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Mr Narendra Modi Ji's Make in India Lion is roaring out loud and reaching all through the country. The state of Punjab is no exception in this, entrepreneurship wave has changed the environment in the state. Now, youth are no longer worried about the startup career option. The major reason for this change is the various government initiatives promoting the startups. These are the startups that are growing rapidly in the state of Punjab.

We have also covered startups in Delhi, Patna and other major cities of India.

Lunch Mangao

Lunch Mangao Logo

Savinder Singh, the founder and CEO of Lunch Mangao, has done his engineering from Punjab Technical University and launched his own commercial venture in the year 2015. The app aims to bring people of Ludhiana, homemade food at their food and reasonable and affordable price. With more than 10 years experience in the corporate sector, his experience has helped him manage his business very well and get it up to speed with other business in his city. It basically focuses on North Indian food and has empowered women, as well as the chefs, are all women who previously home cooks. Hence, it helps women earn a living.


QuaaR Logo

Ashish Bansal and Bunny Chum, the founder of QuaaR, aim to establish a better connection between brands and their customers. It is a patent-pending QR code technology and mobile marketing platform which aims to connect with customers both offline and online through a fun mobile experience. QuaaR can transform every logo or picture into a QR code instantly. This can be built with a great expertise in computer vision and machine learning. It aims at getting a patent-pending solution with web-based mobile applications.


Auto Heaven Logo

Founded by Mr Harmanjeet Singh and Anmol Nohria with the idea to take the unorganised automobile spares market online in an organized way. Anmol Nohria, presently the CEO of AutoHeaven, launched this company in 2015 after working for three years. Unlike most start-up founders, he has done his law from Rajiv Gandhi National University Law and also went London School of Economics.

It is an online store for buying automobile spare parts. They deal in spare parts of two-wheelers, four wheelers, agricultural vehicles, etc. They get associated with best vendors across the country and help them to boost their sales and revenue. Punjab which is known for its love for cars especially among youngster, AutoHeaven caters to the needs of car lovers and gives car gadgets, wheels and clothing attire. The automobile industry has a huge base in the state of Punjab, hence, an online commercial venture like this will grow in the state.

Reves Placement

Reves Placement Logo

According to a recent survey, India is the youngest country in the world and hence we need to provide employment for the people. Keeping this market in mind, Aman Bansal, the founder and CEO of Reves Placement, aims at giving employment to youth of the state through this start-up so that they can earn well for themselves and for their families. Mr Bansal has done his education from Shaheed Bhagat College of Engineering and Technology. We wish all the best with his endeavour.

Yarn Store India

Yarn Store Logo

Yarn Store India sells, manufactures and supplies wool, polyester, wool waste, greasy wool and many other forms of wools. Yarn has a huge market in the country, and hence making the idea unique to the state of Punjab. It has been found most start-ups nowadays focus on the restaurant, hospitality, but not on manufacturing something that will help make clothing. Hence, the potential for the store to grow in tremendous. We wish the store all the best and good luck for the future.

Technocrats Horizons Compusoft

Technocrats Horizons Logo

Tarvinder Singh, founder and CEO of the company, has eight years’ experience in web technology and has used his knowledge and experience in his start-up. The company does web design, web development, design and multimedia, social networking websites, e-commerce websites, content websites, open course customization, software development etc. It has around 50 employees and aims to further.


SnowLopp Logo

Mohit Gupta, the founder of SnowLoop, uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically describe a person’s photos and lets users search their pictures based on their description. It is a search engine for personal data. Mohit Gupta aims to increase the presence of his company across the country and in his state as well.


TickTalkTo Logo

Abhay Singhal, the founder and CEO of TickTalkTo, aims to make meeting the psychologists normal and completely prejudice-free. The idea is to help people cope up with daily life stress and keep themselves mentally healthy because mental health does affect a person’s physical health as well. Through the app, the person can talk to a therapist on the phone and help him or herself mentally and feel free of burden and hence live more healthy and a happier life. It helps with day-to-day life issues and sticks to key principles of psychology and keeps it completely confidential.


Stumania Logo

Stumnia is a 24*7 educational assistance portal founded by Raghu Madan and Sahil Sharma to widen the landscape of learning. Stumnia provides access to learning material and content. It assists high school and college students with their daily requirements for books, study materials, assignments. Also, students can get information on various colleges through their website. One can also buy, rent or donate old books at Stumnia.


Flambird Logo

Flambird is a design and innovation enterprise based out of Ludhiana. Founded by Mr Jagjit Singh, a successful interior designer with a vision to bring in new innovative and user-friendly designs in furniture. Right from design to manufacturing and marketing, everything is done in-house. Their main focus is on quality and excellence.


Jugnoo Logo

Founded in 2014 by Chinmay Agarwal and Samar Singla, Jugnoo is India’s first auto-rickshaw aggregator with the objective of making daily commute easy and reliable. It connects riders with auto-rickshaw with just a few clicks. Jugnoo has recently started B2B delivery network DODO which makes use of existing auto-rickshaws in the network to do deliveries in their idle time. They also deliver fresh fruits & vegetables and ready to eat meals. With almost 10,00,000 transactions per month across 45+ cities, Jugnoo has raised $16 million in venture funding in three rounds from 7 investors including Paytm, Snow Leopard ventures, Kunal Bahl among others.


Pumpkart Logo

Pumpkart is India’s leading online marketplace for water pumps. It is one stop destination for all categories of pumps like agricultural, residential or commercial purposes. Founded by K S Bhatia to make Indian water pump industry organized which is highly unorganized sector so far. It has direct association with almost 200 manufactures and 1000 dealers pan India and maintains physical inventory for products. Pumpkart has also opened its exclusive outlet called Pumpkart.com touch in Chandigarh and it plans to open 100 such stores in next four years.


Busibud Logo

This startup offers customer acquisition solutions by helping other platform understand user behaviour and acquire them. They provide various features like live chat, powerful email, intelligence based messaging, analytics, visitor activity tracking which helps in customer acquisition & engagement and make customer communication super easy & powerful. Busibud also, enables you to reach back to your customers with personalized communication immediately.


Enlte is a decentralised blockchain based system to solve real-life problems without going through a procedure of centralised government or an organisation , basically it is for social cause and betterment of humanity. Founded by Mr Anupam Sharma, in 2014 with a vision to change the meaning of social network from being connected to socially enlightened. Through this app one can broadcast his or her bad experience immediately with all the people in 1km radius of the place where victim is present, asking them to support & solve the issue. This is next generation of social networks.

21st Century Hospitality

Manish Sharma, the founder and CEO of 21 st Century Hospitality, a graduate from Ludhiana, Government College has used 15 years of his work experience to start his own company that provides youngsters in the state hospitality centres such as gym, swimming pools, bars, restaurants, sports facilities, and children parks. It aims to give youth places to socialize, interact and mingle with each other. The company has also happened to make similar platforms for families enjoyment.

This is our list for successful startups in Punjab. If you know any other startups in Punjab, please let us know in the comment. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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