Top Privacy-Focused Social Media Platforms in 2022

Top Privacy-Focused Social Media Platforms in 2022

Social media isn’t what it used to be, especially since we’ve become more aware of the privacy concerns of utilizing big sites. Whatsapp and Facebook, two of the most popular social networking apps, have regularly been in the news due to privacy concerns.

In the Cambridge Analytica incident, Facebook leaked data of roughly 87,000 users. Another 6.8 million users’ data was lost in September 2018 when a third-party app acquired access to using images. In response to this, the #DeleteFacebook movement, which had been developing steadily, exploded.

WhatsApp recently notified its users that it would be changing its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Users were given a deadline to either accept or stop using the app. Millions of people were thrown into a frenzy, with many jumping ships in search of an alternate platform. The true impact of WhatsApp’s T&C amendments on individuals has most certainly been exaggerated. Indeed, WhatsApp just requests permission to share data collected by the app with the rest of the Facebook family of apps. More crucially, no messages, groups, or call records include in this data.

However, How can you replace these services and stay in touch with friends and family in a world dominated by social media, particularly Facebook which now owns major social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram?

There are, thankfully many open-source, privacy-focused solutions available. While exploring them, alternatives were seen that were fit for use, interesting, and easy to assure friends and family to join.

By far, the most difficult social networking application to replace is Facebook. There isn’t a great substitute for this social media platform, but there are a few choices.

So, Let's get started.



MeWe is yet another privacy-focused social networking platform. The site takes pride in the fact that it is free of adverts and does not manipulate user feeds. Users, on the other hand, have complete control over what they see. While it functions similarly to Facebook, it is a more secure option. MeWe functions similarly to Facebook, albeit in a more confined community, despite the fact that it is not open source. MeWe is accessible via a mobile application. It has a solid privacy policy, but it isn’t very popular.


Mastodon is by far the most popular of the federated social media platforms. It’s also completely free, simple to use, and concerned about user privacy and security. Mastodon resembles Twitter more than any other social media platform.

But it has a significantly larger word count and excellent control over who may read your postings (public, followers only, or unlisted). If you’re posting about sensitive topics, you can add content warnings to photographs or posts so that only people who choose to click the notice will see what you’re talking about. In addition, they refer to their posts as “toots” rather than “tweets” or “statuses.”

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You also have a variety of options when it comes to joining Mastodon. Because, unlike Facebook or Twitter, you join an instance rather than a central website. Some are public, while others are private, some cater to specific interests or beliefs, and some people host their own. You can follow users on any instance, regardless of which one you join, so you don’t miss posts from your favorite individuals even if you switch instances.

It offers a facility that allows you to seek up your Twitter connections and follow them on Mastodon. It aids in the development of a following when joining a new site. Mastodon has proven to be a fantastic tool for interacting with friends and family, as well as networking and making new acquaintances, similar to Twitter.


Diaspora is founded on three core values: decentralization, freedom, and privacy. Instead of storing everyone’s data on a single server owned by a large corporation. Diaspora’s founders built a social network that disseminates this information and is owned by no one. Each user has the option of creating and hosting their own server, dubbed a ‘pod,’ or joining one of their friends and communicating within this ‘diaspora’.


Pinterest is particularly popular among consumers who exchange images of their home improvement, homemade objects, cooking recipes, and other interests. And gloating about a new garment isn’t exactly a sin, is it? As a result, Pinterest is more focused on “things” than Instagram, which is more focused on users.

Moreover, unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows you to share your material without the need for repeated social engagement. Pinterest, on the other hand, is not influenced by the corporate world. For example, an AR-powered option like “Try on” benefits both shoppers and e-stores.


PixelFed is another newcomer that is federated and as user-friendly as Instagram. You join through an instance and you can choose how you want to publish your photos and who can follow you, just like Mastodon. You may use Instagram on your PC or through your favorite mobile web browser, unlike Instagram, which is best seen through its own app.

