How to Find Social Media Profiles By Email | Best Social Media Profile Locator Tools In 2021

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Feb 20, 2021 7 min read
How to Find Social Media Profiles By Email | Best Social Media Profile Locator Tools In 2021

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone has an account on one or more social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Be it family, friends, relatives, or acquaintances, you might have tried locating their social media profiles out of curiosity or for some other reason.

Email address is one way of finding social media handles/accounts. And it is quite accurate in most of the cases. After all, two individuals may share the same names and date of birth on social media platforms. But the same email address? That's hard to imagine.

StartupTalky has curated a list of the best free and paid tools that let you locate a social media account using an email address.

Tool Price Search Method Link
Lullar Free Email Sign Up for Free
Truthfinder Starting from $27.78/month Name, Email, Phone Check it out
FullContact Free or $1,499/month Name, Email, Phone Explore Now
Clearbit Starting from $99/month Email, Website Explore Now
Pipl $298/mo with Annual Subscription Email Address Explore Now


This tool is often considered to be the 'Google of social media'. It has a huge database of Β millions of email addresses. Lullar uses this database to search for social media accounts. You can access the tool only through its website; Lullar is not available as a browser extension/add-on for now.

Lullar logo StartupTalky homepage

To search for someone’s social media profile, you visit and enter the person's email address. The tool is free to use.

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The next tool in the list is Truthfinder. Truthfinder helps you to trace social media profiles and other information such as the first and last name of the concerned person. It also tells you about the city and the state they live in.

Truthfinder StartupTalky
Truthfinder Homepage

There are two caveats with Truthfinder. It is a paid tool and only lists people who are from the United States of America. So you will be left disappointed if the person you are searching for lives in, say, Dubai or India.

Truthfinder Pricing

Plan Pricing
1 Month Membership $27.78/month
2 Month Membership $23.02/month
Phone Number Lookup Plan $2/month

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FullContact is a software application that provides details on social media profiles. You can find people on FullContact by entering their email ids, twitter handles, or contact numbers. The software gets you the location, job profile, and much more about the person. You may also look up organizations/companies through their website URLs. FullContact in turn gives you information about the organization from different social networks.

FullContact API Demo Dashboard Startuptalky
FullContact API Demo Dashboard

FullContact can be integrated with other websites through its API. And the best feature of the application? With FullContact, you can gain unparalleled recognition and insights by mapping fragmented identities into a persistent PersonID through a 'person-first identity graph'.

FullContact Pricing

Plan Pricing
Get Started Try it for Free
Self-Serve $1,499/month (billed annually)
Enterprise Custom Pricing

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Clearbit Startuptalky

Clearbit is another important tool that needs to be featured in this list. By entering an email address and domain on Clearbit, you can find a person’s social media profile, bio, employment, role, Twitter information, details from LinkedIn, etc.

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Pipl Search Startupalky
Pipl Search

Pipl is a search engine application. It provides information about an individual's social media profile, related images, career details and more. Pipl's tool accepts only valid email address. It has a massive database comprising 20 billion records.

Pipl Pricing

Subscription Pricing for Teams

Numbers of Users Pricing
1 user $298/mo with Annual Subscription
5 users $198/mo/user with Annual Subscription
10 users $148/mo/user with Annual Subscription
>10 users Custom Pricing

Per-Match Pricing for Enterprise Applications

Type Information Pricing
Contact Name, Age, Gender, Address, Landline Phones $0.10 per match
Social Everything in Contact + Images, Associates, Social Site Handles $0.20 per match
Business Everything in Social + Employers, Education, Mobile Phones, Email $0.40 per match

Another alternative to the tools listed above is the all-encompassing search bar available on different social media platforms. In other words, "direct social network search".

Social Media Search on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Social Media Search on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

These search bars filter profiles based on the information you provide in them. The information may be a person's name, platform-specific ID, or the name of the academic institution they went to. Moreover, the search fields also accept email address and use it to locate the linked profile/account.


A person's social media account is a treasure trove of information. The account may be on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or some other platform. If you are going to meet somebody for the first time, spare some time and skim through their social media profile. You may come across their likes, dislikes, and other topics of interest. Or if you want to stay updated with the latest happenings in someone's life, their social media account is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do I find someone's email address?

There are a number of ways to get someone's email address. The person might have made it public on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or some other social media website. You may also try out an email lookup tool. If the person owns a website, he or she may have mentioned the email address in the 'contact' or 'connect' section of the website.

How do I find someone by email address on Facebook?

You simply type the email address in Facebook's search bar. The relevant profiles then pop up in the search results. The results shall contain the exact profile as well as any related ones. So you will need to filter out the profile you are looking for.

How can I find someone's social media for free?

Simply log on to the various social media websites; almost all of them are free when it comes to signing up. Then look up the person's name. If the individual has an account with a different name, try to find out that person's friends' or colleagues' accounts. You can then go through that friend's list of connections to identify the concerned person.

How to know if I have been blocked on social media by someone?

Visit the person's profile (the one you suspect has blocked you). You will either not find your name in that person's list of connections or the profile won't open up for you.

Should I stalk other people's social media?

Yes and no. The answer depends on your reason for stalking. If it's a first date with someone you barely know, then the answer is yes. And to tell people close to you about the date as well. But if that person knows you and prefers to stay away from you, then you shouldn't stalk. Respect people's privacy when they are not interested in conversing with you.

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