faster Returns on Investments.

The Tea Planet

Name The Tea Planet
Founded In 2007
Total Outlets 22
Royalty NA
Franchise Area Specification 100 sq.ft.

Within ten years of establishment, The Tea Planet has succeeded in promoting exquisite varieties of tea that are spread across India and Sri Lanka. They are also exporting to Dubai and Russia. Quality and variety are their trademarks. Their business models are designed in such a way that it ensures quick setup and establishment of the store.

Well-crafted methods of direct raw material purchasing and an extremely experienced group committed to quality testing, sourcing, and researching, The Tea Planet gives a secure engagement with the business world. They offer Express model, Cafe model, and Metro model cafes.

Chai Sutta Bar

Name Chai Sutta Bar
Founded In 2016
Total Outlets 400+
Royalty 2%
Franchise Area Specification 100 sq.ft.

Understanding and accepting the unique cultural blend of chai, Chai Sutta Bar has spread to more than 150 outlets in 70 cities and more. Exemplary margins and tremendous growth are what CSB offers to you. They have different models like

  • FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated)
  • FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)
  • COCO (Company Owned Company Operated)

Apart from that their outlets also reflect the diversity that they are trying to deliver through their service. They have kiosks, medium, and mega outlets.

Chai Point

Name Chai Point
Founded In 2010
Total Outlets 180
Royalty 2%
Franchise Area Specification 600 sq.ft.

Chai Point is India’s biggest chain retailer. Sourcing the best of everything required, there is no doubt about the standards set by Chai point to the chai drinking world. The network of Chai Point is ever-growing.

They are working day in and day out to stay true to their vision which is to expand their customer base with an unparalleled chai experience. Established in 2015, it has registered an annual sale of 30 crore cups of chai. Isn’t it a great firm to partner with for a franchise?

Chai Garam

Name Chai Garam
Founded In 2008
Total Outlets 150
Royalty 4% on Sales
Franchise Area Specification 300 sq.ft.

The variety of tea and the demand for it is never exhausted. Especially when it gives you the taste of home. It can be said that it is the homeliness of Chai Garam that helped it to be what it is today.

With a large variety of tea served with warmth, it has reached 60 outlets now. Chai Garam has different formats like indoor kiosks, outdoor kiosks, mobile carts, retail outlets, and shop-in-shop. Being a budget cafe, it brings a low investment rate and hence a low level of risk.

Chai Garam Franchise opportunity

Chai Tapri

Name Chai Tapri
Founded In 2015
Total Outlets 27
Royalty 10% Approximately
Franchise Area Specification 500 sq.ft.

Chai Tapri is an excellent place for investment due to its reliability, transparency, and commitment to work. Serving the emotional drink of Indians in the most innovative ways since 2016, Chai Tapri has grown to more than 15 outlets now.

They aspire to expand in tier I and tier II cities and then slowly into inner parts of India. Considering the inexhaustible market of beverages in India, this investment will not go in vain.

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As mentioned earlier, tea is an emotion for Indians and the business in the tea industry will continue to increase in the future. The ongoing branding of tea over coffee will significantly fasten the growth.

It is advisable to invest in franchises while it is still growing to reap the best benefits. Its low investment and high returns make it a low-risk affair. If you are planning on investing in a tea franchise, then the above article might be of some use to you.


Is Tea franchising profitable in India?

In India, the franchise business is booming. The franchise business model provides profits to both the franchisee and franchisor; therefore, it's a lucrative business model.

Are tea stalls profitable?

Tea stalls are counted under small businesses. However, if done with proper market research, it can be converted into a good profitable business.

Which is costly tea in India?

India is home to many premium tea brands. One of the costliest tea in India is Manohari Gold Tea.

Which is the biggest tea estate in India?

Gatoonga Tea Estate, Assam is one of the biggest tea estates in India.

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