The 10 Best Online Survey Tools and Software for 2023

The 10 Best Online Survey Tools and Software for 2023
Best Online Survey Tools

Customer feedback plays a vital role when trying to manage business insights. Knowing the interests and choices of your customers would not only help you provide them with a better experience next time but, will also let you design better products and business strategies.

Surveys are the best way to get your customer feedback and understand their opinions. With a number of online survey tools available you can easily approach your customers and collect their feedback. These tools not only let you create and distribute surveys but also help you evaluate the responses to understand customer expectations.

However, every business has different needs, and hence, choosing the right tool that caters to your business requirements is extremely important. Today, we have brought you the top 10 online survey tools that will help you know your customers better and grow your business faster in 2023.

Best 5 Online Survey Tools to Check Out

How to Choose the Best Online Survey Tool?

The performance of a survey tool is gauged by the amount of information it is able to extract through open-ended questions. The traditional close-ended questions are easy to tabulate but can only collect minimal information. The modern generation survey tools use AI and NLP to clean and organize the gathered information in real-time which would manually take days.

With the overwhelming number of online survey tools available in the market choosing the right one can be difficult. While deciding which is the best online survey tool for you, you must have a good idea about your requirements as well as your budget. There are tools available for free but they only have limited features embedded, on the other hand, you have tools loaded with every feature you require but are expensive to use.

Other than this you must also pay close attention to the three basic steps of surveying i.e. creation, distribution, and evaluation while reviewing a survey tool. The tool must be reliable and should provide the best features, as per your business needs, for all three steps.

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10 Best Online Survey Tools for 2023

Google Forms
Zoho Survey


Rating 4.6/5
Founded in 2009
Best suited for Best for Survey Reports
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
SurveyMonkey - Best Online Survey Tool

‌One of the leading survey tools, SurveyMonkey has over 40 million registered customers including 95% of the Fortune 500 companies. This is the best tool if you are a scaling business and need a survey tool that is simple with an easy interface and basic functions.

It is a flexible online survey tool that lets you design and customizes surveys from the scratch without having any coding experience. It allows you to run the survey and collect feedback via multiple channels such as web links,  mobile chats, social media platforms, emails, etc. It has a basic analytics dashboard.

This tool uses word cloud and sentiment analysis to break down text responses. After analyzing results it also exports and integrates data.


  • It is free to start with surveys with up to 10 questions
  • Offers 100+ expert templates with sample questions
  • Deeper data analysis through multiple integrations


  • The free plan does not allow you to access the collected data
  • Successive price hikes have made it expensive to use

Pricing Plan:

SurveyMonkey Basic plan is FREE. And, its subscription plans are divided into two versions i.e. individual and team. They also have an Enterprise plan, you can also request a demo to get custom pricing.

Pricing details of Individual Plans:

Individual Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Premier Annual ₨ 4,999 / month ₨ 59,988 billed annually
Advantage Annual ₨ 1,999 / month ₨ 23,988 billed annually
Standard Monthly ₨ 899 / month NA

‌Pricing details of Team Plans:

Team Plans Pricing
Team Advantage ₨ 1,550 / user/month, billed annually
Team Premier ₨ 3,800 / user/month, billed annually
Enterprise Custom Price

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Rating 4.7/5
Founded in 2012
Best suited for Best for neat user experience
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
Typeform - Online Survey Software

It is an uncomplicated survey tool with advanced design options. Instead of complex questionnaires, it follows a completely different approach to feedback collection. It helps you design surveys, polls, quizzes, and forms that are visually engaging and fun to answer. Also, these are easy to run and can be distributed through multiple channels like email, chats, web apps, etc.

Typeform focuses on user experience and interaction for better responses. The surveys developed by Typeform have an average of four times the completion rate in comparison to the standard industry rate.

While the free plan lets you collect around 10 responses per month, the professional plan gets you 500 responses along with unlimited logic jumps, conversion tracking, and HubSpot integration.

Alongside surveys, Typeform also deals with video apps for face-to-face conversations and no-code chatbots.

