Meme Marketing Strategy: How Can LinkedIn Boost Meme Marketing?

Meme Marketing Strategy: How Can LinkedIn Boost Meme Marketing?
Agnik Ghosh, COO & Co-Founder, MemeChat
The article is contributed By Agnik Ghosh, COO & Co-Founder, MemeChat

The epoch is shifting. If you've spent any time on LinkedIn recently, you may have observed that from a staid corporate networking platform the site has evolved into a social media podium. With a more informal approach, professionals are having fun. And memes are considered one of the most powerful online marketing tools available.

Brands are now embracing memes on LinkedIn to develop a digital identity using the unusual social phenomenon of subtle humour but with a more personalised touch. Brands use viral memes to promote their products, and they do this by creating visual elements that their customers can relate to and then spread.

Meme marketing can be a very effective strategy for attracting attention, stimulating conversation, and potentially making your content go viral. Furthermore, it helps a brand gain more customer involvement, fostering a more relaxed and interesting dynamic between the brands and its audience. LinkedIn's algorithm also rewards active participation, particularly in the form of contributions that spark debate. As a result, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for increasing your meme marketing efforts.

Here are a few tips for using LinkedIn as a tool to elevate your brand's meme marketing strategy.

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Reliable Source

LinkedIn is regarded as the most reputable source of information and is responsible for 46% of the social traffic that is sent to B2B websites. Therefore, content marketers must employ LinkedIn for content marketing, particularly for business-to-business (B2B) marketing and lead creation.

1Bn Monthly Interactions

The majority of LinkedIn's active members log in every day, resulting in over one billion monthly interactions. However, you only have a few seconds to create an impact. Therefore, meme marketing is the most effective method for achieving long-term success. The objective is not simply to create content, attract attention, and then start pushing your product. It's all about generating interest in your brand and then using that interest to develop your network.

Pop Culture References

Having the biggest number of youth (34.33 percent) in the globe, the Indian market is ripe for a wide range of marketing opportunities. Memes are a big deal in India because of the country's rich cultural past and reliance on pop culture references. Video and image uploads, stickers, emojis and even GIFs are all part of this new form of communication.

According to the findings of a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, LinkedIn is still the most widely used social media platform among students. It is also important to note that millennials make up more than 59 percent of the user base on LinkedIn, and that 11 million of the 87 million millennials currently hold positions that include decision-making responsibilities. Both of these facts are important to keep in mind. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for promoting meme content, which is extremely popular among members of Generation Z at the moment.

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LinkedIn Algorithm

Memes on LinkedIn are disseminated using a particular model that takes into account connections made at the first, second, and third-degree. More than half of the increase in viral activity that has occurred over the past two years can be attributed to changes that have been made to the LinkedIn algorithm. There are currently over two million articles, videos, and posts that are being sorted, ranked, and displayed in the feeds of LinkedIn's 645 million members and users.

Creating a Digital Identity

Brands are now leveraging memes to create a digital identity using the peculiar social phenomena of subtle humour but with a more personalized touch. They associate their brands with the most viral memes and create visual aspects that their customer can relate to and further share. For example, Zomato and Swiggy are known for curating the most innovative campaigns by triggering human sentiments and amplifying the β€˜been there, done that!’ factor on LinkedIn.

Impression Counts

Impression counts on memes have gone from 19.8 million in August 2019 to 24.9 million in July 2020, representing a 26 percent peak, and eventually 28 million around April 2020. Because of Lockdown, consumers were obliged to spend more time in front of their screens, in the vain hope that escapism and memes would somehow magically transform into useful tools.

Catchy Captions

Memes are a brilliant method to capture a user's attention on LinkedIn, but without a captivating caption, you're not efficiently leveraging meme marketing. A caption should have numerous crucial components. Adding at least two relevant hashtags to your brand is a good start. For instance, a brand's name is an excellent first hashtag, whereas a short but clever tagline is an excellent second hashtag. Additionally, the caption should convey more about the brand, product or service to the client. It helps to attach blog articles, landing pages, eCommerce Portals and PLR courses on a meme post.

Necessary Precautions

It can be difficult to keep memes strictly within the limits established by a company's community. Therefore, marketers are now changing memes and shifting the focus of their content to something that is more closely aligned with the image they wish to project. The use of humour in marketing can be risky, and companies must take precautions to ensure that their clients are not offended or turned off in any way by the jokes they tell.

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LinkedIn marketing is an exceptional next step for meme marketing, which has gone from being an obscure trend to an international phenomenon. When it comes to responding to your brand and business in general, consumers turn to memes for an immediate and simple solution. Memes can help your brand get the upper hand when it comes to promoting your brand, gaining exposure, and strengthening client engagement on LinkedIn, as well as enhancing your meme marketing strategy.

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