FlexClip Review - Best Online Video Maker that You Can't Miss

FlexClip Review - Best Online Video Maker that You Can't Miss

You ever want to do some quick video editing, but you are limited because desktop editing programs tend to be big and heavy, especially when it comes to simple edits. Then FlexClip video maker is a great tool, allowing you to create videos quickly, with robust and online features, making things much easier.

You can create simple videos in a matter of minutes, work on several different projects, and export them in high resolution. You can use it to create professional marketing videos for your business, individual videos for your family stories and much more. Know all about FlexClip Features, USP, Free and Premium Plans and the exclusive summer bonus offer by FlexClip is this post ahead!

Features & USP of FlexClip
How to make videos using FlexClip?
FlexClip Revenue Model - Free to Premium Plans
FlexClip's Summer bonus is here!

FlexClip Video Maker

Features & USP of FlexClip

The features provided by FlexClip will make you fall in love with video making!

  • Stunning templates: Get propelled by 1,000+ stunningly planned templates in different categories. It is exclusively efficient for making videos for different events.
  • Countless resources: It has more than 1,000,000 royalty-free music and excellent videos and photos in its immense media library.
  • Storyboard: You can seamlessly edit photos, video clips and music easily thanks to its clean and clear storyboard.
  • Timeline tool: Although it is in its beta version so far, it is robust and flexible to adjust each element's time duration.
  • Picture in Picture: This is what I love most. It’s pretty cool, which makes my video to the next level easily.
  • Basic tools: It has the necessary tools to carry out simple but professional video edits. For example, you will find cropping, splitting, text, animated elements, transitions, overlays, voice-over, music, watermark and others.
  • Formats: Supports various photo and video formats.
  • Simple interface: The application interface is easy to understand, so you can edit videos without having previous experience using other programs.
  • Text animations: You can insert animated texts, edit and preview them to make your video more attractive.
  • Preview: You can preview the progress of your video in real-time, so you are able to make corrections without any problems.
  • High-resolution downloads: You have the option to download your video in Full HD 1080p, with great image quality, to use the video wherever you choose.
  • Browser native processing technology is embraced for a quicker preparing speed and the client's protection and security.
FlexClip Features

How to make videos using FlexClip?

In 7 simple steps you can a make a video using FlexClip. It is that easy! Follow these steps to make a video using FlexClip -

  1. Visit the FlexClip website.
  2. Register by clicking Sign Up-Free and verify your email. Then log in to your account
  3. If you are going to utilize an existing template, just click the template you want, then customize it
  4. Upload the file that will be used as a video. You can also add text, music, and logo watermarks, etc.
  5. Adjust each video clip with different transitions, effects, elements, etc.
  6. When finished, before saving, you can see a preview of the video that you made first
  7. If it is appropriate, you can click Export to export the video in MP4 or GIF. Then, you will be asked to choose your file resolution. Just export the video in the format according to your needs.

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FlexClip Revenue Model - Free to Premium Plans

FlexClip works on freemium-based revenue model. You can use FlexClip for free. However, FlexClip also provides premium and business versions at an affordable price, and you can use all the features of the tool. There are three types of premium packages:

  • Basic Plan is at $5.99/month if billed annually while $9.99 billed monthly.
  • Plus Plan for $9.99/month if billed annually while $19.99 billed monthly.
  • Business Plan for $19.99/month if billed annually while $29.99 billed monthly.
FlexClip Plans - Revenue Model

Even though you can make very good and quality videos with the free package, it is recommend to buy the premium package because of its add-on features and satisfaction it provides at the end.

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FlexClip's Summer bonus is here!

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FlexClip is fast, easy to use and flexible. It is an ideal option to get a good video with little effort. And if you need inspiration or help, FlexClip has its own selection of how-to videos.

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