Getting started with Typeform


  • Multiple readymade survey templates with customization options.
  • Break down responses and prepare sharable reports.
  • Scalable pricing and excellent customer service.


  • No protection against bots.
  • Customer support can be improved.

Pricing Plan:

Typeform offers one FREE plan and 3 paid plans i.e. Basic plan, Plus plan, and Business plan. Pricing details of each plan are given below:

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price (save 16%)
Basic 29 USD / month 25 USD / month
Plus 59 USD / month 50 USD / month
Business 99 USD / month 83 USD / month

Try Typeform for FREE


Rating 4.6/5
Founded in 2006
Best suited for Best for survey templates
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
Jotform - Online Survey Builder

Jotform is an online survey builder recognized for its ease of use and intuitiveness. It is a coding-free solution that helps you to generate leads, distribute and analyze surveys, collect payments, and much more. It has over 100 survey templates and a drag-and-drop survey creator. It helps distribute surveys via shareable links or as website embeds.

It also has a smart, easily fillable PDF form creator with an option to pre-fill the forms. All its plans have an inbuilt feature for table creation.


  • Design and distributes specific forms.
  • Payment collection feature.
  • Inexpensive and easy to use.


  • Limited technical support.
  • Poor customer service.

Pricing Plan:

Jotform offers an unlimited free-to-use plan that lets you collect around 100 submissions, there are other paid plans for which the limit and features extend with the price. A special 50% discount is also available for educational institutions and NGOs. Pricing details of each plan are given below:

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Starter $0 $0
Bronze $19.50/month $234/year
Silver $24.50/month $294/year
Gold $64.50/month $774/year

Try Jotform for Free

Google Forms

Rating 4.7/5
Founded in 1998
Best suited for Best for 100% free surveys
Free Free Plan
Google Forms - Free online survey software platform

‌Google Forms is a free online survey software platform that lets you create, edit, and share surveys and forms over the Internet. It is one of the best choices if you do not require some kind of exotic or complicated reviews or feedback from your customer. The simple templates make it easy for the user to respond. These are available for free as a part of G Suite for business plans or personal editions and do not require specific skills for the survey conductor or responder.

The designs of surveys are customizable. The responses are saved in Google sheets automatically, which can easily be transferred into excel format later. You can also gather real-time information and charts from the platform.


  • Very easy to use.
  • These are available absolutely free of cost.
  • Data collected can be synced with other Google products.


  • Very limited template designs are available.
  • Users cannot be tracked easily.

Pricing Plan:

You can use Google Forms for free.

Zoho Survey

Rating 4.6/5
Founded in 1996
Best suited for Best for UI, User Interface
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
Zoho Survey - Free online survey software

Zoho Survey is an easy-to-use online questionnaire and survey-building software. It has a rich array of features but is incapable of handling complex requirements. It has several template options, however, customization options are very limited. The surveys are designed to function optimally on any screen size, making it easier to boost the response rate. This tool enables businesses to obtain feedback through offline surveys, expanding their reach. For ease of use on the go it also offers taking surveys on iOS as well as android devices. Although, a free version of this tool is available, once outgrown you will have to buy the paid version. It allows you to view the responses in real-time.


  1. It also supports offline surveys.
  2. Easily integrates with other Zoho applications.
  3. The mobile app allows real-time monitoring of survey responses.


  1. No support for display logic and question blocks.
  2. The user interface isn't up to date.

Pricing Plan:

Zoho Survey offers a free plan that lets you create unlimited surveys, 10 questions & 100 responses per Survey. It also has three paid plans i.e. Plus, Pro and Enterprise. Pricing details of each plan are given below:

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Free $0 $0
Plus ₹800/month ₹600/month, billed annually
Pro ₹2,500/month ₹1700/month, billed annually
Enterprise ₹5,700/month ₹3900/month, billed annually


Rating 4.7/5
Founded in 2009
Best suited for Best for quizzes
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
Sogolytics - Online Survey Tool

It was previously recognized by the name SoGoSurvey. It is a feature-rich, easy-to-use online survey tool with top-notch reporting options. It has a variety of plans that can be customized to fit any business size.

