Eupheus Learning - Meeting in-class and at-home Learning Needs of Schoolgoers

K-12 education is quite important as it forms the base of students' future and prepares them for further education or aids in building a good career. As such, developing a clear understanding of subjects during these early years of education is crucial. And thankfully Edtech startups are proving helpful for students in the K-12 segment, as these startups are breaking the monotony and coming up with innovative and interesting ways to make students learn.

While many edtech startups are emphasizing on specific subjects like maths, science and English, Eupheus Learning, a Delhi based edtech company has come up with a wider perspective and developed interesting content for all the subjects covered in the K-12 segment. Besides, Eupheus Learning also covers both in-class and at-home learning needs of students and thus has become the first choice of many students, teachers and guardians.

StartupTalky interviewed Eupheus Learning co-founder Sarvesh Shrivastava to get an insight into the startup.

Eupheus Learning - Company Highlights

Startup Name Eupheus Learning
Headquarter New Delhi
Founders Sarvesh Shrivastava, Ved Prakash Khatri & Amit Kapoor
Sector EdTech
Founded 2017
Parent Organization Proficiency Learning Solutions Private Limited

About Eupheus Learning and How it Works
Founders of Eupheus Learning and Team
How was Eupheus Learning Started
Eupheus Learning - Name and Logo
Eupheus Learning - Business Model
Eupheus Learning - Funding and Investors
Eupheus Learning - User Acquisition
Eupheus Learning - Startup Challenges
Eupheus Learning - Advisors and Mentors
Eupheus Learning - Acquisitions
Eupheus Learning - Awards
Eupheus Learning - Growth

About Eupheus Learning and How it Works

There is a gap in the way solutions are being provided in pre K-12 education. Solution providers are either focused on providing in-school curricular requirements or at-home learning needs. This gap lends itself to a disparity in the methodology and level between what is being taught in school and what is being learned at home.

Eupheus Learning was formed to bridge this gap by providing seamless end-to-end education solutions for in-class and at-home learning needs through their portfolio of in-class curriculum solutions, reference books and at-home learning products.

The company offers pedagogically and level differentiated, technology-driven solutions in the pre K-12 space. It aims to provide engaging solutions that adapt and suit every child’s individual need and pace of learning and simultaneously reduce the workload of educators in the achievement of learning objectives.

While many start-ups are mainly focusing on math and science, Eupheus Learning is concentrating on promoting nearly all subjects including coding, reading and learning languages as well. Currently, Eupheus Learning covers the curriculum under both CBSE & ISCE board.

Founders of Eupheus Learning and Team

Eupheus Learning was founded by Mr. Sarvesh Shrivastava, Ved Prakash Khatri and Amit Kapoor. All the founders are ex-employees of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Sarvesh Shrivastava, Founder and Managing Director

Sarvesh Shrivastava, Founder & MD of Eupheus Learning
Sarvesh Shrivastava, Founder & MD of Eupheus Learning

Sarvesh looks after the overall management, including product development, operations, production, technology and administration in Eupheus Learning. He holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Sarvesh has more than 30 years of experience in the education and IT sectors.  

He held progressive leadership positions in organizations such as General Electric, Corning, Telecom Australia, NIIT, Pearson and Encyclopedia Britannica. Sarvesh even ran his own business and bagged several contracts related to EPC optical fiber, which were the first in India. He even took the first franchise of pay phones in 1990.

Ved Prakash Khatri, Co-founder and Director

Ved Prakash Khatri, Co-founder and Director of Eupheus Learning
Ved Prakash Khatri, Co-founder and Director of Eupheus Learning

Ved is responsible for curriculum/in-class solutions business. Ved has about 23 years’ sales experience in the K12 publishing industry space. He has held progressive positions with Suman Prakashan, Ratna Sagar and Oxford with credentials of successfully opening new territories and growing the business in leaps and bounds in his tenures at each company. His last stint was as Vice President – K12 at Encyclopedia Britannica South Asia. Ved is a graduate from Lucknow University.

Amit Kapoor, Co-founder, Director and CFO

Amit Kapoor, Co-founder, Director and CFO of Eupheus Learning

Amit, besides being the CFO also leads marketing, digital and at-home learning solutions. Amit has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing across education, training & entertainment industries covering Indian and international markets.

His stints at NIIT, Palador Pictures, Centum Learning, Across World Education and Encyclopedia Britannica have been focused on sales, market entry and growth strategies coupled with a focus on business development. In his last assignment, Amit was Director - Digital Sales at Encyclopedia Britannica South Asia. He holds PGDM from T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal.

Eupheus  Learning currently has a team strength of 160 members. Most of the employees are also ex-employees of Britannica leading to a very cohesive team.

How was Eupheus Learning Started

"Inspiration and ideas are born when you notice gaps between the needs and what is on offer in a market", said Sarvesh.

