Xpressbees – India’s Leading Logistics Service Provider!

Mandagiri Praveen Kumar Reddy Mandagiri Praveen Kumar Reddy
Mar 20, 2021 5 min read
Xpressbees – India’s Leading Logistics Service Provider!

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Receiving and delivering goods are the indispensable part of every industry. Collecting the resources, segregating and allocating the specific deliverer are important measures undertaken to meet the standards of customers. It keeps the stream of the e-commerce industry alive.

Xpressbees is India’s leading logistics service provider and it has a great network of supply chain management across the country. The company was started in 2015 and now, it has more than 20,000 employees. Let us see the detailed description of the logistics Startup in India.

Xpressbees - Company Highlights

Startup Name Xpressbees
Sector E-Commerce
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra
Founded 2015
Founders Amitava Saha, Supam Maheshwari
Parent Organization Busybees Logistics Solutions Private Limited
Website www.xpressbees.com
Contact customercare@xpressbees.com

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Xpressbees – About
Xpressbees – Founders and Team
Xpressbees – Vision and Mission
Xpressbees – Name, Tagline and Logo
Xpressbees – Growth and Revenue
Xpressbees – Funding and Investors
Xpressbees – Business Model and Revenue Model
Xpressbees – Competitors
Xpressbees – Future Plans

Xpressbees – About

Xpressbees was started in 2015 by Amitava Saha and Supam Maheshwari. With its exclusive transportation and delivery framework, the company offers a variety of logistics services locally and globally. It names the services as Ecommerce Logistics, Express Cargo, Cross-border Logistics,  Fulfillment Services. With modest cutting-edge technology and Reverse Logistics, Xpressbees fulfills the customers’ needs with timely delivery.

Xpressbees – Founders and Team

Supam Maheshwari, xpressbees co-founder

Supam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha are the Founders of Xpressbees. Supam founded his first venture FirstCry.com in 2010. He did his B.Tech in Delhi College of Engineering and he is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. Supam was the co-founder and CEO of Brainvisa Technologies from 2000-2009. Amitava Saha is also the co-founder of FirstCry.com and he has more than 17 years of experience in sales and operation. Now, the company works with more than 5000 employees.

Xpressbees – Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of Xpressbees is to evolve as the best logistics solutions provider with all import and export services.

The XpressBees logo has the words XpressBees delivering happiness on it. The name ‘Xpressbees’ depicts the rapidity of the company in its distribution and conveyance. ‘Delivering Happiness’ is the Tagline of Xpressbees.

Xpressbees logo

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Xpressbees – Growth and Revenue

Xpressbees started with 50,000 shipments per day and now it is executing more than 1.5 million shipments per day. The company has more than 5000 employees, 2000 offices and service centers, and is functional across 1400 cities. In the financial year 2019, the company’s business operations increased by 99.7% which amounts to INR 540.95 Crore. In FY18, it was INR 270.83 Crore. Xpressbees is associated with SAIF Partners, Paytm, Chiratae Ventures, and a lot more ventures.

Xpressbees – Funding and Investors

The Xpressbees funding rounds have led to them raising of $277.6 Million over seven rounds. The company received a $10 Million funding from Alibaba Group in January 2020.

Date Stage Amount Investors
Spetember, 2015 Seed $5M -
February, 2016 Seed A $12.4M -
February, 2017 Venture Round - -
January, 2018 Corporate Round $100M Alibaba Group
January, 2018 Series D INR2.3B Alibaba Group
February, 2019 Debt Financing INR350M InnoVen Capital
January, 2020 Series D $10M Alibaba Group
November, 2020 Series E $110M Gaja Capital, Investcorp, Norwest Venture Partners

Xpressbees – Business Model and Revenue Model

The Xpressbees business model operates on B2B and B2C models. Their B2B business model involves providing services to other companies and online markets. B2C E-Commerce model includes selling goods to the end customers. The major source of revenue for Xpressbees also lies in the fulfillment services which comprises warehousing and transportation.

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Xpressbees – Competitors

The major competitors of Xpressbees are Ecom Express, Delhivery, FSC and Ekart Logistics. Xpressbees withstands its position with an expansive network and matchless logistics services.

Xpressbees – Future Plans

The company works towards widening their partnership with industries and expanding their network with more centers, increased shipments, stronger connections and infrastructure.

"We continue to stay focused on growth and capability enhancement, as we strive to become the leading logistics provider in the country. The funds will be deployed largely for growth and infrastructure enhancement” said, Amitava, Co-founder of Xpressbees.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Who is the owner of XpressBees?

Amitava Saha and Supam Maheshwari are the Co-Founders of XpressBees.

Who are the XpressBees competitors?

Some XpressBees competitors are Ecom Express, Delhivery, FSC and Ekart Logistics.

How does the XpressBees Revenue model work?

The major source of revenue for Xpressbees also lies in the fulfillment services which comprises warehousing and transportation.

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