Whether you are in need of quizzes, customer feedback, or other surveys, this tool lets you create them easily. It is a mobile-friendly platform that has strong data security, intuitive UI, in-depth analytical reports, and great customer support.

It is capable of including pivot tables in the records and also offers bulk editing mode. The data storage is secure with SSL encryption. It also has the option to embed audio, videos, images, or descriptive texts in the surveys to help the user understand the context.


  • It has features for working with multiple surveys such as a dashboard, merging, or reporting canvas.
  • Various question types are available such as text boxes, multi-select, radio buttons, etc.
  • Advanced support options are also available.


  • Display logic questions limit re-ordering.
  • Help resources are not strong.

Pricing Plan:

Sogolytics offers a free plan that lets you create unlimited surveys. It also has four paid plans i.e. Plus, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise Feedback. Pricing details of each plan are given below:

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Plus $25 USD/month $299 Annually
Pro $66 USD/month $788 Annually
Premium $99 USD/month $1188 Annually
Enterprise Feedback Custom Plan Custom Plan

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Rating 4.8/5
Founded in 2011
Best suited for Best for customized surveys
Free Free Plan
SurveyPlanet - Online Survey Software

This tool has an essential user interface with a clean and well-spaced layout. It offers 30+ language options allowing you to gather insights from a larger number of customers. The surveys can be embedded on your site, circulated on social media, or sent through emails to get a response. Surveyplanet offers an intuitive platform for creating and analyzing surveys, as well as exporting data. Businesses can use this online survey tool to create customized surveys such as brand development, market research, exit interviews, job application forms, etc. You can view a live version of your survey while you are creating it on the same page.

Along with unlimited surveys and questions, it allows you to get unlimited responses even on the free plan. Although it supports skip logic, it does not support display logic, piping, or masking.

SurveyPlanet Tutorial


  • Clean and minimalist user interface.
  • It is quite an affordable tool.
  • Also provides an overview of branching questions.


  • Limited question types and no support for matrix questions.
  • The panel purchase option is not integrated.

Pricing Plan:

SurveyPlanet offers a free plan with a robust set of free features to get you started with your survey. It also offers a paid plan i.e. Pro plan with advanced features such as custom themes, question branching, survey results filtering, and more. Pricing details of the Pro plan are given below:

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Free $0 $0
Pro $20 month $180 year


Rating 4.4/5
Founded in 2017
Best suited for Best for Conversational Surveys
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
SurveySparrow - Conversational Survey Tool

SurveySparrow tool offers a conversational approach to surveys i.e. the surveys are engaging with a chat-like experience for the responder. It is easy to use and allows you to create omnichannel surveys, automate feedback processes, and create smart reports post-result evaluation. It also has a customer journey mapping feature.

SurveySparrow offers multiple types and formats of surveys such as NPS, chatbots, offline surveys, etc. alongside several survey distribution options like email, websites, pop-ups, SMS, and others. Also, it has the option to create templates from scratch.


  • The executive dashboard makes reporting and data analysis easy.
  • Integrations, webhooks, and APIs.
  • The recurring survey feature allows scheduling the re-surveys.


  • 360 assessment and NPS require a separate subscription.
  • Poor customer support.

Pricing Plan:

SurveySparrow offers a Free plan that allows 10 questions per survey. It also offers 2 paid plans i.e. Premium plan and the Basic plan with advanced features such as display logic, case management, scoring, and more. Pricing details of the paid plans are given below:

Plans Quarterly Price Annual Price
Premium $59 USD per month, Billed Quarterly $29 USD per month, Billed Annually
Basic $39 USD per month, Billed Quarterly $19 USD per month, Billed Annually

Try SurveySparrow for Free


Rating 4.5/5
Founded in 2006
Best suited for Best for Automation
Free Free Trial and Free Plan
Alchemer - Online survey software

Alchemer was formerly recognized by the name SurveyGizmo. Earlier just a simple survey tool it has now turned into a customer feedback management platform. It is a highly capable tool that uses custom coding to accommodate a wide array of tasks.