PixelFed has a small user base, owing to the fact that it is still in development. However, inviting friends to join is simple, as it only takes a few clicks and they are in without having to download anything.


Snapchat has a simple user interface and a lot of features. The AI-powered Lenses are probably the app’s most amusing feature. You can alter your appearance to make yourself appear older or younger and do a lot more fun with unlimited filters on this platform.

After all, Facebook replicated several of Snapchat's features and put them on Instagram to discourage users from leaving. There's something for everyone, from Stories to disappearing texts, face filters, and more. So, if you want to use the actual Instagram, I strongly suggest using Snapchat. The good news is that Snapchat has lately revamped its efforts and introduced new tools such as Find Instagram Feed alternatives.

To summarise, Snapchat is not simply another social media app; it is one that, in a few years, may foreshadow the future of social media, especially, short video stories. If you want to experiment with new features, Snapchat is your got-to-go place.


Signal, which was first released in 2014, promises to use cutting-edge security and end-to-end encryption to ensure that your messages are never shared or accessed by anybody other than you and your intended recipients. Message history is likewise maintained on your smartphone, and only on your device. Furthermore, because the encryption software they use is open-source, it is susceptible to increased public scrutiny, forcing those in charge of the app to act quickly to address any security vulnerabilities.


Your calls and messages are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption once the ‘Secret’ chat option is enabled, and Telegram can no longer access the data. The talks you conduct in ‘Secret’ chats are only getting safe on the smartphones of the participants, rather than Telegram servers, as they are with Signal. Telegram, on the other hand, takes it a step further. It can only be used on that device. The chats used to be relinquished if a user log in to their account from a different device. If someone tries to capture a screenshot of your messages, you will be notified.


Wire is a secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption that is shielded by European data retention laws. It provides free personal accounts as well as paid business plans that include additional support and features. Wire boasts clear voice and video communications.

Wire supports both 1:1 and group screen sharing. It also allows you to share multimedia files and filter audio. You can log in to your account from up to eight synced devices, which are available for all major platforms. Within chats, you can format text with bold and italics, as well as create lists. You’ll also be able to optimize file sizes for easy sharing, as well as set timers to delete messages for extra privacy.


Tumblr is one of the oldest social media networks on the Internet, yet it lacks the popularity of Instagram or Facebook. It's often mistaken for a microblogging site, but it's much more. Photographs, GIFs, movies, and other sorts of media can now be shared. You may also search Tumblr using hashtags, and you can create a community with support for private chats. Tumblr is a specialized social networking site that, when used properly, may provide many users with a creative outlet.

The quantity of followers is crucial on practically every other social media platform. People like to brag about how many followers they have on social media. Tumblr, once again, is unique. It's uncommon to come across a Tumblr blog that shows the number of followers it has. Tumblr users are more concerned with their interactions with other users, and the desire to form deeper bonds. As a result, you'll need to adjust your attitude about participation in this situation.

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Social media is a useful tool, no doubt about that. But the one caveat with most social media apps is that they track you, sell your data and make money from the user content. Well, that's why there are new social media apps coming up each day that offers users a better privacy experience and make use of blockchain technology.


What happened in the Cambridge Analytica incident?

In the Cambridge Analytica incident, Facebook leaked data of roughly 87,000 users.

How is Mastodon different from Twitter & Facebook?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, in Mastodon, you join an instance rather than a central website. Some are public, while others are private.

What can we do using AI-powered Lenses in Snapchat?

The AI-powered Lenses are probably the app’s most amusing feature. You can alter your appearance to make yourself appear older or younger and do a lot more fun with unlimited filters on this platform.

Which are privacy-focused social media platforms?

Some Privacy-focused social media platforms are MeWe, Tumblr, Snapchat, Signal, Telegram, etc.

How do privacy-focused messengers work?

The app has end-to-end encryption which protects your data from outside interference, including from the app developers themselves.

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