Why Is CBNITS One of the Best Software Services Companies in Kolkata?

Why Is CBNITS One of the Best Software Services Companies in Kolkata?
CBNITS software services companies in Kolkata

These days, technology and, more specifically, software development is crucial to the development of new ideas and the advancement of businesses and startups. The city of Kolkata, which is said to be the IT capital of Eastern India, is allowing for an unconstrained path regarding technological advancements. It can be challenging to choose the best software service provider from the many that have a base office in Kolkata.

But not to worry because CBNITS, a leading provider of enterprise solutions and IT services, is the best of the best. On July 4, 2018, CBNITS India Private Limited, a private corporation, was established in Kolkata, West Bengal and is an organisation that strives to help a company transform and reach above and beyond with their digital solutions.

But why is it the best software service company, you might ask. Numerous elements make them outstanding, such as their cutting-edge technologies that enables businesses to meet the obstacles at every stage of growth. But that's not all; let's dig a little further and discover why CBNITS is among the top providers of software services in Kolkata.

What makes CBNITS unique?
What Domains does CBNITS Specialise in?

What makes CBNITS unique?

Easy Solutions for Early-Stage Companies

CBNITS claims to assist you in bolstering your IT foundation and realising new opportunities that enable quicker growth with its team of over 300 skilled cybersecurity experts, cloud engineers, expert-level software engineers, UX/UI designers, and data scientists.

Back Startups up with excellent Software Support

CBNITS is designed to provide you with the greatest ERP Solutions, support you as you move your project ahead, and help you thrive. This includes the initial idea to execution, ongoing support, and managing business growth.

Overcoming The Skills Gap

Is your company not particularly technically inclined? No issue! Because CBNITS knows where to put the right people for the right project with amazing skills and talent tailored to your needs.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

The engineers at CBNITS are skilled and experienced in advanced techs like Big Data & Hadoop, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Data Science, AI & Machine Learning, IoT & Connected Devices, Software Development, SAP, DevOps & Infrastructure, Mobile & Wearables, UX/UI and Cloud Solutions which can help you and your firm touch the skies.

What Domains does CBNITS Specialise in?



Health professionals and patients looking for help frequently use Teamwellness as a platform. The software simplifies the medical facility by connecting patients and practitioners for an online consultation. From start to finish, the patients and practitioners can do everything whilst sitting at home.

The entire platform has been built by the company's designing team using CSS and HTML and is available on iOS and Android. The technology used to make this platform includes Read Native, AWS, MySQL, CSS, Bootstrap, React, Node and HTML.

The app allows the patients to select a medical speciality, view the doctors' profiles and portfolios, view availability on calendar requests and make an appointment, schedule an appointment, view booking status, acquire confirmation and review and make payments.

The app allows the practitioners to add medical experience and education, send meeting URLs, receive payments, and much more.

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Cyber Security

Businesses can securely communicate confidential papers with anyone within or outside the firm, thanks to the SaaS application from i2Chain. In accordance with GDPR and CCPA privacy rules, i2Chain enables banks, hospitals, accounting firms, mortgage companies, and others to securely transfer their IP, PHI, and PII with co-processing businesses. The zero-click technology from i2Chain protects documents with encryption, rules, and immutable audit logs. It is also independent of the type of cloud and storage used.

This platform was built using Electron, Node, Cryptography, AWS Cognito, React, and Blockchain technologies.


Both parents and students can utilise the site, which is adaptable for all platforms and gives them access to their courses and assignments. Additionally, there is a forum section where users can talk with other students and teachers about their assignments and classes.

The dashboards allow parents to see their child's progress.

The platform has a number of secure payment gateways, including Stripe, credit card, PayPal, and others, to make it simple for students to pay and for instructors to receive payment.

This platform was built using Node, AWS, React, CSS and HTML technologies.

HR Tech

To assist professionals, this platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence by identifying their formula for professional growth and success. The behavioural skill level and in-depth analytical report of all users within the company are provided by the artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics, along with 16 free personality factor assessments, to help users identify their potential, suitability, and areas that need improvement.

The platform is easy to use, responsive on all platforms and highly secure and was built using Tiger Graph, Javascript, React Native, CSS, Java Spring, AWS RDS and HTML technologies.


The platform was created by the engineers at CBNITS to enable the delivery of everyday things and household goods to your home. You can select from three possible user options, namely, admin panel, buyers, and sellers. The Seller must sign up and list all relevant information about their products on the platform. Customers can browse products, add them to carts, and check out. Customers who have purchased things have the option of leaving reviews. The admin will be in charge of maintaining the platform's overall functionality.

The technologies used to create this platform include Node, Bootstrap, AWS, MySQL, React, CSS, and HTML.


Now you know why CBNITS is one of the best software services companies in Kolkata. With over seven years of experience and 1000 projects in over 20 countries, CBNITS has everything you might need to grow your business.


Who is the founder of CBNITS?

Rajdeep Bose & Naveen Chand Bachkethi are the founders of CBNITS.

When was CBNITS founded?

CBNITS was founded in 2018.

What Domains does CBNITS Specialise in?

Major domains for which CBNITS provides software solutions are:

  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • EdTech
  • HR Tech
  • E-Commerce

How many employees does CBNITS have?

CBNITS has 200-500 employees.

What is the revenue of CBNITS?

The operating revenue of CBNITS ranges from INR 1 Crore - 100 Crore annually.

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