The Best Alternatives for Salesforce

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Nov 2, 2020 9 min read
The Best Alternatives for Salesforce

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are generally used by marketing professionals and sometimes by customer support teams to interact with customers. CRM tools help online enterprises build strong relations with customers and retain them, in turn expanding the business and ensuring customer loyalty. There are many CRM tools in the market and although Salesforce is one of the most popular choice, there are still a number of Salesforce alternatives available out there.

There are a number of benefits of using a CRM such as optimized contact management for better customer reach and retention, advanced sales management, better team management and efficiency with a centralized data hub, accurate reporting, business insights and growth in business. All these utilities with just one software are hard to put aside, and hence online marketers and sales professionals often use a CRM, and the most common choice is Salesforce.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is without a doubt one of the best Customer Relationship Management software, if not the best out there.  With customer information tracking, insightful decision making and real-time data, automated email marketing, and 24/7 customer support team, Salesforce has helped businesses and online enterprises grow exponentially, and much faster.

Salesforce offers solutions for online businesses, sales, services, and marketing and owing to its excellent services, it has been bestowed several honors including Number one spot in World's Best Workplaces. Moreover, the customizable CRM offers compatibility and adaptability, which is not often found in CRM software.

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Although there are numerous applications of Salesforce in various domains, sometimes, its services are just way more than you can utilize. This leads to search for alternatives of Salesforce, which offer specific functionality at lower costs, hence eradicating you of the quandary of spending more for lesser features. Here we share some CRM software which can be used as an alternative for Salesforce.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a sales and marketing software that offers all round CRM platform with tools and services required to armor your business with best in class marketing tactics. With services in every domain of sales and marketing, HubSpot offers the users free courses, eBooks and guides along with services such as Onboarding, Consulting and those of a Service Provider. Tools offered by HubSpot include Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub, and CMS Hub.

Features offered by HubSpot

  • Premium marketing features such as automation, SEO tools and video hosting.
  • Offers sales automation, e Signatures and lead scoring along with email sequences.
  • HubSpot comes with an interactive and analytical dashboard, deal pipelines and customizable reports.
  • Its Service Hub offers Customer Service Automation with multiple ticket pipelines and customer feedback.
  • HubSpot also offers tools for blog and content creation with SEO, live chat and security monitoring.

Pricing for HubSpot

Software Starter Professional Enterprise
Marketing Costs $45 per month, and offers tools such as landing pages, email marketing, and ad retargeting Costs $800 per month and offers marketing automation, SEO recommendations, and custom reports with campaign reporting Costs $3200 per month and offers services such as team management and advanced reporting with predictive leads
CRM and Sales Costs $45 per month and comes with customizable sales properties, meeting scheduling, and other basic features Costs $450 per month and offers sales analytics, custom reporting, eSignature and some personalization features Costs $1200 per month and offers webhooks, custom objects, scalability, and reporting dashboard
Customer Service Costs $45 per month and comes with live chats, conversational bots, and simple automation Costs $360 per month and comes with ticket status and routing, and offers a better customer service with custom reporting and insight dashboard Costs $1200 per month and helps user manage multiple teams slack integration along with webhooks

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM Interface

As suggested by the name, Pipedrive CRM allows you to manage and store leads from multiple sources in a pipeline view. Its drag and drop interface to manage leads and organized sales process are quite efficient in optimizing sales process while the email sync allows you to send and receive mails, without switching to the email service. Moreover, customizable reports managed on synergistic dashboards further boost your business while also assuaging your work. Pipedrive also allows you to manage your work on your mobile devices through Android and iOS applications. Tasks ranging from keeping a record of customer interactions to setting and meeting sales targets to organizing your team, Pipedrive provides you all these services and more.

Features offered by Pipedrive

  • Pipedrive is a customizable service to cater to your specific needs. Be it adding new fields, pipelines, changing dashboard or products, Pipedrive offers you a personalized experience as a CRM tool.
  • Integrations with email, chat and other customer support services, Pipedrive allows you to cohesively work on marketing and sales, as a tech stack.
  • Pipedrive offers courses and workshops to completely understand and learn its applications and working, to extract the most out of the software.
  • Automation of marketing and sales job to eliminate task repetition is a great relief for marketers, and helps in optimizing business.
  • With insights from a plethora of user experiences, Pipedrive helps you decide a plan of action to implement for seamless management of your business.

Pricing for Pipedrive

Essential Pipedrive model Advanced Pipedrive model Professional Pipedrive model
Costs $12.5 per month per user when billed annually, $15 when billed monthly Costs $24.9 per month per user when billed annually, $29 when billed monthly Costs $49.9 per month per user when billed annually, $59 when billed monthly
Efficient to organize activities and setup pipelines to follow Enables sales and marketing automation for efficient business management Offers utilities encampassing tools for collaboration to advanced automation for revenue and business growth

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the first names that strikes when we talk about a Salesforce alternative. From connecting to your customers remotely, and across different channels to automating leads and actions required, Zoho has all the features of an effective CRM. It offers an interactive and insightful dashboard that helps you monitor sales and business analytics, predicts future developments based on real-time trends and statistics while also furnishing you with a conversational AI. The AI offered by Zoho, named Zia, identifies convertible leads, so they can be more focused on, in turn, generating more revenue.

