No Code Platforms for Web Scraping and Data Extraction

No Code Platforms for Web Scraping and Data Extraction

As of today, all the data that you need is available on the internet, only if you know where to look. Web Scraping is the process that helps you collect structured data, preferably in an automated fashion. There are more than enough use cases for web scraping, some of the popular one's being price monitoring and intelligence, news monitoring, and market research. Even copying text from a web page, for use in a project or elsewhere counts as web scraping.

Web scraping includes identifying target websites and web pages where you can find the required data, and then collecting their URLs. The URLs should lead to the pages where you wish to extract your data. The next step includes requesting the HTML code from the collected URLs and using locators to find the required data in the code. This is where you need to be specific on what kind of data you need. Finally you can save the data in JSON or CSV format to use it wherever needed.

As is evident from the procedure itself, collecting URLs and requesting HTML code of the website to finally extract data is accomplished through code. Various programming languages offer libraries for web scraping. However, this nowhere implies that web scraping can't be done without code. On the contrary, here we compare 5 best no code web scraping platforms so you can extract the necessary data without having to code.




AnyPicker is a visual no code web scraper tool that makes it easy and effortless to set the data extraction parameters with a couple of clicks. With complete data privacy and spreadsheet data exporting, all through a password protected profile make web scraping a piece of cake. Moreover, unlike other tools, there is no scraping limit with AnyPicker, while it also allows you to bypass any anti-scraping technology.

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Features Offered by AnyPicker

  • AnyPicker helps you in visual extraction of data through its chrome extension without downloading any third party software.
  • AnyPicker offers complete data privacy and allows you to scrape even password protected sites; all you need to do is log in before scraping.
  • You can integrate AnyPicker with Google Sheets and save scraped data in your drive without any limit on the scraping and data extraction.
  • AnyPicker allows users to scrape and extract data from multiple pages at once while also bypassing anti-scraping technology.
  • Users can also preview scraping results and extracted data in real-time, and export the extracted data in a CSV file.

Pricing for AnyPicker

AnyPicker offers its users 3 different pricing plans, with the same features, and the only difference being their validity. While the monthly plan costs users $9.95 per month, the yearly plan costs $8.29 per month. The lifetime plan costs $499.99 and allows for a lifetime usage. AnyPicker also offers a free plan with certain restrictions and limits.

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Octoparse is another no code web scraping tool which helps you turn web pages into useful spreadsheet data. It helps users extract data in just 3 simple steps. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website where you need to extract the data and click on the target data. On running extraction you can have the required data in the form of a spreadsheet or other desired format. Octoparse also offers web crawling and cloud features with a point and click interface and ability to perform multiple extractions.

Features Offered by Octoparse

  • Octoparse is quite easy to use with a point and click interface and doesn't require the user to know to code.
  • It allows users to scrape data off all kinds of websites and save the extracted data in a CSV file, excel sheet, or even in a database.
  • Octoparse Cloud platform allows users to execute simultaneous extractions seamlessly and in lesser time.
  • You can also schedule the web scraping and data extraction at any frequency with automatic IP rotation for anonymity and to avoid getting blocked.
  • Octoparse offers professional data scraping services for web crawling and data processing.

Pricing for Octoparse

Octoparse offers 3 different pricing plans along with a free plan. The free plan comes with all the basic features including unlimited pages per crawl, 10 crawlers and 2 concurrent local runs. The Standard plan and the Professional plan cost $75 and $209 per month respectively, and while the former is built for small teams, the latter is built for middle-sized business. Octoparse also offers an Enterprise plan with custom pricing in accordance with the features, and is built for bigger enterprises.



ProWebScraper is an efficient and scalable web scraping tool and helps you extract data from your target web pages in just 3 steps, like many other scrapers on this list. Selecting point-on-targets elements to extract data is all that you need to care about with ProWebScraper, and then you can access your data in a JSON format or through an API. You can also extract data from dynamic websites with different navigation levels with a robust and powerful API.