Sarvesh has been working in the education and IT sectors for more than 30 years now. He was previously Managing Director at Encyclopedia Britannica South Asia. Being in the education sector for a long time, Sarvesh saw a gap in the market between in-class and at-home learning solutions. This inspired Sarvesh and 40 ex-Britannica employees to get together to crack this problem by bootstrapping Eupheus Learning

The team also noticed that there were many award-winning solutions available across the world, which could be curated and threaded with the curricular offerings for the market without the need to reinvent the wheel. For example, Eupheus Learning collaborated with global Edu-tech companies to bring products such as Cubetto and RoboGarden to Indian schools which are coding programs for small kids.

Eupheus Learning was launched in New Delhi in 2017.

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Eupheus Learning Logo
Eupheus Learning Logo

Eupheus is a Greek word meaning ‘readiness of will to learn’.

Narrating the story behind the name, Sarvesh says, “Researching for a name is always interesting. We wanted to christen ourselves after our philosophy to foster a will to learn by providing solutions that promote engagement and discovery. We were lucky to find a Greek work –‘Eupheus’ which in Greek means readiness of will to learn”

Eupheus Learning - Business Model

Eupheus Learning’s business model is targeted at acquiring customers through B2B2C. The company aims to build its at-home learning business through the captive base of learners it creates through its in-class B2B offerings to schools thus lowering the cost of customer acquisition.

Eupheus Learning - Funding and Investors

Eupheus Learning has raised a total of $4.3M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 22, 2020 from a Series A round.

Date Stage Amount Investors
October 2018 Seed Round Undisclosed Sixth Sense Ventures
January 2020 Series A $4.3M Yuj Ventures

Eupheus Learning - User Acquisition

Eupheus Learning started as a team of 40 persons who had deep connects in K-12 schools. As such, initially, the team introduced its products in schools, with which they already had past connections. Educators were introduced to and trained on the products so that they can understand the product better which increased the chances of adoption of the product.

Besides, Eupheus Learning promoted its at-home learning solutions to those students who are already using its in-class learning solutions and received a good response.

"Once the teachers can see the innovative approaches we are bringing, for example, coding with computer science or the introduction of Singapore Bar Model to visually learn early math, our chances of adoption are improved substantially", explained Sarvesh.

Setting aside a fixed budget for ‘Vanilla Marketing’ was a challenge for the initially bootstrapped company. So, the team pooled in its combined market intelligence of working in the education sector to come up with an integrated marketing approach and created marketing campaigns that were scalable and targeted right audience, using right communication tools (such as PR) and at the right time.

This way the Eupheus Learning team was able to optimize its costs and were still able to professionally represent itself to its stakeholders.

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Eupheus Learning - Startup Challenges

Starting the company bootstrapped by 40 employees with meager financial resources was a challenge at the beginning for Eupheus Learning.

"We were fortunate to find Sixth Sense Ventures who after understanding our philosophy decided to fund the idea.", said Amit Kapoor.

Eupheus Learning - Advisors and Mentors

Nikhil Vora of Sixth Sense Ventures is constantly advising and mentoring Eupheus Learning with his valuable insights and directions. Besides, the team also receives invaluable advice and inspiration from family and friends

Eupheus Learning - Acquisitions

Eupheus Learning is constantly on the lookout to acquire content, form alliances. In 2018, Eupheus Learning acquired the pre K-10 school catalog of Allied Publishers under a licensing agreement. This alliance was able to give the company an established presence in ICSE schools in India and a vast array of content.

Eupheus Learning - Awards

Some of the awards and recognition received by Eupheus Learning are-

  1. CNBC Awaaz featured Eupheus Learning’s growth story on their news channel - 2018
  2. 20 Most Promising K-12 Tech Solutions Providers – 2018 by CIO Review
  3. Startup of the Year 2018 by The CEO Magazine
  4. Featured in Top 3 Startups focused on reshaping the education industry in India – Franchise India
  5. Best HR Training Initiatives – 2nd Position in HR Excellence Awards 2018 by Genius Consultants

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Eupheus Learning - Growth

Eupheus Learning is now a three-year young company. In the first year, the company was able to penetrate 1800 schools and over 1 million students and in 2018, the company doubled its school base to over 3700 schools and more than tripled its student base to over 3.3 million. Today Eupheus Learning is present pan-India in over 52 cities.

Eupheus Learning has partnered with 13 international companies such as ETS, BBC Muzzy, Sanako, Fiction Express, Pickatale, World Book and Robo Garden to curate edtech products. The company is also looking forward to many more tie-ups to enhance its content.

The company is currently focused on 25,000 English medium private schools in India with an enrollment of approximately 30 million students. This segment presents a market opportunity of Rs 45,000 crore for in-class curricular and at-home learning requirements.

Eupheus Learning project an annual growth rate of 15% for in-classroom solutions and 60% for at-home learning needs. Eupheus Learning is planning to create an impact on more than 10 million students’ lives over the next five years.

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