List of Startups Acquired by Indiamart

List of Startups Acquired by Indiamart
Startups Acquired by IndiaMart

IndiaMART is a Noida-based e-commerce platform that is involved in B2B sales of various products and services in the country. It connects buyers with suppliers of all scales (SMEs, Individual suppliers, large enterprises). IndiaMART has the largest online marketplace for B2B businesses in India. The company claims to have a 60% market share with 143 million buyers, 7 million suppliers and 80 million products and services.

Founded in 1996 by Brijesh Agarwal and Dinesh Agarwal, IndiaMART was started to help customers in the Delhi-NCR region with website directories. Later, the company grew to a great height with various rounds of funding. IndiaMART went public in 2019 and became the first online B2B company to do so.

IndiaMART has invested around Rs 900 crores in 13 startups since April 2021. This online B2B company has made only a few investments and acquisitions before 2021. Here is the list of all the startups funded and acquired by IndiaMART so far.

Startups Acquired by IndiaMART

Following is the list of startups acquired by IndiaMART over the years:

  1. RealBooks
  2. EasyEcom
  3. Aerchain
  4. Busy Infotech
  5. Fleetx Technologies
  6. Livekeeping
  7. M1xchange
  8. Bizom
  9. Industry Buying
  10. Legistify
  11. 10 Times
  12. Vyapar
  13. Shipway Technology
  14. Super Procure
  15. Zimyo
  16. Tradezeal
  17. Tolexo
  18. HelloTrade
  19. Pay With Indiamart
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RealBooks - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
RealBooks - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

RealBooks is an accounting software developed by Adansa Solutions Pvt Ltd. It helps clients to manage their businesses in different locations, create customized invoices, manage inventory, bookkeeping, voucher verification and many more. It serves as a complete package for accounting solutions.

IndiaMART invested a sum of Rs 13.75 crores in RealBooks for a stake of 26.01%. This investment was made indirectly by IndiaMART through its subsidiary Tradezeal.


EasyEcom - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
EasyEcom - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Edgewise Technologies Private Limited developed a software named EasyEcom to provide inventory and warehouse management solutions to merchants. This SaaS tool helps traders to locate, track and manage inventories across various sales channels. EasyEcom also automates back-end functions like tracking payments from shipping and returns of inventories.

A sum of Rs 13.35 crores was invested by IndiaMART in return for 26.01% of shares of EasyEcom. This acquisition was made through Tradezeal Online Private Limited.


Aerchain - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Aerchain - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Aerchain is a software that helps its customers with the procurement of goods and services. It was developed by Agillos E-Commerce Private Limited. Aerchain helps businesses in simplifying their Source-to-Pay (S2P) process. Its AI automates procurement and finds the right supplier with great deals and quality.

IndiaMART acquired 26.23% of the shares in Aerchain for an investment of Rs 26 crores. This investment was made through Tradezeal, the wholly-owned subsidiary of IndiaMART.

Busy Infotech

Busy Infotech - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Busy Infotech - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Busy Infotech is a software platform that provides accounting services and solutions to companies. This software also offers services like GST filing, return filing, TDS, TCS, invoicing, inventory, and customer management. BUSY is a simple, easy-to-use and highly flexible tool that helps in managing the business as a whole.

IndiaMART made a huge investment of Rs 500 crores to acquire Busy Infotech. 100% of shares of Busy Infotech were purchased by IndiaMART for the said amount thus making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

Fleetx Technologies

Fleetx - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Fleetx - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Fleetx is a software that helps businesses with the management of freight and fleet. All the logistical operations are digitized by this tool. This helps to ensure the safety, stability and security of both the logistics and the vehicles. Businesses and operators can also keep track of their fleet’s movements as well as the maintenance needs through Fleetx.

IndiaMART invested Rs 91.42 crores to acquire 16.53% shares from Fleetx Technologies.


Livekeeping - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Livekeeping - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Livekeeping is an accounting application that helps businesses to access, check, track and share information on sales, payments and other business-related activities. This software was built by Finlite Technologies Private Limited. Livekeeping can also integrate the existing on-use accounting software, like Tally, into its application. This automatically syncs the data on the user’s device and gives a real-time view of business operations.

IndiaMART is a major shareholder in Finlite Technologies Private Limited. The company procured 51.09% of shares in Livekeeping for a sum of Rs 45.98 crores.

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M1xchange - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
M1xchange - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Reserve Bank of India took up an initiative named Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) to facilitate and help MSMEs. M1xchange created a platform using this initiative as a base for its operation. This startup has collaborated with various banks to help MSMEs to obtain finances with Trade Receivables.

IndiaMART invested Rs 32.43 crores in Mynd Solutions Private Limited (M1xchange) in return for 7.70% of shares in the company.


Bizom - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Bizom - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Bizom is a software company that is involved in the designing of mobile apps and websites for businesses. Their area of concentration includes businesses with distributor management and sales force & supply chain automation.

There were two investments made by IndiaMART in Bizom for an aggregated amount of Rs 21.4 crores for 15.98% shares in the company.

Industry Buying

Industry Buying - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Industry Buying - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Industry Buying is involved in the online trading of industrial supplies like hand tools, abrasives, power tools, robotics, etc., This e-commerce site sells equipment from various categories and diverse sectors of business. Industry Buying is a brand developed by IB Monotaro Private Limited.

