Dremio Success Story - Revolutionizing Data Analytics With Speed and Simplicity

Dremio Success Story - Revolutionizing Data Analytics With Speed and Simplicity
Dremio Success Story

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Today, every organization seems to use data analytics and machine learning in its systems. The reason for this is quite simple: data analytics opens up the opportunity of delivering answers to challenging questions that are inaccessible using simpler analysis techniques. It is basically the process of collecting, analyzing, organizing, and extracting all the insights given in raw figures from a giant, complicated data system generated by businesses regularly.

Data analytics technology is not only improving customer experiences but also increasing business efficiency and revenue management in every industry.

Dremio is an easy and open-source data lakehouse that was started in 2015 with the aim of delivering data flexibility across all of your data. Recently, the company announced that it is now accessible as a part of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, a centralized web-based dashboard run by Amazon Web Services (AWS). By combining security and compliance data in a single dashboard, AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights streamlines risk assessments of third-party software.

Read on to learn about Dremio, its startup story, founder, business and revenue model, and more.

Dremio - Company Highlights

Company Name Dremio
Headquarters Santa Clara, California
Industry Software Development
Founder Tomer Shiran
Founded 2015
Website dremio.com

Dremio - About
Dremio - Industry
Dremio - Founders and Team
Dremio - Startup Story
Dremio - Mission and Vision
Dremio - Business and Revenue Model
Dremio - Products
Dremio - Growth
Dremio - Funding and Investors
Dremio - Challenges Faced
Dremio - Awards and Achievements
Dremio - Competitors
Dremio - Future Plans

Dremio - About

Based in Santa Clara, California, Dremio is an easy and open-source data lakehouse that offers self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility for any organization's data. The firm is also said to deliver mission-critical BI on the data lake for hundreds of organizations, including three of the Fortune 5.

The company's specialties involve data analytics, business analytics, big data, data science, data lake, SQL, NoSQL, BI, machine learning, Python, Java, pandas, R, Apache Arrow, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, S3, Jupyter, open source, and cloud.

Dremio - Industry

Dremio's industry is the software development industry. In terms of the market, the software development industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today.

Many statistics reports show that growing at a CAGR of 27.5%, it is predicted that the market will increase from US$130.69 billion in 2021 to US$716.52 billion in 2028. There's no denying that this particular industry is growing at an exponential rate.

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Dremio - Founders and Team

In 2015, Dremio was founded by Tomer Shiran, who is also the CPO. At present, Billy Bosworth is the CEO of Dremio.

Tomer Shiran

Tomer Shiran - Founder and CPO, Dremio
Tomer Shiran - Founder and CPO, Dremio

Tomer Shiran began his career as a Software Engineer at IBM Research. He is the creator of numerous U.S. patents and holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Computer Science from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Previously, he worked at Microsoft. He also worked at MapR Technologies, where he served as VP of Product Management for almost six years. Before Dremio, Tomer co-founded ePassportPhoto.com, a passport photo service provider, which is now acquired.

Billy Bosworth

Billy Bosworth - CEO, Dremio
Billy Bosworth - CEO, Dremio

Billy Bosworth holds a BS in Information Science and Data Processing from the University of Louisville. In June 2019, he joined the Dremio board of directors. In February 2020, he was appointed CEO. Billy's leadership qualities have helped shape Dremio's growth by bringing its total market valuation to $1 billion for the first time. Before joining Dremio, Billy ran DataStax for more than eight years, growing its annual revenue from less than $1 million to over $130 million.

Dremio - Startup Story

Tomer wanted a straightforward precept that large corporations can resolve data analytics issues in a matter of minutes rather than weeks. That's how he came up with the idea, Dremio.

In the initial days, Tomer tried to understand customers' challenges, and how they made their decisions, all of these gave him a deeper understanding of what the market actually needs. However, after a lot of hard work and leveraging multiple customer acquisition channels, he was able to find a few companies that supported his idea and agreed to use their product, Dremio.

Tomer's Dremio launched numerous open-source technologies, such as Apache Arrow and Apache Calcite, that further helped him connect with many other companies.

With Dremio, Tomer aimed to give customers a self-service experience with regard to any data, regardless of size or timing. He knew this is a significant advancement because today's data consumers must wait months for IT to produce the data they need to start finding the answers to their own questions.

Dremio - Mission and Vision

Dremio's vision is to make corporate data as accessible and usable as personal data. The company's goal is to offer a seamless, never-ending lakehouse experience to make accessing and analyzing corporate data easier than ever.

Dremio - Business and Revenue Model

Dremio is a B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Company that offers an open data lakehouse powered with self-service SQL analytics to make the work of data engineers and analytics effortless.

The company works closely with top companies like Amazon, Abbott, Deloitte, GoPro, Airbus, Bentley, BlackRock, Bose, Decathlon, Carter's, Bridgestone, Nokia, and many more. Dremio's products are used by these companies

Dremio's vendor lock-in-free environment is provided by an open data lakehouse, which is built on community-driven standards like Apache Parquet, Apache Iceberg, and Apache Arrow.

