Top 6 Best Platforms to Sell Gifts This Valentine's Day 2022

Damini Bhandary Damini Bhandary
Feb 11, 2022 6 min read
Top 6 Best Platforms to Sell Gifts This Valentine's Day 2022

The month of February is often termed as the month of love for obvious reasons, and that is Valentine’s Day. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is not less than a festival in the world, people buy gifts for their significant other and profess their love and care to them with those gifts.

Every year, the market for Valentine’s day gifts experiences a steep rise. Be it chocolates, plushies, or handmade personalized gifts they always find their way to the customer’s heart in the month of love. They got a level of value that is indescribable and that is why they are turning into one of the best gift items in the industry.

For most people, looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift can be exciting and confusing as well, the trend of giving handmade personalized gifts are in for a couple of years and till now it has not died down and seems to be going quite strong.

People prefer to provide handmade gifts to their partners especially on V-Day. So for those who are into making them, you can sell them online, it is quite a good idea to follow. In this article, we will talk about some of the best platforms where you can sell handmade gifts, this Valentine. So let’s take a look.

“The more value you give, the more you get to sell.”

Amazon Handmade
The India Craft House


One of the most popular c-commerce platforms where you can sell your handmade gift items is Etsy. Any kind of handmade product like clothes, jewelry, artwork, bags, and vintage items can be found here. The E-commerce platform consists of over 81.9 million buyers and over 4.1 million sellers.

Etsy Homepage
Etsy Homepage

Benefits of Selling on Etsy

  • The first and foremost benefit is that you don’t have to build a website, which is quite a costly and long procedure. You can set up your online retail store here at a minimal cost and start selling your gift products.
  • It is easy to update your products on the website, whenever you feel like making a change.
  • As mentioned before, with over 81.9 million buyers, the number of customers you can get for your products is huge. If you start your own website it may take a lot of time but with Etsy, if your product is good, then you just have to focus on your customers.
  • It is good for people who are just starting with their online business, it gives them an idea of how an online store works and with time they can also start their own website later.

Amazon Handmade

There is hardly anyone who is not aware of one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world Amazon. Now you can sell your handmade products on their site Amazon Handmade. It was a direct competitor of the E-commerce site Etsy.

Amazon Handmade Homepage
Amazon Handmade Homepage

Benefits of Selling in Amazon Handmade

  • When it is the biggest online E-commerce site, then the chances of your products getting noticed is inevitable. So, Amazon Handmade can be good for you to sell valentines' gifts.
  • It is a well-established brand that knows what they’re doing, they don’t change their algorithm much. So while selling your products here, you won’t be experiencing a sudden drop in your traffic that may lead to a decrease in your sales.
  • You have to fill up an application that assures your authenticity and ensure that the products, you’re selling are actually made by you.

Best Products to Sell for Valentine’s Week
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This website is known for selling unique gifts, so if your products are unique and handmade, then it is the perfect place for you. Sarees, vintage handmade house decors, or jewellery, you can sell these here. Craftsvilla is also said to be the largest online ethnic store in India.

Craftsvilla Homepage
Craftsvilla Homepage

Benefits of Selling in Craftsvilla

  • Your products get exposure to the international market.
  • You can showcase your local culture and tradition by selling handmade products, and thus, promoting them as well.
  • The process of selling the product is easier and it is perfect for those who want to sell unique products and also want attention from the customers online.


Another platform where you sell your handmade products, this platform mostly focuses on ethnic jewelry, accessories, and woolen item. All of these have to be handmade as they strictly want the platform to be a household name for handmade products.

iCraft Homepage
iCraft Homepage

Benefits of Selling in iCraft’s

  • A huge number of audience to whom you can cater to.
  • Enjoy all the profits from your sale; no commission has to be given.


If you want to sell pure Artwork and handicrafts, AuthIndia is the perfect place for you. Plus, gifting someone any kind of artwork seems classy and favorable. You can sell your products worldwide through this website.

Authindia Homepage
Authindia Homepage

Benefits of Selling in AuthIndia

  • No charges are required for registration on this website, plus all the profits that you earn are only yours, you don’t need to give out a commission or any extra payments.
  • GST is not mandatory; the pricing of your products is fixed by only you.
  • The website offers you advertisement space, where you can place your product’s ad, this way you also get to increase the number of your potential customers.

The India Craft House

"A social enterprise. An authentic platform for pure craft.",  says The India Craft House. The digital platform boasts of listing some of the world's oldest and most intricate craft forms. Starting around 10 years from now, The India Craft House lists pure, authentic craft that is sourced from artisans across India. This way it curates a unique selection of traditional art and craft as beautiful, and contemporary products that can be bought by people from across the world on Valentine's day or any other occasion for lovers and friends.

Benefits of Selling in The India Craft House

  • The website allows the artisans and craftsmen to just contact the website.
  • If you are an artisan or working on behalf of an NGO, a social enterprise or an organization that supports artisans and the creation of handcrafted products, then there are special benefits.

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Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for the personalized gift industry in India, as it thrives in the month of February. The gift industry experiences a huge boom in Valentine’s week.

The above websites are some of the E-commerce sites that help people who want to indulge themselves in the handmade gift industry and make a way for all the producers to find their designated place where they can engage with their potential customers and provide them with the product that they needed.


What sells most on Valentines Day?

The most selling products on Valentine's day are Jewelry, flowers, clothing and candy.

How can I sell Valentine's products?

Sell something unique, create personalized gifts, and make sure your website is visible on search results on valentines day.

What should you dropship on Valentine's Day?

You should dropship Rose Flower Bear, Valentine's Day Inflatables, Valentines Day Greeting Card, and Valentine's Day Candles.

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