IndiaMART has acquired 26% of Industry Buying’s share by investing Rs 104.2 crores.


Legistify - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Legistify - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Legistify is a SaaS platform that helps businesses to manage and keep track of their legal workflows and activities. This online tool serves as a medium to connect people or businesses in need of legal support with lawyers across the nation. One can also track their litigation, manage notices and perform other related activities in Legistify.

An indirect acquisition was made by IndiaMART through its subsidiary Tradezeal in Legisify. There were two investments made, one of which was made in March 2021 for Rs 1.30 crores and another in January 2022 for Rs 7.5 crores. IndiaMART holds 11.30% of shares in total in Legistify.  

10 Times

10 Times - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
10 Times - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

10 Times is an event management software that brings together professionals and people at the right place and time. Their FLOOR software program can organize and hold virtual events. They take care of everything like bringing in speakers and sponsors, recording the sessions, boosting the network with AI and many more.

Earlier, 10 Times was a wholly-owned subsidiary of IndiaMART. But in 2020, IndiaMART sold 70% of its stakes in 10 Times and now holds it as an associate company with 30% of its share capital.


Vyapar - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Vyapar - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Vyapar is another accounting software to receive investments from IndiaMART. It offers simplified accounting solutions to small businesses and helps them with invoicing, vouchers and inventory management. Vyapar makes these processes easy, quick and simple.

IndiaMART had already made an investment in Vyapar in 2019 that amounts to Rs 31.2 crores. Now, to develop the business further, the company made another funding of Rs 61.55 crores in this accounting startup. An aggregate of 27% of the shares is held by IndiaMART in Vyapar.

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Shipway Technology

Shipway - Startup acquired by IndiaMart
Shipway - Startup acquired by IndiaMart

Shipway is another logistical SaaS platform that was developed with the goal to automate shipping operations for small businesses. It offers a better customer experience in terms of tracking, return management, fraud detection, etc., Shipway automatically sends a delivery notification and ensures better workflow management.

IndiaMART, through its subsidiary Tradezeal, invested Rs 18.2 crores in Shipway Technology on 28th April 2021.

Super Procure

Super Procure - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart
Super Procure - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart

Right from order placement to delivery, Super Procure digitizes every step of the shipping process. It finds the best freight source with optimum rates through transparent auction or bidding. Super Procure offers a real-time view of each and every event throughout the shipping operation. This software was developed and managed by Truckhall Private Limited.

An indirect investment of Rs 10.4 crores was made by IndiaMART in Super Procure. The company overall holds 25.02% of shares in Truckhall Private Limited.


Zimyo - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart
Zimyo - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart

Zimyo is a Human Resource Management software developed by Zimyo Consulting Private Limited. This SaaS tool handles everything right from hiring new recruits to handling payroll, performance and attendance management.

IndiaMART has invested Rs 17.01 crores in return for 10% of share capital in Zimyo.


Tradezeal Online Pvt Ltd. is an enterprise software company that was incorporated in May 2005. It has its registered office in Central Delhi. Tradezeal offers consulting and other software publishing services to its customers. This company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IndiaMART. A few investments and acquisitions made by IndiaMART were indirectly made through Tradezeal.


Tolexo - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart
Tolexo - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart

Tolexo is another wholly-owned subsidiary of IndiaMART. It is a platform that helps businesses by providing technology, payment services, customer support and other requirements for a seamless online shopping experience. This company claims to have been developing a futuristic infrastructure by combining both online and offline setups for a perfect e-commerce solution.


Hello Trade - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart
Hello Trade - Startup Acquired by IndiaMart

Hello Trade is an online trading company that has been in existence for the past 14 years. IndiaMART is the parent company for Hello Trade. The founders of IndiaMART, Dinesh and Brijesh, serve on the board of this company. Hello Trade Online Pvt Ltd. is a company limited by shares and has its registered office in Delhi.

Pay With Indiamart

Pay With Indiamart is an online payment services company. It offers a safe and secure platform for payments along with services like buy-now-pay-later, EMIs and multiple payment options for its customers. The payments for purchases and sales through IndiaMART can be made through this online service. Pay With Indiamart is a private limited company and is a subsidiary of IndiaMART.


More than a dozen investments in less than a year clearly explain that IndiaMART was sure about investing in startups after receiving a fund of Rs 1070 crores in 2021. Right from the beginning, their investments were diverse in different sectors of business like accounting, logistics, automation, supply chain, etc., All these acquisitions by IndiaMART are sure to benefit not only the company but also the corresponding startups.


When was IndiaMart founded?

IndiaMart was founded in 1996.

Where is IndiaMart headquarters?

IndiaMart has its headquarters in Noida.

What are the subsidiaries of IndiaMart?

IndiaMart Subsidiaries include:

  • Tolexo
  • Tradezeal
  • Busy Infotech
  • 10times
  • Pay With Indiamart
  • HelloTrade

What are the top startups acquired by IndiaMart?

Top Startups acquired by IndiaMart are:

  • Livekeeping
  • Busy Infotech
  • RealBooks
  • EasyEcom
  • Aerchain
  • Fleetx Technologies
  • M1xchange
  • Bizom
  • Industry Buying
  • Legistify

What is the number of employees in IndiaMart?

There are 3,049 employees in IndiaMart.

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