Features offered by Zoho

  • Zoho offers Sales and workflow automation for better lead and account management, and avoid repetition.
  • Reports, statistics, funnels and and KPIs based on real-time analysis with Target meters to set and achieve milestones.
  • With predictive sales and Zia voice assistant, Zoho points out convertible leads and detects anomalies while also suggesting on assignments and workflows.
  • With Zoho, you get to customize your page layout, views and fields, and add components and subforms.
  • Zoho makes project management and team collaboration efficient with tags, chats and groups while also providing data security and compliance.

Pricing for Zoho CRM

Standard Zoho Plan Professional Zoho Plan Enterprise Zoho Plan Ultimate Zoho Plan
Costs Rs 720 peruser per month, billed annually Costs Rs 1200 peruser per month, billed annually Costs Rs 2100 peruser per month, billed annually Costs Rs 2300 peruser per month, billed annually
Offers all the utilities in the free version along with scoring rules and workflow management Offers all the utilities in the standard version along with SalesSignals and business blueprint Offers all the utilities in the professional version along with Zia AI, a command center and a canvas layout Offers all the utilities in the enterprise version along with advanced Business Intelligence and Zoho Analytics
Offers to build and manage multiple pipelines, send mass emails and customize dashboards Helps build forms to collect user data, frame validation rules, and manage inventory Enterprise plan comes with advanced customization, portals for multiple users and, mobile SDK Advanced features with Zia recommendations on different niche

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics is an adaptive sales solution built for an unpredictable sales environment, keeping in mind the uncertainty in today's business world. With AI powered Dynamics sales, you get to know the right clients to focus on, giving you a better lead conversion, while also cutting costs through sales and marketing alignment. Dynamics 365 Sales offers intelligent sales process automation, so you can focus more on engagement and innovative sales solutions, their integrations, and customization. Moreover, insights in previous deals and customer management also help in decision making for similar cases in the future.

Features offered by Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Single workspace, integrated multichannel tools, and an AI predictive scoring help enterprises save time and have better customer interactions.
  • Dynamics 365 Sales offers a LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration to manage professional relations at scale and envisages customers' perspective with the help of surveys and customer data.
  • Dynamics 365 Sales finds you relevant content with an intuitive interface, while saving you time for selling.
  • Features such as cross-team visibility, scanning business cards for avoiding manual entry, and streamlined workflow through Outlook and Excel enable coordination between sales and marketing, further boosting productivity.
  • Deal flow visualization, insights, and relationship analysis also helps accelerate sales performance.

Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Premium
Comes with a core sales force automation at Rs 4295 per user per month Comes with industry level sales force automation at Rs 6280 per user per month Comes with features of enterprise version with Sales Insights Add-ins at Rs 8925 per user per month
Offers all Microsoft Integrations without conversational intelligence such as pipeline analysis and coaching tools Offers all Microsoft Integrations with conversational intelligence tools which require seperate add-in licence Offers all Microsoft Integrations with conversational intelligence tools including product and brand analysis and personalised dashboards
Does not offer any contextual insights Offers contextual insights including pipeline intelligence and predictive scoring requiring seperate add-in licence Offers contextual insights including relationship and note analytics


Vendasta CRM

Vendasta CRM is a unified sales and marketing solution, especially built for B2B sellers for SMEs. It offers great customer satisfaction with free products and upgrade paths while furnishing the users with management, social media, marketing and listing tools. Vendasta allows you to brand and sell your products the way you deem convenient while also providing detailed reports and analytics to your customers, to display your value. Moreover, even your clients can switch to online business with the free eCommerce tool given by Vendasta.

Features Offered by Vendasta

  • Continuous and real-time data analysis lets you know the requirements of customers. The AI based pipeline helps you manage those leads and to reach out to your prospect.
  • Meet scheduling, email marketing and all other tools required in a sales CRM are offered by Vendasta. With all these tools in one place, you can proceed with your sales team without any complicated integrations.
  • Client research with snapshot report helps you determine the right prospects to deal with.
  • Vendasta also offers real-time analysis of client engaging with the product; this helps you finding any flaws in your product and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Track all sales activities with real-time insights with leaderboards and pipeline management tools, while also recording all communications.

Pricing for Vendasta

Vendasta CRM Startup Model Vendasta CRM Essential Model Vendasta CRM Growth Model Vendasta CRM Scale Model
Costs $42 per month and billed at $500 annually Costs $299 per month and billed at $3588 annually Costs $499 per month and billed at $5988 annually Costs $999 per month and billed at $11988 annually
Designed for startups and fresh enterprises looking for client retention Free onboarding and designed for business that have a base and are looking to establish themselves With free onboarding, this model is designed for growing businesses and brands With free onboarding, this model is designed as a commerce platform with team management tools
Offers 1 team member seat and up to 15% discount on resellable apps and services Offers 5 team member seats and up to 30% discount on resellable apps and services Offers 10 team member seats and up to 45% discount on resellable apps and services Offers 15 team member seats and up to 65% discount on resellable apps and services
Offers 5 free snapshot reports and business toolkits, and 2500 email sends per month Offers 25 free snapshot reports and business toolkits, and 10,000 email sends per month Offers 75 free snapshot reports and business toolkits, and 50,000 email sends per month Offers 125 free snapshot reports and business toolkits, and 100,000 email sends per month

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