Green Cure Wellness- Combining Ayurvedic Wisdom with German Expertise

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Herbal and Ayurvedic products are being used from ages by human beings for good health and personal care and is still widely used across the world. According to a report by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) published in 2017, 77% of Indian households use Ayurvedic products. Again, globally, the Ayurvedic products market is expected to be valued at $9.7 billion by 2022.

While there are many companies in India that are manufacturing quality Ayurvedic medicines and products to meet the ever increasing demand, 'Green Cure Wellness' is a company that is moving a step forward, combining the best of German expertise and best quality international ingredients to Indian Ayurvedic wisdom, to come up with revolutionary healthcare and personal care products.

Green Cure Wellness - Company Highlights

Startup Name Green Cure Wellness
HeadQuarter Delhi
Founder Name Sanchit Garg
Sector Herbal/Ayurveda
Founding Year 2015
Website link
Registered company Name SPV Laboratories

Green Cure Wellness Products
Green Cure Wellness - Founder
How was Green Cure Wellness Started
Green Cure Wellness - Name and Logo
Green Cure Wellness - Business Model
Green Cure Wellness - User Acquisition
Green Cure Wellness - USP and Innovation
Green Cure Wellness - Recognitions
Green Cure Wellness - Funding and Investors
Green Cure Wellness - Startup Challenges
Green Cure Wellness - Competitors
Green Cure Wellness - Awards and Achievements
Green Cure Wellness - Future Plans

Green Cure Wellness - Products

GreenCure Wellness manufactures herbal personal care and health care products of international quality. Green Cure has a team of scientists in Germany who develop high quality formulations which are as per European norms. While, it has another team of Ayurvedic specialists in India who make sure that these products are in line with Indian needs.

Germany is the world’s leading technology hub for herbal and natural products. Green Cure leverage high German quality with age old wisdom of Ayurveda, to manufacture efficient products that are free from side effects.

The popular Green Cure Wellness products include, 'BronchiCure', which is India's first lung care syrup.  BronchiCure is a Immunity booster for Asthma & Bronchitis patients. 'Green Cure Arnicap', is a herbal pain relieving cream. Green Cure Wellness also offers various skin care, baby care and beauty & personal care products.

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Green Cure Wellness - Founder

Mr. Sanchit Garg is the founder and Managing Director (MD) of Green Cure Wellness.

Sanchit is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and worked at the Boston Consulting Group, before starting Green Cure Wellness along with his father Suresh Garg. His new vision and modern approach along with the years of business experience of Mr. Suresh Garg is all set to take the company to new highs.

Mr. Suresh Garg always had entrepreneurship in his genes. At the age of 21, he walked away from his well-established family business to venture out on his own. He started and failed in 2 businesses after which he started a business in steel wires in 1995, which turned out to be the turning point of his life. He has been successfully running this business since 20 years now and has a turnover of Rs. 450+ crores with export to more than 15 countries.

How was Green Cure Wellness Started

In 2015, Mr. Suresh Garg was travelling to Germany on a business trip and suddenly suffered from breathing issues. He could not find the inhaler which he generally carries with him and rushed to a pharmacy and asked for a medicine for wheezing. He was given a herbal syrup. This really surprised him because in India, on his countless visits to asthma doctors, he has never heard of such a product. In India, only inhalers were available which have steroids in them. Plus these inhalers has several side effects too. This incident left Mr. Suresh with a thought to do something for introducing such products in the Indian market.

Mr. Suresh Garg's son Sanchit Garg, joined hands with father to make this dream a reality. Sanchit started 'Green Cure Wellness' to introduce world class herbal products in India. The founding members had to devote the initial 2.5 years in sourcing talent in Germany and procuring ingredients of highest quality. The startup was launched at Ayush expo in Pragati Maidan, and today 'Green Cure Wellness' is World's first company to combine German Engineering with Indian Ayurveda.

"Our mission is to start a revolution in India where the customer 'Turn the Label'. We want to start a movement where customers are aware of what goes inside their products and know the drawbacks of each. We want to touch 20 crore customers in the next three years and spread out message of healthy and safe products" says Green Cure Wellness founder Sanchit Garg explaining the company's long term goals.

Green Cure Wellness - Name, Tagline and Logo

As the company manufactures chemical free, herbal and ayurvedic healthcare and personal care products, the name 'Green Cure' is a perfect fit.

