Windo: An App Helping People in Building Businesses Through Instagram Pages

Windo: An App Helping People in Building Businesses Through Instagram Pages
Windo Success Story

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Are you finding work that is something cool and interesting? On today's date, your personal interests matter a lot! So, how about starting your career with an online business? Do you need an appropriate website to do so? Who knows what, success might knock on your door a few days later. Anyway, who doesn't love to be successful? We all definitely do!

Windo is a tech website and app that allows all the interested solopreneurs and small to middle-sized businesses to set up an online shop absolutely free of cost that too in just a matter of moments. Read the Windo success story below!

Windo - Company Highlights

Startup Name Windo
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka
Industry Technology and Internet
Founder Rakesh Vaddadi and Silus Reddy Chintapalli
Founded 2020
Parent Organization Rare Bits Technology

Windo - About
Windo - Industry
Windo - Founders and Team
Windo - Business Model
Windo - Revenue Model
Windo - Funding and Investors
Windo - Growth

Windo - About

Windo is an online platform which has got the ability to convert your Instagram page to an online shopping platform within few minutes of time. The company creates a free online store for you without any sort of coding and automates your regular deals.

Windo - Industry

Windo belongs to the Mobile App Industry. This industry is quite a fast-growing industry. Smartphones and mobile phones are increasing in numbers every day and so are the mobile app businesses. Each and every business is developing in its own way only because of its innovative ideas!

Windo - Founders and Team

Windo Co-Founders - Silus Reddy Chintapalli and Rakesh Vaddadi
Windo Co-Founders - Silus Reddy Chintapalli and Rakesh Vaddadi

The founders of the company are Rakesh Vaddadi and Silus Reddy Chintapalli.

Rakesh Vaddadi

Rakesh Vaddadi is the co-founder of the company Windo. He began his career as an intern at The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. Rakesh was also a part-time research assistant at the Indian Council for Social Science Research.

Silus Reddy Chintapalli

Silus Reddy Chintapalli is also the co-founder of Windo. He began his career as an engineer at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Silus was also the Vice President of sales and marketing at He was the director of sales and marketing at 1Click.

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Windo - Business Model

The business model of Windo is quite simple! The website helps small businesses to create their own online space hassle freely. Windo requires no credit cards also the company has got a free forever plan to offer to all of its users. The company aims towards minimizing the workload of the small businesses who are suffering real tough to make both name and fame!

Windo - Revenue Model

Windo has got 2 sorts of plans. They are:

  • Sprout plan (free)
  • Blossom plan

Sprout Plan

  1. Online payments
  2. Endless products
  3. Customer support
  4. Endless orders

Blossom Plan

  1. Custom domain
  2. Priority customer support
  3. All in the free plan and more
  4. 0% transaction cost

Windo - Funding and Investors

Windo has raised a funding of $500 K in June 2021.

Date Stage Amount Investors
June 2021 Seed $500 K Aravind Sanka, Srinivas Anumolu, Meena Ganesh, Vivek Bhargava, and Unicorn India Ventures

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Windo - Growth

Windo is loved by 10,000 businesses. This is what their official website claims it to be. The love and the support of all of its users are helping immensely to this new startup to survive and grow with all.

Windo - Online and Social Media Presence

Windo is now quite popular on the web because it has got its own official website to showcase all of its products and services, along with its schemes. Not only this but also Windo has got its name on various popular websites like,, etc. The company has got a social media account at LinkedIn.

Windo is considered to be a very simple and a beautiful e-commerce app, especially for store creators. Any sort of small and pretty businesses might choose to register themselves at this platform and make the most of it. Windo is not just an app. It is an opportunity for all entrepreneurs.


What is Windo App used for?

Windo is an app for Instagram-focused businesses. It offers solutions to manage small sized business.

Who is the founder of Windo?

Windo was founded by Silus Reddy Chintapalli and Rakesh Vaddadi.

When was Windo founded?

Windo was founded in 2020.

Who has funded in Windo?

Windo has received funding in a seed round led by Unicorn India Ventures. Top investors in Windo are:

  • Aravind Sanka - CEO of Rapido
  • Srinivas Anumolu - Founder of Growth Story
  • Meena Ganesh - CEO of Portea
  • Vivek Bhargava - Co-founder of ProfitWheel

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