Rolls-Royce Innovations | Why Rolls-Royce Cars are So Expensive?

Rolls-Royce Innovations | Why Rolls-Royce Cars are So Expensive?
Why Rolls Royce cars are so expensive

Everyone has their type and preferences when it comes to cars. Cars are something, the interest which is shared by many.

In the modern days, there are many types of cars available. For Example- Sedan, SUVs, Coupe, Convertible, Hatchback, etc. One of the common interests of people is luxury cars. Some examples of luxury cars include Range Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls-Royce, and more.

Rolls-Royce is probably the love and dream of many. Having this car is a status symbol but buying one can create a huge hole in the pocket. As Rolls-Royce is considered one of the most expensive cars. Get insights into the reasons why Rolls-Royce cars are so expensive.

The History of Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce and Its Innovations
What Makes Rolls-Royce So Expensive?

The History of Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Logo
Rolls-Royce Logo

Rolls-Royce’s history didn’t begin with the cars. In earlier times, it was an electrical and mechanical business rooted by Henry Royce in 1884.

In the year 1904, Royce made his first motor car. In the same year, Royce met Charles Rolls. Charles’s company used to sell quality cars in London.

The collaboration between the two led to the formation of the Rolls-Royce company in 1906. The first launch was the six-cylinder Silver Ghost. In the very first year, it got the status of the best car in the world.

In 1990, the company formed a joint venture with Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) of Germany the aero engines. BMW got the license of the rights of the name and logo of Rolls-Royce. Since then, BMW is the parent organization of Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce and Its Innovations

Rolls-Royce’s innovations are traced back to the time of World War I. During the first world war, air wars were happening. This created a need for strong and sturdy aircraft. So, as a result, Royce came up with his design of the first aircraft engine- The Eagle.

The ‘R’ Engine

Rolls-Royce R Engine
Rolls-Royce R Engine

In the late 1920s, Rolls-Royce indulged in the development of the ‘R’ engine. These engines were made especially for air racing. In the year 1931, it created a world record of airspeed at 400mph.

Merlin Engine

Rolls-Royce Merline Engine
Rolls-Royce Merline Engine

Rolls-Royce has also indulged in the development of Merlin engines. Their Merlin engine motorized Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire in the battle of Britain. The demand for Merlin engines increased during the second world war. This demand helped Rolls-Royce earn a position of a strong contender in the aero force from a small company.

Aero gas Turbine

Rolls-Royce Aero Gas Turbine
Rolls-Royce Aero Gas Turbine

The company has also developed aero gas turbines. They entered the market of civil aviation with Vickers Viscount, the then British aircraft line.

Trent 1000

Rolls-Royce Trent 1000
Rolls-Royce Trent 1000

Trent 1000 of Rolls-Royce is the only engine suitable for Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In the year 2006, it ran for the first time.

There are many other engine innovations made by Rolls-Royce. For example Trent 7000, Trent XWB-84, Trent XWB-97, and more.

At present, Rolls-Royce has a strong deal in five products and services. These are Defence products and services, Civil Aerospace, Power Systems, Electrical, and R2 Data Labs.

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What Makes Rolls-Royce So Expensive?

Rolls-Royce is an age-old company that has aged like fine wine. Right from the beginning, it has never failed to develop and deliver the best quality.

Rolls-Royce cars with their fine and best quality are considered one of the most expensive cars in the world. There are certain reasons which make it so expensive. These are as follows:

Why Rolls-Royce Car are so Expensive?

Special Models and Exquisite Features

One of the most important reasons for the expensiveness of Rolls-Royce is their special car models with exquisite features. The buyers sometimes come up with different ideas to give their Rolls-Royce an exquisite and personalized look.

For example- Once a buyer requested a car finish that was diamond-studded. Rolls-Royce was keen to take up this challenge. The excellent team of the company crushed many real diamonds. They then mixed these with the color. In this way, with the help of this mix, they added the desired shine to the car.

The most expensive model of the company now is the Phantom. The pricing of Phantom starts from $450,000.

Posh Headliners

The starlight headliner of Rolls-Royce
The starlight headliner of Rolls-Royce

The second feature that makes Rolls-Royce super expensive is its headliners. The Rolls-Royce cars come with star-studded headliners. This makes for an exclusive atmosphere for the cars.

Making these headliners is a super lengthy and effort-borne process. These are created by piercing almost one thousand holes with fiber-optic threads.

Sometimes, buyers ask for personalization in this feature as well. Since these are star-studded, few prefer to add specific effects of light.

Exclusive Procedure for Color Coating

Every car of Rolls-Royce undergoes a special color coating process. The coating process takes a lot of time even before the color selection begins. At last, seven coats of color are used to get the final result.

This feature is unique and expensive because this too offers the option of customization. Buyers are not limited to selecting from the standard shades of color. They can choose a color as rare as their pet’s color. In such cases, the company makes use of DNA materials to obtain the accurate shade.

This specific style of color coating is a long process. It requires a great amount of time and effort. Thus, another reason that makes Rolls-Royce cars expensive.

The Soundproof System

The best and the most important feature that makes Rolls-Royce cars stand out is its soundproof system. The cars are made with driving mechanisms that are soundproof. About 300 pounds of insulation is added around the cabin while making the cars. This enables the cars to run with no sound at all.

This feature makes the car's environment friendly. The soundless rides prevent noise pollution.

The soundless system adds a luxurious and chic touch to the cars. Thus, making Rolls-Royce expensive.

A Powerful Identity

Over the years, the company has been able to create a huge identity for itself in the world. The brand name Rolls-Royce is considered a status symbol for the elite class.

Rolls-Royce Car Golden Logo
Rolls-Royce Car Golden Logo

Almost every billionaire in the world owns a Rolls-Royce car in their luxury car collection. The biggest collection of Rolls-Royce cars is 500 cars. This collection belongs to the Sultan of Brunei. This is the most expensive collection held by a person.

Rolls-Royce has built a powerful identity for itself in the world. Its identity makes it an associate of luxury. This makes it one of the most expensive in the world.

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Rolls-Royce is one word that is exclusive. It makes cars that are one of a kind. The company creates such unique and specific designs for the buyers that if another person wants the same, they have to take the permit from the original buyer.

The perfect and exclusive blend of the features makes the company stand out. Most importantly it is the luxury and the personalized customization that makes Rolls-Royce expensive.


Why Rolls-Royce cars are so expensive?

The prime reason behind the Rolls-Royce cars being expensive is their quality. Another reason can be considered as they are counted among the luxury product that can be custom-made and comes with a number of luxury services. Heseveralst of Rolls-Royce is always expected to be more than the normal range.

How many Rolls-Royce is in India?

The exact number for Rolls-Royce in India is still a debatable topic. However, the estimated number is around 25-30 units in India.

Does Rolls-Royce break down?

There is one myth surrounding Rolls-Royce that it does not break down. However, in reality, Rolls-Royce can also break down irrespective of the details with which they have been made.

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