How Invest19 is Disrupting the Stock Market? [Exclusive Interview]

How Invest19 is Disrupting the Stock Market? [Exclusive Interview] is disrupting the stock market with its AI-powered stock tech platform. Invest19 Technologies is a fintech company serving in the technology sector and leverages the power of emerging technologies like machine learning, data science, Artificial Intelligence, to simplify, automate, and enhance the user experience - from customers to businesses. is building an innovative platform capable of providing next-generation, scalable and low-latency tools and technology solutions to individuals and businesses in meeting the swiftly evolving needs of today’s fast-growing industry.

StartupTalky interviewed Mr. Kaushlendra Singh Sengar, Founder & CEO of to know how the startup is planning to disrupt the stock market industry by leveraging emerging technologies. Read all about the USP, Features, Revenue Model of, its marketing strategies, future plans and more in this post ahead! - Company Highlights

Startup Name
Founders Kaushlendra Singh Sengar (CEO), Mahek Tomer
Headquarters Noida
Founded 2020
Industry Fintech, Wealth Management

Here's what Kaushlendra Singh has got to say about -

  1. USP over its Competitors
  2. How is Planning to set itself apart and grab the investors trust?
  3. What emerging technologies is disrupting to enhance the user experience?
  4. Revenue Model - “Become an Investor @ Cost of Burger”
  5. - Marketing and User Acquisition Strategies
  6. How does the Execution Partner Opportunity for Stock Brokers at work?
  7. How is coping with Challenges and Opportunities amidst pandmeic?
  8. Achievements of
  9. Future Plans of

1.What USP provides over its competitors? is an Investment ecosystem providing multi broker choices to scale capital market into small towns by build next generation stock market industry on cloud where in market participants like exchanges, depositories, stock brokers, market experts can come together and provide seamless investment experience to create new breed of smart investors.

Invest19 founder
invest19 founder - Kaushlendra Singh

2.Over 30% of market share in the discount brokerage industry is held by top players like Zerodha, Angel Broking, 5paisa, Upstox among many. How do you plan to set yourself apart and grab the investors trust? is supporting stock brokers by providing next generation cloud infrastructure to scale their broking business by increasing their reach up to small town users,  disrupting human centric technology is providing better user experience, which leads to high user retention ratio and better revenue. is building business beyond technology by referring new users to stock brokers.

3. How is ahead in its technology implementation? What emerging technologies are you disrupting to enhance the user experience from customers to businesses?

There is a lack of financial literacy in India and complexities of available trading platforms are the biggest entry barriers for novice investors. We at is trying to fix these challenges with the help of latest blend of technologies, which is highly scalable, can handle millions of orders per second, simplifying investment experience by using human centric user interface and experience, making system more intelligent by mixing human brain with Artificial intelligence and data science and proving one touch investment platform.

With this we are able to provide an investment platform where in a layman can also investment with confidence and grow their wealth.

4. Found this intriguing- “Become an Investor @ Cost of Burger” How do you plan on executing this? What revenue model mechanism are you adopting?

We believe that like 2 decades ago computer education became mandatory for everyone from schooling, in the same way we should also make investment education mandatory from schools this is the right time when one should learn the art of savings and power of investment. If we want to build a new breed of future smart investors we should start working from roots.

That’s why we have built this product name “become an Investor @ cost of burger” this signifies that students can become investors by compromising from a piece of a burger and their pocket money is sufficient enough to start the investment journey.

We, along with SEBI registered market experts have created a special poll of high potential listed companies with good fundamentals and future business projections with low stock prices. Our specially designed artificial intelligent system will help users to build a low risk and high growth portfolio.

We have all three business model, B2B, B2C and SaaS along with monetization Strategies like Financial Literacy, Gamification, Referral Reward, Sponsorship & Space Selling, Freemium Model, Transactional Fee, Membership Selling, Licensing Fee.

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5. How are you planning to make yourself known in the investment world? What marketing and user acquisition strategies are you employing?

Building Investment ecosystem for millennials, offering multiple BFSI service provider and investment assets class choices, simplified investment experience with affordable tailor made investment ideas by mixing human brains with artificial intelligence and cash back on brokerages.

As we are on beta stage, so we do understand that there is high chance of app performance issue. That’s why we have started a physital model a mix of digital and human touch to spread financial literacy and create trust among small town users and to trained users about platform features. Human touch approach is bridging the gap wherever there is a bug or app performance issue. This is cost effective for the early stage startup because here you pay only on business conversion.

6. What exactly is Execution Partner Opportunity for Stock Brokers? How does it work? is an investment ecosystem where in any regulated stock brokers can get registered as an execution partner by doing some necessary paper work with the respective exchanges and can become a next generation tech broker, here broker will get everything which is required to run and expand the business, starting from user acquisition, investment ideas services, trading features, customer support, portfolio tracker and many more.

This way a regional broker can become national stock broker and can acquire user from pan India with no time and marketing budget. This is reducing market cost, sales cost, tech and server cost, operation cost, research team cost and many more.

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7. Launching a company amidst the start of pandemic must’ve bought its own opportunities and challenges. How is coping with it? was hardly 2 months old when lockdown started in March 2020. Initially it was quite challenging for us, as no one was prepared for that and business dynamics completely changed after lockdown.

As product was into development stage that time. So we missed the chance to grab the user growth opportunity. But we saw this pandemic as an opportunity and people have realized the importance of savings in this hard time.

It’s being more than a year we are working from home, seeing the changed business dynamics in covid-19. We focused on building the paperless 100% online investment ecosystem, which can convert the offline brokers into online as due to lockdown their sales people are not able to go out for business development or demat account opening.

To reduce risk due to Covid uncertainty we focused on:

  • Fund raising and investments: In parallel with Product development, I have started pitching investors to meet out working capital requirements of the company. As product was into development stage so we were completely dependent on the investors’ fund. I have followed a sustainable business, wherein all the resources, particularly monetary resources and funds, need to be used consciously. Managing cash flow and conserving resources for a few months post resumption of normal operations is a key to sustainability.
  • Incorporated short cycle planning: Instead of looking at long-term plans three months, six months, and one-year plans should be ready. In the current scenario, making up for the lag due to lockdown and preparing the organisation to cope up with the situation needs to be focused upon.
  • We are also doing Effective and regular monitoring: The need for mentoring is going to be the highest in given times, as team is working from home and lots of coordination is required to deliver the project on time.
  • We have created Strong communication channel: During the Covid times, it is essential that the channel of communication is effectively and efficiently maintained. Being open and available to the concerns of all stakeholders, including customers and investors, becomes extremely important to maintain their association with the business.

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8. It’d be great if you could highlight some of your achievements

  • We received our first success in July 2020, when we got the exchange approval of our platform to go live in one go without any observation. In the history of stock market, we are the first platform who got go live approval in one go.
  • Second success came by August end when we did beta launch of this platform.

9. Where do you see in the next 5 years in comparison to your competitors? Any business expansion/partnership/funding plans?

In next 5 years will become the world’s largest investment ecosystem, with more than 45 stock exchanges and all the possible investment asset class you can think of. We are doing partnerships with banks, stock brokers, NBFC’s, insurance companies, AMCs, Fintech platforms, financial platforms, etc. and also raising funds to speed up our product launches, soon will do the funding announcements.


Startups are always a step ahead in disrupting the emerging technologies, be it any field. being one among is aiming to be the world's largest investment ecosystem by 2026 by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Launching the company amidst the start of pandemic bought its own opportunities and challenges to the team, but paved its way over the beat launch in August 2020 and is looking for a main launch in 4 months i.e., July-August 2021.

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