The pricing of Dremio products and services comes with nominal pricing that depends upon the customers as per their requirements. However, they offer two pricing methods: one is a Standard, which is free of cost and the other is an Enterprise plan, which depends upon the client's requirement and their processing time on the Dremio platform.

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Dremio - Products

Dremio has two major products, these are:

Dremio Sonar

It is a SQL engine for open platforms that offers data lake performance and capabilities comparable to those of a data warehouse, as well as a self-service interface for collaborative and consumable data. Through Dremio Sonar, the data teams can easily analyze their data anywhere and provide them with end-to-end data security and centralized governance. Furthermore, Dremio Sonar's SQL Runner, which is a top-tier IDE for analysts also offers auto-complete, multi-statement execution, and the ability to save and share SQL scripts can be used to search data engineer's lakehouse data. One of the most fascinating features of Sonar is SQL Profiler and Data Map which helps users learn and improve query performance and how their datasets have evolved over time.

Dremio Arctic

This product by Dremio automates all the time-consuming tasks associated with data management for the lakehouse, such as compaction, repartitioning, and indexing, so that data teams are no longer concerned with the physical arrangement of data in files. Dremio Arctic basically brings consistency by using git-like branching to convert data across tables and schemas without affecting production workloads.

Getting Started with Self-Service Data Analytics Using Dremio

Dremio - Growth

As per reports, Dremio generates approximately around $81.1 million annually. The overall valuation of the company was $2 billion in 2022.

The company has also reported that since 2017, it has increased its annual recurring revenue by 10 times, and enterprise customer acquisition has increased by 500%. With the addition of engineering, support, and sales teams in Canada, India, and Austin, Dremio increased its global presence. The company also introduced a new Professional Services Group and an on-demand virtual education platform called Dremio University.

This is what Tomer Shiran said, "Dremio experienced explosive growth across all business metrics in 2018. The adoption of Data-as-a-Service from the industry and customers played a significant role in our record growth in revenue and increased customer base. Our platform provides a fundamentally different approach that allows data to be managed in whichever persistence technology is most appropriate for a given use case while providing the functionality, performance, and security controls required for integrating with the traditional tools deployed on millions of desktops.”

With the latest trends and market demands, Dremio is now expanding its services by teaming up with some of the best players in the market today. That being said, Dremio has made its services available as a part of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights.

Here's what the Vice-president of business development at Dremio, Roger Frey says, "Dremio is excited to share our capabilities and credentials through AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, where AWS Marketplace customers can accelerate the vendor selection process with a repository of responses to many of their questions. With AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, customers have the knowledge they need to make technology decisions faster, and with more confidence"

Dremio - Funding and Investors

Dremio has raised a total funding amount of $410 million. The details of which are:

Date Funding Round Amount Raised Lead Investors
Jan 25, 2022 Series E $160 million Adams Street Partners
Jan 6, 2021 Series D $135 million Sapphire Ventures
Mar 26, 2020 Series C $70 million Insight Partners
Jul 31, 2018 Series B $5 million Cisco Investments
Jan 23, 2018 Series B $25 million Norwest Venture Partners
Sep 25, 2015 Series A $15 million Lightspeed Venture Partners, Redpoint

Some of the other investors of Dremio are Redpoint and DTCP.

Dremio - Challenges Faced

Five years ago, when the market was uncertain about the fact that data infrastructure was still evolving, Dremio had to go through numerous rounds of trials and errors to fix the problems of unsafe operations and endless scale challenges. As a result, they built Apache Iceberg.

Even today, Dremio strives to work by keeping in mind the incoming challenges for the coming five years in the world of data analytics.

Dremio - Awards and Achievements

Below are the awards and achievements of Dremio:

  • Dremio was Named to The 10 Hottest Big Data Tools of 2022 by CRN
  • Recognized as the Best Big Data Analytics Solutions by the Tech Ascension Awards in 2022
  • Dremio was awarded as a Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Managment for 2023 by DBTA
  • Dremio was listed in Deloitte 2022 Technology Fast 500 Winners
  • Winner of Best Places to Work in the Bay Area
  • Dremio is the winner of Protocol Power Index 2021 - Enterprise: Databases
  • Recognized in CRN Big Data 100 List 2021: The Coolest Emerging Big Data Companies

Dremio - Competitors

Some of the prominent competitors of Dremio are:

Dremio - Future Plans

Dremio is used by hundreds of global companies to offer self-service data analytics on the data lakehouse. The company continues to expand and collaborate to deliver uncomplicated data analytics solutions to drastically change the way data engineers work and strengthen their analytics journey.

Dremio - FAQs

What is Dremio?

Based in Santa Clara, California, Dremio is an easy and open-source data lakehouse that offers self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility for any organization's data.

When was Dremio founded?

Dremio was founded in 2015.

Where are Dremio's headquarters?

Dremio's headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Who are the top competitors of Dremio?

Some of the top competitors of Dremio are Snowflake, Databricks, MATLAB, search Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, and Presto.

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