Apart from designing and running surveys it also lets you manage your contacts, set up customer feedback workflow, analyze data, and much more. It allows you to run any type of survey and also perform complicated research.

It offers advanced branching and skip logic features along with multiple survey distribution channels. It also has native integrations including Google Analytics, Google sheets, and Salesforce.


  • It streamlines operations through bulk edit mode.
  • Sophisticated layout and reporting features.
  • Well supported by phones, forums, conferences, and videos.


  • Does not integrate with other tools easily.
  • Poor back-end hosting.

Pricing Plan:

Alchemer offers four paid plans i.e. Collaborator plan, the Professional plan, Full Access plan, and the Enterprise Platform. Pricing details of the paid plans are given below:

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Collaborator $55 per user per month $315 per month per year
Professional $165 per user per month $1075 per month per year
Full Access $275 per user per month $1895 per month per year
Professional Custom Plan Custom Plan


Rating 4.4/5
Founded in 2002
Best suited for Best for AI
Free Free Trial
Qualtrics - online survey tool

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool extremely suitable for professionals. It has several types of readymade survey templates with more than a hundred types of questions. The key features of this tool include email triggers, logic branching, and display logic that provide a great user experience.‌‌

It offers over 30 graph types to choose from and also allows you to read real-time web reports as well as export results to CSV or SPSS at your convenience. You can enable the forest or tree view of the surveys using the best-in-class survey flow screen of the tool.


  1. It supports masked or carry-forward answer choices.
  2. Allows editing non-modal questions.
  3. Desktop and mobile questionnaires can be put into synchronized previews.


  • This tool is slightly expensive to use.
  • Does not have the ability to maintain multiple shared reports.

Pricing Plan:

Contact the vendor to get a quote.

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Customer feedback is the key to a successful business and having the right survey tool is the best way to know your customers better. With its ability to customize the survey questions as per the business and customer requirements, a good survey tool helps you in providing better customer engagement and satisfaction.

Other than creating surveys that are pleasant for the audience, it lets you distribute the surveys through multiple, relevant, and effective channels as well as evaluate the results efficiently.

In this article, we have listed the best online survey tools for 2023 with their features as well as pros and cons. We certainly hope this will help you choose the best survey tool for your business.


What are the top survey tools for 2023?

The top survey tools for 2023 are currently considered to be:

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. Typeform
  3. Jotform
  4. Google forms
  5. Zoho Survey
  6. Sogolytics
  7. SurveyPlanet
  8. SurveySparrow
  9. Alchemer
  10. Qualtrics

What features should I look for in a survey tool?

When evaluating survey tools, you should look for features such as:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable survey templates
  • Advanced logic and branching capabilities
  • Support for multiple question types
  • Ability to skip or redirect based on previous answers
  • Data export options (such as CSV or Excel)
  • Collaboration and sharing options
  • Robust reporting and analysis capabilities

Are there free survey tools available?

Yes, there are many free survey tools available such as Google Forms, JotForm, SurveyPlanet, and Zoho Survey. However, these free tools may have limitations on features and capabilities when compared to paid tools.

As of 2023, SurveyMonkey is considered to be the most popular survey tool.

What is the best survey tool for enterprise use?

As of 2023, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, and SoGoSurvey are considered to be the best survey tools for enterprise use.

How long can I wait before I run my first survey?

The length of time you should wait before running your first survey depends on several factors, such as the nature of your business or organization, the purpose of the survey, and the resources you have available to conduct the survey. In general, it's best to run your survey as soon as possible after you've established the goals and objectives of the survey, developed the survey questions, and identified the target audience.

How many team members need access to the survey tool?

The number of team members who need access to the survey tool will depend on the size and structure of your organization, as well as the purpose of the survey.

Why should I use a survey tool?

Survey tools can help you to efficiently collect, analyze, and make decisions based on accurate data, which can ultimately help you to improve your business or organization in various ways.‌‌

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