Green Cure's tagline is, 'With Respect to Nature'

We came up with name by chance. Green Cure seemed too good a name and we thought that someone must have already purchased the trademark.
GreenCureWellness Logo
Green Cure Wellness Logo

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Green Cure Wellness - Business Model

Green Cure Wellness sells its products direct to customers. The products are available in stores and can be purchased through Green Cure Wellness' website and also on other leading e-commerce sites.

Green Cure Wellness - User Acquisition

Facebook has been really helpful for Green Cure. When Green Cure launched its product 'Bronchicure' which is India’s first herbal syrup for lung care, it got viral at an expense of just Rs. 20k. Right now, digital marketing is doing the trick for Green Cure. Green Cure also extends  various combo offers and discount coupons to customers, and using the Green Cure Wellness Coupon Code, customers can buy products at attractive rates.

Green Cure Wellness - USP and Innovation

Green Cure Wellness' USPs are as follows:

  1. The raw materials are sourced from Germany and Australia from companies with proprietary technology. Green Cure ingredients also have international certifications like NPA, Cosmos Ecocert, ISO, WHO-GMP, Kosher, NOP and HACCP
  2. Green Cure Wellness' products are free from EDTA, Paraben, PEGs, PPGs, Mineral Oils and Paraffin. They are in line with European Union Norms. These substances are commonly added in Indian consumer products while a lot of them are banned in Europe. These products have a lot of long term side effects.
  3. Green Cure has received certifications from Safe Cosmetics Australia, one of the oldest certification bodies for Personal Care products. Green Cure Wellness is one of only 80 brands Worldwide to receive this honor and one of the first in India.

Green Cure Wellness - Recognitions

The certifications that Green Cure Products have are-

  1. Australian Certified Toxic-Free - Green Cure Products exclude 100% of the top offending chemicals from their product formulations.
  2. Made Safe certification - Where healthier ingredients are not available, Safe Cosmetics Australia allows less than 15% of the formula to contain the necessary ingredients to produce a competitive product.
  3. Cruelty Free certification - Products are not tested on animals.
  4. Vegan certification for Green Cure's Asthma syrup making it the first syrup in India to receive the honour.
  5. The products comply with the principles laid by USFDA.
  6. The products comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laid by WHO.
  7. Green Cure Wellness' contract manufacturing facilities complies with the standards laid by NPOP India (National Programme for Organic Production).

The company is in process of acquiring a few more prestigious certifications soon.

Green Cure Wellness - Funding & Investors

Green Cure Wellness is a bootstrapped startup.

Green Cure Wellness - Startup Challenges

The biggest challenge for 'Green Cure Wellness' has been to make consumers believe their story of 3 years of research to combine German Engineering with Indian Ayurveda. Green Cure overcame this by asking people to try their products and let the product speak for itself. They invested a lot in free sampling to convince customers about it.

Green Cure Wellness - Competitors

Dabur, Himalaya and Mamaearth are some of the prominent competitors Green Cure Wellness has.

Green Cure Wellness - Awards & Acheivements

Green Cure Wellness' efforts towards bringing in quality healthcare products has been recognized by the Government of India, and also by different platforms. Some Awards and Recognition received by the company are -

  • In 2018, Green Cure Wellness received 'Namo Gange Award' for outstanding contribution to the to the field of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddhi & Homeopathy)
  • In 2018, it became a DIPP certified startup
  • In 2019, Green Cure's product 'Magnative' is ranked no. 1 in anti-allergy segment on Healthkart
  • In 2019, Green Cure's product 'Magnoitch' is ranked no. 2 in anti-allergy segment on Healthkart
  • In 2019,Green Cure's product 'Arnicap' is ranked no. 9 in Balms & Spray segment on Healthkart
  • In 2019, Green Cure product, 'Bronchicure' became Amazon's Choice
  • In 2019 Green Cure Wellness got selected by Amazon under its Launchpad Program

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Green Cure Wellness - Future Plans

Currently Green Cure Wellness has presence in 1400+ stores and 4 modern retail stores including Guardian Pharmacy. In the online segment, it has served to more than 20,000 customers. Green Cure Wellness' revenue is growing 30% month on month, and the company was expecting to reach Rs 1 crore revenue by the end of 2019. Green Cure  Wellness has received great reviews from the customers, and is working towards a target of achieving 20 crore customers in next two - three years.

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