Sales Contest Ideas to Stimulate your Team and Increase your Sales Simultaneously

Bharath Bharath
Dec 8, 2021 6 min read
Sales Contest Ideas to Stimulate your Team and Increase your Sales Simultaneously

Sales are the most important aspect of a business. They serve as the primary or sometimes even a sole revenue generator for businesses. Carrying such a significance, it becomes essential to take care of the process of sales and the people involved in it. The enthusiasm and the rapport of your team members play a crucial role in the success of your business. They needed to be motivated continuously.

Sales Contest activities prove to be a simple and great way to keep your team stirred up. Every person needs some reason or goal to move forward both in business and life. Developing a competitive environment through a sales contest can address that need and fuel the team towards achieving their business goals. Here are some of the best sales contest ideas that can help you maintain the team’s morale and boost your sales.

10 Sales Contest Ideas to Motivate your Team


About Sales Contest ideas and Prizes

10 Sales Contest Ideas to Motivate your Team

Raffle Tickets

Whenever the salesperson or the team completes the task, a raffle ticket is offered to them. This process continues until a definite period say, a month or a quarter. At the end of a particular stint of time, whichever person holds the most number of raffle tickets will be awarded a worthy prize. This ensures the top salesperson is awarded and other raffle ticket holders to get recognized and encouraged for their efforts.

Time Rewards

Time rewards are one of the simplest and most effective forms of rewarding. In this, you can reward your team members for their accomplishments in terms of time, like offering a week-off or an early weekend, or a paid leave. This can also be made more attractive by allowing the salesperson to accumulate and use those benefits at the end of a sales cycle. This helps them to relax and boost up for the next cycle.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews is a great motivating factor for a salesperson
Customer Reviews is a great motivating factor for a salesperson

Customer Reviews are certainly a great motivating factor for a salesperson. The team member getting more positive reviews can be rewarded. You can address the negative reviews for team members to enhance and improve their performances. For this purpose, a survey or rating can be obtained from customers during sales. A recognition for more positive reviews not only motivates the concerned sales rep but also pushes others to attain that position.

Floating Awards

Floating awards can be in the form of a Trophy or a Momento. It is an idea where the award is given to a person or a team acknowledging their performance. The trophy will be displayed on the best performing team's/member's desk or room, as long as they top the sales table. When they slip down, the trophy will float to the new team or sales rep’s desk who then makes the highest sale. Creating prestigious fame to the award encourages the team to attain and retain it for a prolonged time.

Bracket Contest

Bracket Contest to increase sales
Bracket Contest to increase sales

A bracket contest allows you to create a competitive environment between the team members. You can initiate a bracket with two team members and make them compete with each other. The person making the highest sale can be moved to the next bracket. This process can be continued until determining a winner. Such an ambitious environment stimulates the team to function more effectively.

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Sales Pitch Contest

Sales Pitch is an integral part of the sales job. Each person from the team has their ideas and unique ways of presenting sales pitches. You can encourage the team by making them present their sales pitch before everyone. This comes with two benefits. One, every member of the team can learn something from each other’s pitching. Two, the most indulging sales pitch can be rewarded before the team which might inspire others to work more.

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Favor Contest

This can be quite an interesting contest. If a sales rep from the team performs well, offer a β€˜favor’ for them. An β€œI owe you” or β€œAsk me a favor” from a superior will make the team excited. This may even result in creating a competition among themselves to perform well. You can make a list of interesting options to be asked as a favor. Exciting the team with such contests will have a huge positive impact on their performance.

Scavenger Hunt

With time, the expertise of a salesperson grows in terms of selling particular products. This can be used to create a contest. Prepare a list of challenging items to be sold or tasks to be completed and make it a contest. Reward the team that completes the tasks first. This encourages the sales reps to accomplish the task by teaming up with other members and utilizing each other's expert knowledge. Such Scavenger Hunt contests boost up their morale, increase team collaboration and hence increase your sales.


A sincere appreciation can invigorate the sales team’s performance to a great height. Appreciation is a simple act that can dig out the potential of the team members. Let your appreciation be unbiased and never let a member of the team go unnoticed. You can organize an appreciation meeting every week or month to recognize and reward the best-performing member. The team morale can also be raised by making the entire team bring some gifts or cards to appreciate the chosen member. It is important to make the entire team feel important.

Bingo Contest

Bingo has always been a good game. You can make it a part of sales contest programs. Create bingo boards with squares representing different sales, products, tasks, etc., for the team. They can make changes to the board after the completion of every task. The person who reaches the bingo first can be rewarded with some gifts. Mixing a game with the work can always maintain enthusiasm among the team members and stimulate them to perform well.


These are some of the best ideas available to keep your team intact. Ensure that no particular person is gaining an upper hand during this process. With proper implementation of these ideas and activities, you can improve your team’s potential and keep them stimulated in track for the marketing race.


What are some good sales contest ideas to keep you sales team motivated?

Some of the best sales contest ideas to keep your Sales Team motivated are:

  • Raffle Tickets
  • Time Rewards
  • Customer Reviews
  • Floating Awards
  • Bracket Contest
  • Sales Pitch Contest
  • Favor Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Appreciation
  • Bingo Contest

What are some good sales incentives?

Some of the Sales Incentives to be given to winners of Sales contest are:

  • Gift Cards
  • Food Delivery Credit
  • Subscription to a Streaming Service
  • Tech Gadgets
  • Subscription Boxes

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