4 Cool Instagram Bio Hacks To Stand Out | Increase Your Instagram Followers

4 Cool Instagram Bio Hacks To Stand Out | Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is being used by people. Sharing pictures, and stories, and making reels are associated with this platform. Instagram has always been fun and easy to use. There is hardly anyone from the Z generation who doesn't use Instagram. They can follow their favourite stars, idols, and pages that they like and can update their happy moments on their own profile.

Now you have only 150 characters in your Instagram Bio to make your mark on your potential followers. People read Instagram Bios before they scroll down on your feed. Not only for your feed, but your Instagram bio is extremely important for your profile.

Let’s get real, you need to convert your audience into paying customers or potential followers, and for that, they need a strong motive to stay on your page and actually look at what you’re all about. Your Instagram bio helps you to make your first impression massive. If you’re dating or have aced an interview, you’d definitely know the value of first impressions, and it’s not just limited to how you’re offline but also online and your Instagram bio has a huge role to play in it.

Just like a quality resume, you have to give people the need to follow you. They’re supposed to know if your content fits them and if they benefit from your profile. Having a captivating Instagram bio will help you ace your first impression. In this article, we will provide you with some Instagram bio hacks to stand out.

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Add Keywords in Your Name
A Well Descriptive Statement
Establish Authority And Stand Out
Tell People Exactly What to Do

Add Keywords in Your Name

Here, we’re talking about your actual ‘Name’ and not your username. The name section of your Instagram bio is the only thing that is searchable. People will not search for your exact name instead, they will search for keywords that match what you do. The trick is to include your keyword in the name section so that it helps your profile to pop up in potential searches.

A Well Descriptive Statement

Let’s dive into the second hack of a compelling Instagram bio ie. having a well-descriptive niche statement. Having a one-liner statement clearly states what you’re all about. It’s important as it clearly communicates who you help and how you help, basically answering the question of the century ‘Who Are You?’.Through your niche statement, you’re allowing your target audience to know what your business can do for them. This will be a good impression on your potential followers.

Establish Authority And Stand Out

After your niche statement, you still need to give the user a strong reason to stay on your profile. You can do that by establishing authority, and meaning, and telling them an extra fact about you that determines your value above others. Adding this extra detail to your Instagram bio tells people things about you that they wouldn’t know soon.

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Here you could also try writing your content pillars. This is an extremely common technique used by most creators. Your three content pillars are simply keywords that give people insights into what your Instagram profile is all about.

Example: Fitness | Wellness | Spirituality
This authority establishing technique increases the confidence of your audiences in you and allows them to follow your content for a long time, so do include this special hack in your Instagram bio.

Tell People Exactly What to Do

This hack is for people who want to direct their audience to external links through their Instagram bio. To do the same, add ‘Call to action’ in your Instagram bio. "Call to action" simply means to give your audience a clearly defined roadmap that guides them to do exactly what you wish them to do.

People often include links in their Instagram bio without a call to action. In such cases, the audience knows that you've got a link in your bio but they don't really click it. The best way to avoid this is to direct people towards your link with an emoji that points downward.

Example: “Follow us on Youtube!” or “Call Us Right Now!”
A pro tip is to relate your niche statement with your call to action, this acts as a major incentive for people to actually click your links.

This creates interest for the person who stumbles upon your profile and usually clicks the link you provide. It doesn't matter if you're a business, startup, Youtuber, or promoting your personal profile. Having a quality number of followers does give you an edge over others.


Make sure to use all the social media features to their fullest and have a good online presence. Having a good online presence is extremely important in the world today. Recruiters also check your Instagram to know more about you as a person and it's always beneficial to win their hearts with an amazing Instagram bio.


Who founded Instagram?

Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom.

How many people use Instagram?

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app.

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