Features Offered by ProWebScraper

  • ProWebScraper offers users an easy point and select interface that helps extract data in seconds.
  • For complex websites full of navigation, you can customize the algorithm to extract data as per your convenience.
  • You also have the ability to extract data from multiple pages; all you need to do is click on the 'next page' to automatically extract data.
  • ProWebScraper offers a chaining feature that allows users to retrieve detailed page data from list pages containing links to the detail page.
  • Quickly and seamlessly generate URLs with a pattern following numbers or names and download data in different format including JSON, CSV,  and XML.

Pricing for ProWebScraper

ProWebScraper charges in accordance to the number of web pages that it extracts data from. Here is the list of number of pages scraped as opposed to the cost.

Pages Scraped Cost
5000 $40
10000 $70
15000 $100
25000 $150
50000 $250
80000 $320
100000 $375
250000 $625
500000 $1000



ScraperAI is a no code web scraping platform that helps users scrap data from any given website or a web page in minutes. Be it proxies, CAPTCHAs, or a complex website infrastructure, ScraperAI can seamlessly extract data and export it via a CSV file or other formats. ScraperAI also offers an automatic selector healer along with single and multi mode, for a smooth user experience. Moreover, you also get email notifications, along with a pagination tool, that helps you collect scattered data.

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Features Offered by ScraperAI

  • Pagination tool allows users to scrape data from multiple pages at the same time, and all the user needs to do is to select the next page.
  • ScraperAI also helps you extract data from pages that need authentication with simple custom user flow and just a few clicks.
  • You can also access the logs and and screenshots of the scraped pages while also getting notifications of even the slightest changes.
  • Recipes help users create reusable scraping profiles for similar web pages and save data in multiple formats including CSV, JSON, XML, and RSS.
  • ScraperAI is an SaaS and does not need any set up, and monitors data for any changes in your selection.

Pricing for ScraperAI

ScraperAI offers 4 different pricing plans along with a free plan which allows for 50 page extractions. The 3 plans, namely the Hobby plan, Team plan,and the Enterprise plan cost $49, $249, and $249 respectively depending on the numbers of scraped pages, while the Self Hosted plan offers custom pricing with all required features.

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SimpleScraper, as the name suggests, is an efficient and seamless web scraping application that helps you scrape data from a website or cloud or even create your own API without any coding. After analyzing multiple scraping tools, SimpleScraper is built keeping in mind all the complexities faced by other tools, and with a simple and intuitive interface. It also allows users to scrape data in the cloud with automation through recipes. Moreover, with SimpleScraper, the websites that you scrape the data from are more like APIs, which you can use to extract fresh data at any time.

Features Offered by SimpleScraper

  • Scrap data from multiple pages with a single click and efficiently extract data from single page apps.
  • You can easily scrap data from even dynamically structured websites and export the data directly to Google Sheets.
  • SimpleScraper also allows you to use the scraped data directly anywhere on the web with the help of webhooks.
  • Create workflows by scheduling multiple scraping tasks in succession while also avoiding the extraction of duplicate data.
  • Scrape deep within the web by extracting links and then the data associated with each link while also scheduling data scraping at your preferred time.

Pricing for SimpleScraper

SimpleScraper offers 3 different pricing plans and a free plan with all the basic features. The paid plans, namely Plus Plan, Pro Plan, and the Premium Plan cost $35, $70, and $150 respectively, while offering 6000, 15000, and 40000 cloud scrape credits.


Although there are various no code web scraping tools with the exact same goal, their varying functionalities make them diverse in their own right. While tools like ScraperAI and ProWebScraper offer more of a pay as you go pricing, Octoparse and AnyPicker offer a more broad feature based pricing. Moreover, while searching for the right tool, you should also look at the infrastructure of the website which you wish to extract data from, since a lot of factors like authentication and navigation also weigh in.

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